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23/10/2019: Spain
Marist Province of Compostela - Community Experience in León
(FMS Champagnat) Three young people from the MarCha young adult group of the Marist Province of Compostela spent a week with the welcoming community in León to get to know what Marist life is like and to share the day-to-day life of the brothers.
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23/10/2019: United States
Marist Youth USA - Young Marists gathered in Esopus
(FMS Champagnat) From October 11th to October 14th Marist Youth from around the Provinces of the USA and Canada gathered for the LaValla Weekend Experience at the Marist Brothers’ Center at Esopus.
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22/10/2019: El Salvador
Putting our faith in the youth - Meeting of Brothers and Laity
(FMS Champagnat) Forty lay people and brothers took part in the final meeting this year of the "Oasis" Programme in El Salvador. The participation of brothers underlined the challenge of communion, sharing our faith and charism with the laity.
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22/10/2019: General House
Unions of Men and Women Superiors General (UISG and USG) - 8th Seminar on the Formation of Educators
(FMS Champagnat) With the theme "Effective Innovation from the Sources", the Unions of Superiors General (UISG and USG) held the 8th Seminar on the Formation of Educators on October 4-5 at the Marist Brothers’ General House.
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21/10/2019: General House
Communities for a new beginning - Appointments and conclusion of 2019 preparation program
(FMS Champagnat) On Thursday evening 26 September, in the Hermitage chapel, Br Ernesto commissioned the seven people who had taken part in this year’s program for candidates to the Communities for a new beginning.
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20/10/2019: Philippines
Itineraries for vocations, commitments and joint formation - Meeting of the Enlarged Bureau of the Laity
(FMS Champagnat) Participants included Raúl Amaya (director), Agnes Reyes (co-director, Asia), Pep Buetas (co-director, Europe), Ana Saborío (Arco Norte), Carole Wark (Oceania), Joao Luis Fedel (South America) and Brother Elias Odinaka Iwu (Africa).
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19/10/2019: Colombia
Continuing and renewing the formation of formators - Meeting of formators of Arco Norte
(FMS Champagnat) 13 Marist Brothers dedicated to the formation of new brothers from different countries in the Arco Norte Region, met in Colombia to share experiences, ideas, and to draw up a working plan for facing the new challenges presented by modern times.
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18/10/2019: South Africa
Provide a great celebration in Christ - Atlantis Community Lavalla200> at the Taizé pilgrimage of trust
(FMS Champagnat) From 25th to 29th September, the members of Atlantis Marist International Community were involved in the Taizé International Pilgrimage of Trust, which was held at St. Joseph's Marist College (Cape Town).
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18/10/2019: France
Regional Meeting of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family - Representatives from six CMMF fraternities meet at La Neylière
(FMS Champagnat) On September 28, the regional meeting of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family took place at the Marist Fathers house, La Neylière, in the Lyon hills.
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17/10/2019: Vatican
Signs of Resistance, Hope and Prophecy - Joaquim Alberto Andrade Silva recounts his experience at the Synod of the Pan-Amazonian Region
(FMS Champagnat) After more than a week of the synodal assembly it is possible to affirm that there are many signs of resistance, hope and prophecy, and the presence of many dreams, and the possibility of seeing the lives of the countless Pan-Amazonian peoples transformed.
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17/10/2019: General House
Manu Gómez Cid - New Co-Director of the Secretariat for the Laity
(FMS Champagnat) The General Council has named Manuel Gómez Cid from the Mediterranean Province as the new Co-Director of the Secretariat for the Laity. Beginning in February 2020, he will form part of the coordination of the Secretariat together with Agnes Reyes and Raúl Amaya.
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16/10/2019: Chile
Santa Maria de los Andes, Extended Provincial Council - The three sectors of the province meet to deepen existing and generate new links
(FMS Champagnat) Between October 1 and 3, a new version of the Extended Provincial Council of Santa María de los Andes was held at the Marist Spirituality Centre of Las Condes, in Santiago, Chile.
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16/10/2019: Italy
Living together as brothers - The last day of the intercongregational experience "Tutti Fratelli” 2019
(FMS Champagnat) Friday, October 4, was the last day of the four-week Tutti Fratelli Program held at the General House of the de la Salle Brothers with 60 brothers from 14 congregations and 35 countries participating.
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15/10/2019: Bolivia
Champagnat Regional Novitiate of Cochabamba - The Brothers distributed food to fire-fighters who came to put out the fire in Tunari Park
(FMS Champagnat) Days before the opening of the Amazon Synod, the Novitiate in Cochabamba, Bolivia, joined in several activities to mark Creation Week. Sadly, these days coincided with numerous fires that broke out throughout the Amazon and much of Bolivian Chiquitania.
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15/10/2019: Cambodia
A school that Marcellin Champagnat would be proud of - Around 100 students receive education and medical care at LaValla School
(FMS Champagnat) Brother John Kachinsky, from the United States Province was, in mid-September, in Cambodia, in the LaValla School, the only registered primary school in this country for students with a physical disability. Here below, we share the testimony of Br. John.
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14/10/2019: Spain
Young people... now! - Ist Ibérica Youth Assembly
(FMS Champagnat) On September 27th, 28th and 29th, the Ist Ibérica Youth Assembly took place in Lardero (La Rioja). Organised by the Youth and Vocation Ministry Team of the Province, and with the support of all the local organisations, it was attended by dozens of young people from MarCha Groups ( Option and Catechumenate stages), as well as other young people involved in Marist ministry, members of mission teams and brothers from the Provincial Council.
