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Emili Turú
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España: Convivencia de MarCha2 en Bonanza.

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23 julio

Santos: Brígida, Liborio
1816: Marcelino con sus compañeros se consagran a la Virgen de Fourvière.
Partida de los primeros hermanos para la R.D. de Congo (1911) y a las Islas Salomón (1938)

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Colettes commitment


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For 38 years, I lived in the world of Marists.  Saint Laurent was my nursery.  By rubbing shoulders with the Brothers day after day and by following a Marist formation, I discovered more that 15 years ago, the existence of fraternities that provided me with a spirituality that met my needs, and that's how, little by little, because the Lord has His own time frame!  He shaped me and showed me the way that led me to Him.  By following in Mary's footsteps, I discovered this path following her Son's example of complete openness to and trust in God.

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