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Londrina - Brazil
Prov. Brasil Centro-Sul
Created on 1994 - 6

Fraternity VIVECHAMPA - Londrina

Br. Alberto Girardi came to Londrina and had a talk with the teacher Jorge Antonio de Andrade about the possibility of founding a Fraternity of the Champagnat Movement. After invitations had been sent for a meeting in the home of Professor Jorge, it was in 1994 that the Fraternity was founded and called « Vivechampa ».

During the first months it was composed of 20 persons and co-ordinated by Professor Jorge, then by Ana Rosa. The members had discussions to find out how they could help one another, in their personal as well as their professional lives.

Difficulties have been encountered on the way, but the Fraternity has stood fast. Today, after 16 years, the group continues to gather every second Wednesday of the month, in the house of one of its members.

The Fraternity is composed of persons of different professions: supervisors, retired, cooks and educators, the women being the more numerous. The children of the members of the Frat also take part when they can, testifying to the fact that the Fraternity keeps the flame always alive and is building its future step by step.

All the members of the group take part in the pastoral activities of their parishes. They also help in the co-ordination of the Fraternity, each carrying out his obligations and  contributing a little monthly amount which helps sustain the group (but there are also tombolas!).

To strengthen the life and faith, the Fraternity counts on the help of Br. Claudio Girardi. Apart from the witness of his presence, he aids us in the composition and study of themes for  reflection. The Life Project is based on the four pillars and is centred on the Marist mission: « To make Jesus Christ known and loved ».

The Fraternity is open to new members and encourages others to participate in its journey of knowing and becoming passionate about the spirituality of Saint Marcellin Champagnat.

The members of the Fraternity are: Ana Rosa Bernardes Moreira, Elizete Anelli Andrade, Geralda Ramos, Br. Claudio Girardi, Jorge Antonio de Andrade and Mauro Moreira. It is useful to note that a good number of persons are inspired to be part of it.

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