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Fraternity Chama


Ponta Grossa - Brazil
Prov. Brasil Centro-Sul
Created on 2004 - 26

Fraternity Chama - Ponta Grossa

The CHAMA Fraternity saw the light of day on 14 August 2004. Lucia Helena Zander and Francisco Rocha da Silva went to São Paulo to take part in a meeting about the Movement and felt themselves called and challenged to make this idea known in Ponta Grossa. So they invited some persons to the home of the Brothers and presented a brief history of the  Movement. Then they invited them to become part of a Fraternity. All present, following Mary’s example, said « yes » and felt the call to deepen the spirituality of  Saint Marcellin.

The group was composed of the teachers and workers of the « Colégio Pio XII », with their families, and some parents of students, representing a variety of professions. The children are also very present: apart from their participation at all times, they decorate and enhance our meetings. The majority of the members are engaged in their parishes. It is important to mention the constant presence of the Brothers, witnesses of Champagnat. At the beginning, we were accompanied by Br. Alberto Girardi, then by Brothers Pedro Danilo Trainotti and Zeferino, and now Br. Leomar d’Avila fills this role.

Meetings are held monthly, according to the calendar established each year by the  group. The participants are hosted in the house of a member of the Fraternity. The host family is free in organizing the meeting, but there is a minimum schedule: time for sharing, reading of the Word of God, study of documents followed by a time for reflection. We also try to study the proposals established and suggested by the Province, which has added richness to the journey of the members of the Frat. The group possesses a little chest for correspondence sent and received; it remains in the community of the Brother who serves as co-ordinator.


Among the most striking characteristics of the Fraternity has to be emphasized the deep sense of love and belonging expressed by its members. Those taking part feel happy and fulfilled, for they have the certainty of having need of the others to give them completion: they act principally to make visible the proposal of Jesus in the school of Champagnat.

The members of the Fraternity are: Br. Leomar D’Avila, Everton Luís Gardinal, Gabriele da Silveira Gardinal, Maria Clara Gardinal, Davi Miguel Carneiro Kaspzack, Gabriel Carneiro Martins, Gilson Miguel Kaspzak, Keila Cristina Carneiro, Adriane I. S. Giacomozzi, Fernanda I. Giacomozzi, Giovanni I. Giacomozzi, Jessica I. Giacomozzi, Sérgio Giacomozzi, Evenilson Silvestre da Luz, Karen Silvestre da Luz, Lucimara Moreira Silvestre da Luz, Nathalia Silvestre da Luz, Darci Euclides Vedam, João Vitor Vedam, Márcia Maria Plotécia Vedam, Valesca Vitória Vedam, Verônica Vitória Vedam, Maria Eunice Martchuk da Costa, Regis Clemente da Costa, Mário Cezar Lopes and Rita de Cássia Soares Lopes.

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