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The organizational structure of the Marist Institute includes five Secretariats:

Brothers Today Secretariat

As part of the General Council’s animation and government program, this body aims at activating and promoting a number of areas related to the Marist brother’s consecration and life, starting with the initial moment of the vocational call and the formation stages along the way, and including fundamental aspects such as community life, spirituality, Marist heritage, and the other elements configuring the consecration of a religious brother. This Secretariat was created to continue the efforts started by agencies such as the Secretariat for Vocations (2003-2006), the Commission on Religious Life (2005-2009), and the Marist spirituality movement elicited by Water From the Rock, which accomplished their mission during a particular period and are now an excellent starting point for the Secretariat’s mission.

Secretariat of Laity

In 2006, the General Council decided to reorganize the General Administration’s animation structure, suppressing the Laity Commission and creating the Secretariat of Laity. Within the framework of the 21st General Chapter’s call, the Secretariat of Laity aims at promoting across the Institute “a new relationship between brothers and lay people based on communion, looking together for a greater vitality of the charism in today’s world”. This involves developing joint formation programs and experiences of communion, promoting lay charismatic leadership, and pointing out forms of vocational complementarity and mutual enrichment. The Secretariat is at the service of the Provinces and Regions. It works with an Expanded Secretariat in which all the major Regions of the Institute are represented. Two of its members are Co-Directors of the Secretariat.

Secretariat for Mission

It is a strategic body of the General Government aiming at animating, strengthening and articulating the Marist mission at all levels of the Marist Institute. With creativity and audacity, it promotes fidelity to the Marist mission of “making Jesus known and loved by children and young people” and tries to develop it. It includes formal and non-formal education, social works and insertion communities, and other evangelization projects. Within the framework of the 21st General Chapter’s call, the Secretariat wants to take on the challenge of contributing to the construction of the Marist Mission in a new world, in order to respond to the calls to evangelize and educate children and youth in the present world.

Collaboration for Mission, International (Cmi) Secretariat

Some of the calls this Secretariat is trying to answer are: establishing international and interprovincial communities which will be open to Marist Brothers and Lay Marists and serve in the vanguard of new areas of mission; strengthening the further development of Mission Ad Gentes in Asia, and opening it out to other areas where a need is discerned; and establishing a Marist volunteer service in support of our mission, whose members are available to work in our ministries in need or to be mobilized for emergencies. The key word is collaboration: with other Secretariats, Provinces, Districts, and Marist Brothers and Lay People around the world.

Marist International Solidarity Foundation Secretariat (FMSI)

This Secretariat has more than 10 years of experience working in the field of international solidarity.  In 2007, it was officially established in Rome as a government-recognized nonprofit and social-benefit organization (under the Italian acronym of ONLUS). It mainly focuses on the rights of children and aims at promoting concrete initiatives to benefit the most forgotten and vulnerable among them. FMSI has a representation office in Geneva, Switzerland, home of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which brings the opportunity to participate in relevant UN conferences, meetings and working groups dealing with child rights. FMSI supports educational and social assistance projects mainly in developing countries to benefit children and young people, especially those who are most forgotten and in need. It establishes relationships with foundations, agencies, and individual donors to support the work of our Marist partners and colleagues.


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