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15 November

Saint Albert the Great
1845: Françoise Perroton, a foundress of the Marist Missionary Sisters, left for Oceania
1875: Father Jean-Claude Colin died at La Neylière

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15/11/2019: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur (Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina) - A Marist spirituality project takes its first steps
(FMS Champagnat) Convoked by the Provincial Council, the community of "Nardo Puro", consisting of lay people and Marist Brothers, came together October 11-13 at Villa Marista in Luján, Argentina.
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15/11/2019: General House
Amanecer 2019 - The Program of Formation for elderly Brothers ends
(FMS Champagnat) The 15 participants of the Program ‘Amanecer’ for the Portuguese-Spanish speaking Brothers ended their two-month period of formation in the General House, on October 31.
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14/11/2019: Canada
Working for life - Marists from Canada meet in assembly
(FMS Champagnat) From 15 to 17 November, the Marists of Champagnat from Canada will meet to talk about the future of Marist life and mission in the country. The meeting will bring together 110 participants, Brothers and Laity, in Trois-Rivières, Quebec.
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14/11/2019: Australia
Commitment to the Environment - “Laudato Si” committee meets to promote the care of our Common Home
(FMS Champagnat) In July 2019, the provincial council of Australia established the “Laudato Si” committee to advise the council on issues related to the care of our common home.
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14/11/2019: Spain
Marist Europe more united and coordinated - Assembly of Provincial Councils in Valladolid
(FMS Champagnat) An assembly of the provincial councils of West Central Europe, Hermitage, Mediterranean, Iberian and Compostela provinces has been held in Valladolid, Spain, from November 4 to 7. It had as its slogan "Now, Europe".
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13/11/2019: Australia
Marist live and mission in Oceania - Oceania Council and College of Leaders Meetings in Brisbane
(FMS Champagnat) The Oceania Council and College of Leaders met in Brisbane, in Australia, on 4 – 5 November 2019. The meeting was joined by Br. Ben Consigli from the General Administration in Rome.
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13/11/2019: Spain
The importance of communication in schools - XVI Marist Educator's Day
(FMS Champagnat) More than 650 people from various Marist educational works in Spain took part in the XVI Day of the Marist Educator, held on 26 October in the Chamberí schools in Madrid and Santa María la Real in Sarriguren (Navarre).
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12/11/2019: United States
Growing as Arco Norte Region - Regional Assembly of the Provincial Councils
(FMS Champagnat) Over 50 Brothers from the Provincial Councils of the Provinces of Canada, United States, Central Mexico, Western Mexico, Central America and Norandina gathered at San Alfonso Retreat House in Long Branch, October 21-25, 2019 for the 2nd Arco Norte Regional Assembly.
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12/11/2019: General House
A blessed time of Sabbath rest - The 2019 English speaking Third Age Course
(FMS Champagnat) The Third Age Spirituality Program kicked off on October 14 at the Marist International Formation Center in Manziana, Italy, and will run until December 8. The participants are thirteen Marist Brothers and three Marianists Brothers.
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11/11/2019: Malawi
Responding boldly to the emerging needs - Provincial Chapter of the Province of Southern Africa
(FMS Champagnat) The eighth Chapter of the Province of Southern Africa took place from the 28 to 31 of October, 2019 in the community of “Marist Secondary School”, in Mtendere , Malawi. The theme of the Chapter was “Responding boldly to the emerging needs”, as an echo to the fifth call of the XXII General Chapter.
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10/11/2019: France
Life entirely given as a “prophet of brotherhood” - Commemoration of Br. Henri Vergès, at Matemale
(FMS Champagnat) Following on from the "Henri Vergès Day" at Espira-de-l'Agly on May 8th, another gathering was organized at Matemale, the birthplace of our Blessed Brother, on Saturday, October 26. At the outset, Bishop Turini, Bishop of Perpignan, and Brother Pere Ferré, Provincial, unveiled a new commemorative plaque.
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09/11/2019: Italy
International Lavalla200> community of Syracuse - Marist community and the local public administration team up to promote the formation of immigrants
(FMS Champagnat) On October 11 the International Center for Assistance and Guidance (CIAO), that works with immigrant and refugee youth in Siracusa, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Provincial Center for Adult Education (CPIA) to promote Italian language literacy courses (A2).
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08/11/2019: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil - The three Provinces of the Country present the activities carried out in 2018
(FMS Champagnat) On October 31, 2019, the Social Report 2018 of the Marist Works in Brazil was presented. The document - Coordinated by UMBRASIL – contributes to register the activities developed by the Institutions of the three Marist Provinces of the Country.
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08/11/2019: General House
Brothers Angel Medina Bermúdez and Lindley Halago Sionosa - Appointed New Directors of the Brothers Today Secretariat
(FMS Champagnat) The Superior General and his Council have named Br. Angel Medina Bermúdez as the new Director of the Brothers Today Secretariat. At the same time, Br. Lindley Halago Sionosa has been appointed Assistant Director of the same Secretariat.
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07/11/2019: Spain
Enriching Marist internationality - Second week of formation for European leaders
(FMS Champagnat) 18 participants of the 3rd edition of Marist Leaders Formation have completed their second training week in October. They chose a week to visit and work in one of 10 Marist social projects in Europe.
