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Ivete Maria Piai Nascimento - Brasil,


Province of Brasil Centro Sur Personal experiences

I finished my 4th grade primary studies in 1968. My parents had already decided that I would be unable to continue studying, due to financial difficulties in paying for private school, added to the fact that going to the public school was dangerous because of the deprived students there.. I did not agree and I continued praying, crying and insisting until I convinced them to approach the Marists to see if they could possibly give me a discount to be able to study, or rather, to continue my studies. Brother Dionisio Caresia received us with great warmth and understanding the situation in which my parents found themselves, gave us a generous discount.

I remember to this day the joy it gave me to study in the Marist School. I finished the 1st grade of secondary, and again destiny intervened. My father died and my mother did not have the means to continue paying for my studies. For my part the solution was to transfer to the public school. The feeling of disappointment and bitterness that I experienced did not pass unnoticed by the parish priest of the cathedral, Father Francisco Chico who suggested a solution to the Brothers. And so, the following year I was able to return to the school as the holder of a scholarship, following evening studies and working during the day in domestic service.

Until one day I was invited by Brother Amadeos Boscardin, who was my teacher at the time, to work in the secretary’s office in the school. They began by giving me a typing test. With that new electric machine I was not even able to write my own name. But then I heard something that I will never forget: Ivete, since I know your capacity for learning, you will be given time to practise. And on July 1 1971 I was given a contract. From then on I was a registered member of the Marist family. To study with the Marists had already been everything for me; imagine, then, also forming part of the institution, nothing could be better than that. I approached my tasks with an open heart, delighted with what I was doing. I performed my duties with great zeal. That atmosphere, the patience, closeness and all the other virtues of the Brothers made me feel at all times like family in the work, in the institution. All of that encouraged me to carry out my service satisfactorily in the secretary’s office, assisting people.

On the other hand, I had specialist teachers in these matters, so that I felt totally passionate in my work, doing it competently and seriously.

Mutual trust was the vehicle on my journey with the Marists. Everything helped me to move ahead in my task, thanks to the spirit of the Brothers, seeing in Champagnat and in Mary, our Good Mother, the supports for my life. Enriched with the Marist spirit, I married, and my partners Aldo João do Nascimento, also entered in the great Marist family. Our three children had the privilege of being Marist students.

I have to highlight the importance of the formation meetings offered to my children through the pastoral work of the school and of the retreats of Vivemar, in which, thanks to their founder, Brother Celedonio, and the animation team, they took part.

I have not the slightest doubt that the Marist atmosphere was responsible for my spiritual growth. It was here that I acquired the basic strengths to live my life well and to overcome the tests to which my faith was subjected. An unforgettable fact was when I suffered a very serious illness, a cerebral aneurysm. I can assure you that I only survived that thanks to the campaign of prayers of the whole Marist family, joined to those of my relatives. I also received many demonstrations of support, companionship and closeness when my elder son died, at the age of 19, in an automobile accident five years ago.

Today I give thanks to God for all that I have received and continue to receive. I feel loved by Him, happy and proud to belong to this great family that takes the name of our heavenly Mother, so honoured and loved by the founder of the Marist Brothers, Saint Marcellin Champagnat.

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to also thank the Brothers and all the other people who, in one way or another, share in this great educational work. I ask God to continue blessing them.

My dream is that, even when I am not involved with the tasks of the school, I will never forget the marvellous blessings I have received and that I continue living them fully.

Equally, I would like others to have the same opportunities that I have received and experienced.

I am, by the grace of God, Ivete María Piai Nascimento, 50 years of age and with 35 years of Marist history. Together with me and my husband, our children Anderson (deceased), Rafael and Rodrigo have also savoured the Marist spirit.

Ivete María Piai Nascimento, Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro Sur