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Living the Marist charism with others


To live an experience of communion
2012-10-28: Secretariat of Laity

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LaicosIf in times gone by we used to seek out prophets to rouse us from lethargy, today we believe there is a need to look to diverse forms and expressions of community life, able to reveal new paths leading us to new expressions of our Marist charism.   

The renewal of our Institute will only result from personal conversion tied in with the process of forming communities, wherein new styles of life and mission, new dynamics for creating relationships and new expressions of our Marist charism will come about from communion between lay people and brothers.

As the XXI General Chapter points out to us, one way to understand this new relationship is to live the Marist charism with others. We believe it is the Spirit who is inviting us to create new and different ways to live communion in the Church, thus leading religious and lay men and women to mutually enrich their lives. When all is said and done, these expressions of community life clearly demonstrate a new approach to living as Church.

After reading the text, please reflect on and discuss some of these statements:

  • “People reach their full potential in so far as they enter into a relationship of communion. The quality of that communication conditions the quality of our existence and the lives we lead. We need one another.”
      In light of this, reflect on your experience of communion and please share your thoughts
  • The text presents different ways of living in communion and experiencing mutual enrichment among religious and lay men and women.
    Are you practicing some of these ways? Please analyze and describe them.
  • “Living the Marist charism today means opening up our lives and reaching outward as in concentric circles to everyone who shares our Marist spirit.”
     How do you interpret this image? How can it be brought to life in your Marist group?
  • The Assembly in Mendes asked us to “create Marist communities of life that evangelize in clear and powerful ways through their family spirit and commitment to the mission.
    Think about the “Marist communities of life” that you know and converse about them.
  • Many of the Institute’s documents point out our need to be “prophets of fraternity.”
    Please share how we can be this kind of prophet for our world and our Church.

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