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06/11/2019: South Africa
A beacon of hope in Atlantis - Lavalla200> Community Atlantis does activities with women who have experienced domestic violence and their kids
(FMS Champagnat) Since May 2019, María Bobillo Añel (Spain) and Juliana Fontoura (Brasil), from the Lavalla200 Atlantis Community have been collaborating at Saint Clare’s Sanctuary twice a week by offering educational and recreational activities.
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05/11/2019: Mexico
Marist Ministries Rebound from the Ruins - After the earthquake, the Province of Central Mexico describes the reconstruction
(FMS Champagnat) Two years after a 8.2 magnitude earthquake devastated Tehuantepec in Mexico, causing dozens of deaths and destroying several buildings, the Brothers have managed to rebuild part Guadalupano Boarding School and Asunción Ixtaltepec High School.
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05/11/2019: Italy
Boys and girls in the Center of Protection - Presentation of the Book of the Marists, in the Embassy of Spain before the Holy See, on the Protection of Children
(FMS Champagnat) Representatives from different institutions and Religious Congregations, on October 29, met in the Embassy of Spain before the Holy See in Rome, placing the child in the center of the protection of minors and as first line of direction, during the act of presentation of the book “Break the Silence, ten faces, ten voices”
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04/11/2019: Canada
Responsibility, Transparency and Trust - Meeting of Provincial Bursars from the Arco Norte Region
(FMS Champagnat) The meeting of Bursars of the Arco Norte Region was held from October 9 to 11 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada. The aim was to develop the initiatives proposed at the last meeting (Miami, January 2019) and coordinate work projects within the context of the Institute.
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02/11/2019: General House
Calendar of the General Council and directors of the Secretariats and departments - November - Dicember 2019
(FMS Champagnat) Calendar of activities of the animators of the General Administration of the Institute for the months of November and December 2019.
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01/11/2019: Philippines
Marist Youths in Mission - 250 Marist delegates gathered at the national convention
(FMS Champagnat) The Notre Dame of Kidapawan College (NDKC ) hosted the Saint Marcellin Champagnat (SMC) National Convention last October 12-13, 2019 with the theme, “Marist Youths in Mission: Yes, we can”. This was participated in by 250 delegates
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31/10/2019: Guatemala
Being a Christian through Marist life - Oasis in Guatemala
(FMS Champagnat) 30 lay people and 30 Brothers, including some postulants, met on October 13 at the Marist formation center in Guatemala (Central America Province) to think about the Apostolic Exhortation "Christus Vivit"
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30/10/2019: Vatican
Connection - Optimism - Hope - Brother Joao Gutemburg shares his impressions on the Synod for Amazonia
(FMS Champagnat) During the opening prayer of the Synod for Amazonia, which was held in Rome between October 6-27, Pope Francis asked that the Synod be lived with intelligence, truth and peace.
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30/10/2019: Ghana
Marist International Kumasi Novitiate - 37 novices in formation to become Marist Brothers
(FMS Champagnat) The novitiate of Kumasi, in Ghana, has 37 novices: The 22 newly received novices began the two years formation in September and other 15 novices strated their second year. The novices belong to the Province of Nigeria and to the District of West Africa.
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29/10/2019: Portugal
Province of Compostela - Perpetual Profession of Brother Fábio Oliveria
(FMS Champagnat) Brother Fábio Oliveira, of the Province of Compostela, made his perpetual profession on October 20 at Marist College in Carcavelos, Portugal, where he currently lives and works. This was the culmination of the "Yes" he gave for the first time on June 30, 2012 in Vouzela.
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28/10/2019: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia - Brother José Bittencourt made his perpetual profession
(FMS Champagnat) Brother José Bittencourt, from the Province of South Amazonia Brazil pronounced his perpetual vows on the 12 of October. He made profession at the Marist Scool and Social Center Santa Marta de Santa Maria, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, a mission milieu where the Brother works as Director.
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28/10/2019: Greece
« Now … it’s your turn ! » - Marcellin Champagnat Day in Athens
(FMS Champagnat) For several years, the Marist institutions in Greece have devoted a day to knowing better the personality of Saint Marcellin and the mission of the Marist Brothers in today's world. This year the day was held on Wednesday, October 16.
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26/10/2019: Nigeria
Ensuring team spirit - The provincial of Nigeria met with the members of the of Marist Schools Management Board
(FMS Champagnat) The provincial Superior of Marist Province of Nigeria, Br. Vincent Abadom, held a meeting with Heads of Marist Projects and members of Marist Schools Management Board on 14th October, 2019 at Marist Polytechnic, Umuchigbo, Iji-Nike, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria.
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25/10/2019: Argentina
South America Region - Representatives of Provincial Economes Meet in Buenos Aires
(FMS Champagnat) Joined by the Econome General, Brother Libardo Garzón, representatives of the Provincial Economes of the South America Region—Brasil Centro-Norte, Brasil Centro-Sul, Brasil Sul-Amazônia, Santa María de los Andes and Cruz del Sur—met October 15-17 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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25/10/2019: Philippines
A Joint Formation Experience in East Asia - Discovering, dreaming, designing and charting destiny for a revitalized marist life
(FMS Champagnat) On October 9-12, 2019, a total of Twenty Six (26) participants composed of Eleven (11) Brothers and Fifteen (15) laity participated in the East Asia Joint Formation Experience held at the Marist Asia Spirituality and Mission Center, Lake Sebu, Philippines.
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