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Fraternity LHermitage


São Bento do Sul - Brazil
Prov. Brasil Centro-Sul
Created on 2010 - 12

Fraternity LHermitage - São Bento do Sul

During the 2008 Hermitage Course a call and desire to form a Fraternity in Sao Bento do Sul arose. We had many discussions in order for us to discover what the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family really was, and how Fraternities were formed. In 2009, the Marist Hermitage course again took place with nine participants; the participants of the course held the previous year were invited to the inaugural conference. There the participants listened to the talk of Brother Panini about the Movement and had access to the Life Project of the Movement. At this moment a very strong desire arose to create a Fraternity in Sao Bento do Sul.

The preparation for the XXI General Chapter then came. Under the pastoral direction of Nivaldo, meetings were held and proposed themes were studied. A pilgrimage to the Divine Holy Spirit Chapel also took place in one of the districts of the city. A group of twelve people assiduously participated in the meetings. Many others were invited to the meeting but few accepted. Thus, with the acceptance and willingness of twelve participants the foundation of the Fraternity was started.

On November 18, 2009 we had our first meeting with Brother Joaquin Panini, provincial coordinator of the Movement, and his assistant, Moacir Leandro Camilo, to dialogue about what the Movement was. The date for the establishment of the official foundation of the Fraternity was then set for the start of 2010.

The grand day finally arrived: on March 9, 2010 the “Benjamin” Fraternity of the province was born. It was a day of great happiness and celebration for the participants. Even without having the actual presence of the Marist Brothers in the College, we feel that the Marist spirit and Marist pedagogy continue to be very alive in Sao Bento do Sul. This happy day was shared with Brother Panini, Brother Joao Batista, Moacir Leandro Camilo, Marcio Luis Marangon, and our beloved Brother Celedonio Cruz, the designated advisor of the new Fraternity.

Immediately after the foundation we began the process of choosing a name. Among the many options that were suggested, the group chose “L’Hermitage”, believing that such a name would mean a place of tranquility and silence, appropriate for contemplation, prayer and reflection, it being the cradle of the Marist Institute. We quote the words of our advisor Brother Celedonio: “we are born, and we come to life at the fountain”. By this foundation and asking Saint Marcellin Champagnat to lead us safely along the road, with the blessing of Mary, our Good Mother, the members of the L’Hermitage Fraternity praise the Lord.

With scarcely four months of existence the Fraternity continues its work, keeping in mind the following goals: planning out the project of community Life, based on four pillars: fidelity to monthly meetings, the presence of Brother Celedonio Cruz from Curitiba, establishing a fund in order be financially self-sustaining, maintaining a small library for the Fraternity.

The members of the Fraternity are: Adelaide Voltolini, Ariane Lisete Hinke, Deise da Consicao Silva, Brother Celedonio Cruz, Luciana Pilz Berkenbrock, Margarete N. Silveira Cielusinski, Maria Elisa Engel, Miriam Maria Biaobock Sadowski, Nivaldo Lis Junior, Silmara Bartsch Hannemann, Susan Katy Baron and Zuleica Maria Sousa Voltolini.

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