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Fraternity Rosey


Valladolid - Spain
Prov. Compostela
Created on 2007 - 18

Fraternity Rosey - Valladolid

The seed of the fraternity was in the Christian groups of the first of BUP of the Class of 1976 at Colegio La Inmaculada in Valladolid.On COU’s termination many people left, but othersof the same generation formed groups to continue their ties to the school in the absence of an alumni association. The soul of the group is still Br. José Santamarta.

Key moments of the group development are the “Easters of Solidarity” with the Brothersof St. John of God in Valladolid, Palencia and Cantalejo, with whom we frequently cooperate; “Easter in the country” in Velliza; Marist Easter in Lardero. Finally, the boundary that separated the university group from the Youth Association MarCha was abolished. At the end of the 1997-98 school year, all of us who make up the group became Marist animators. The group became definitively a group of animators. MarCha marks the rhythm. “Officially” we are the last stage of the MarCha process: Light.

We highlight here the gatherings at Vivar del Cid, Nava del Rey and El Henar. Easter of ‘Marcha’, Easter in Silos and Easter in Taizé. Champagnat’s canonization in Rome. Pilgrimage of Marist animators to the Hermitage. Solidarity camps in Guardo. Summer camps of MarCha. Courses for monitors and co-ordinators of free time. Courses of EDAC.

The period after ‘Marcha’ was from 2002 to 2007. Coinciding with the end of university studies for the majority of the members of the group there were various comings and goings (in many cases due to the geographic mobility of the different members). Over time we abandoned our commitments to ‘MarCha’ which, together with the return of people from outside the ambit of ‘MarCha’, caused the group to again have its own identity. We can say of this time of informal meetings (Christmas and end-of-school-year meals, as well as weddings, baptisms…) that they took on much more importance (now that we no longer share in the activities of ‘MarCha’). Beginning of school year gatherings (El Henar, Vivar del Cid, Nava del Rey, Dueñas). Meetings with the school community. Participation in the European Encounter of the Marist Family of Champagnat in Alcalá de Henares. Easters lived in a non-group form.

The Rosey Marist fraternity appears properly speaking in 2007. The group again had its ups and downs until the  quite stable current situation in which, except for some exceptions, we have become a group of couples (thus the stability): 14 adults and 4 little girls. In 2007 we formally petitioned the Brother Superior General to constitute us as a Marist fraternity.

As a fraternity we mention these experiences that have had an impact on us: Gatherings at the beginning of the school year (Dueñas, Valladolid…). Informal meetings. Meetings of the school community. Participation in IDEM “In the Footsteps of Champagnat”. Easters lived in a non-group format. Participation in the European Encounter of the Marist Family of Champagnat in Guardamar.

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