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Fraternity Nossa Senhora de Nazaré


Belém - Brazil
Prov. Brasil Centro-Norte
Created on 1994 - 13


Fraternity Nossa Senhora de Nazaré - Belém

Towards mid-March 1994, Lea Coste, teacher, at the request of Br. Scapim, communicated to the educators at `Colégio Nazaré` that the Brother wanted to organize the CHAMPAGNAT Movement of the Marist Family at Belém.  This same month, those interested came together with Br. Scapim, who spoke of the importance and objectives of the Movement, for he already had several groups who were functioning in other States.  On this occasion the School Direction was asked to give authorization to have the plan made known to various members of the educative community.

It was in March that the first gathering of the ChMMF took place in Lea’s home.  She was enthusiastic at the sight of the number of participants, 29, all disposed to collaborate so that the ChMMF might become a reality at Belém do Para. Lea was the  first local animator of the group.

The group continues to assemble in the homes of members of the fraternity.  In all the meetings, there is always time for prayer, texts to support the reading and reflection on the `Work of Champagnat` as well as passages from the Gospels in view of improving the Christian formation of the group.  From its beginnings, the fraternity `OUR Lady of Nazareth` has been careful to exercise solidarity.  One of the first actions was the `Bazaar of Pechincha`  Everything which could be collected – clothes, footwear and others – was sold at token prices in the Vila Marista, and the money used for the buying of educational material for the school of `Ir Bernardo Aguziar`, run by the Brothers.  The group also participates at Christmas with the children of `Vila Marista` and likewise with the children of Marapanim.

From 1994 to our present time, the comings and goings of the members of the group have been considerable, for very varied reasons.  But this coming and going has helped the group to renew itself, for the new members have been full of ideas and want  to know and deepen the charism of Champagnat.  We consider that perseverance is the mark of our fraternity.  The 12 present members deepen their spirituality each year in the sharing and charism of Champagnat while seeking their own maturation and Christian identity:  to evangelise by presence, sharing and witness of life so that Jesus may be known and loved.

We must not forget the help and the presence of the Brothers in the fraternity. We can also rely on the support of the Co-ordination Group, consisting of Flamarion, Raphael, Geraldo and Mari.  They guide the general activities of the ChMMF with firmness and objectivity and run the fraternities in a real and well-informed way.

At this time, the fraternity `Our Lady of Narareth` - Belém-Pará meets each week on Saturday.  The programme consists of prayers, reading the Marist calendar, listening and reflecting on the Word of God, celebration of life, liturgical celebrations – Holy Week, Easter - `Cirio` ( a Marial festival bringing together 2 million people), Christmas, studying the documents relating to the ChMMF, study and sharing biblical texts, participation in projects of solidarity – Creche Oasis and visits to friends and parents.

The group is autonomous and support themselves, thanks to monthly subscriptions, selling Marist T-shirts (created by the group itself) , arts and crafts created by the group, and the sale of pastries at school fairs, etc.

For the future our challenges are great.   It is necessary to preserve and, at the same time, create and put into practice plans directed by social action, service and solidarity towards our least favoured brothers, without losing sight of the greatest wish of our Founder:  to make Jesus Christ known and loved .

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