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14/10/2019: Guatemala
Innovation in mission, education and evangelisation - Meeting of the members of the Arco Norte Regional Committee
(FMS Champagnat) The members of the regional committee of Arco Norte met on September 29th and 30th in the Provincial House of Guatemala City. It was presented the innovative projects initiated by the General Administration and the changes in the organisational structure for the animation of the 6 regions of the Institute.
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11/10/2019: Venezuela
The Santa Catalina School - Pastoral Work in the Orinoco Delta, Amazonas State
(FMS Champagnat) Its population of 1,130 support themselves by fishing, and by working at livestock and government jobs. Presently, four Marist Brothers, two Sisters of Parish Action and a group of lay teachers provide an integral education and promote evangelization in the area.
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11/10/2019: Nigeria
Three Brothers from the dioceses of Ogoja, Nsukka and Orlu - Perpetual profession in the Province of Nigeria
(FMS Champagnat) Three Brothers made their Final Profession of Religious Vows in the Marist province of Nigeria on 21st September, 2019 at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria. The three Brothers were: Br. Arikpo Effah Vincent, fms. Br.Nwodo Elias, fms and Br. Ibegbu Emmanuel, fms. They came from the dioceses of Ogoja, Nsukka and Orlu.
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10/10/2019: Ecuador
Abya Yala Fisco-Misional Abya Yala Multilingual School - The Marist-Carmelite Community of Sucumbios promotes indigenous intercultural education in the Amazon Region
(FMS Champagnat) Indigenous leaders in the area asked the Indigenous Pastoral Ministry of San Miguel de Sucumbíos to help them obtain a quality of "intercultural indigenous education" so that their sons and daughters could face a dignified future without losing their traditional values. And the Bishop assigned this responsibility to the Marist Brothers.
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10/10/2019: Mexico
Marist Spirituality and Charism - The Fraternities of Mexico have celebrated the XXV National Meeting of the MCFM
(FMS Champagnat) The members of the Marist Fraternities of the Provinces of México Occidental and México Central gathered from October 4-6, at Casa Juan Pablo II, in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, to celebrate the XXV National Fraternity Meeting of the MCFM.
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09/10/2019: Peru
From the heart of Champagnat to the heart of Datem - Project of the Marcellin Champagnat University in favour of the peoples of Amazonia
(FMS Champagnat) The Project A Teacher for Datem is the result of a daring commitment by Marcellin Champagnat University (Lima) on behalf of the native inhabitants of the Peruvian Amazon. In fact, at the end of 2011, the University acceded to the request of the original peoples who, through their "apus" or charismatic leaders, asked us to commit ourselves to the formation of the present and future teachers of their schools.
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09/10/2019: General House
Agios.Mar - The Cause of Brother Basilio advances step by step
(FMS Champagnat) Mrs. Liliana Columba Torres Vázquez, bearer of the Trasumpto and the Public Copy of the Acts of the diocesan tribunal, concluded in Guadalajara (Mexico) on September 11, 2019, travelled to Rome accompanied by Brother José de Jesús Hernandez, vice-provincial of Western Mexico, to deliver this documentation to the Congregation of the Causes of the Saints.
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09/10/2019: Madagascar
Missionaries of Joy - Five Brothers from the Madagascar province renew their temporary vows during the annual retreat
(FMS Champagnat) 36 brothers from the Madagascar province participated in the annual retreat that took place from September 15 to 21. Father Sata Jean Noel, a priest of the diocese of Ambatondrazaka, led the retreat basing it on Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation "The Joy of the Gospel"
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07/10/2019: General House
Wherever you go: Rule of Life of the Marist Brothers - We live out our consecration, brotherhood and mission, founded on a life-integrating spirituality
(FMS Champagnat) Today, October 7, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, the Institute is receiving this important document: Wherever you go: Rule of Life of the Marist Brothers. It is a text that allows us to deepen our understanding of our consecration, brotherhood and mission, and that can inspire an integrated approach to our spiritual journey. It belongs to our Proper Law, and is intended to be read, meditated on and prayed over, both personally and in community.
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06/10/2019: Brazil
An Integral ecological conscience - Marists in Panamazonia and in the context of the Synod
(FMS Champagnat) Los maristas de Champagnat están muy comprometidos con las causas amazónicas. Este compromiso se manifiesta en su larga historia misionera en la región. En el contexto actual, esta misión se enriquece, entre otras, por la decidida actuación marista en la Red Eclesial Panamazónica - REPAM, desde su fundación en 2015, y en la variada actividad preparatoria del Sínodo para la Amazonía.
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04/10/2019: Colombia
Marist Solidarity - Lay Marists Inspired by Brother Eduardo Botero Arango
(FMS Champagnat) On Saturday, September 7, the group of Lay Marists "Brother Eduardo Botero Arango" of Bogotá—in honor of the former Provincial of the former Marist Province of Colombia, who died last year—organized a preventive health care team for the students of Colegio Soledad Acosta de Samper in Bosa, a school administered by the Marist Brothers since the beginning of this year.
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03/10/2019: Paraguay
Marist Youth, beacons of hope - 70 young people from Marist Centres on the move
(FMS Champagnat) Following the motto "We are Beacons of Hope", 70 young people from all the Marist Centres of Paraguay, Province of Cruz del Sur, symbolically stopped their march between September 14 and 15 and camped in the Marist House of Ytú, which offered them a fruitful period of life and space to encounter their vocation and mission.
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02/10/2019: Brazil
New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology - Br. Joao Gutemberg participates in the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon
(FMS Champagnat) Br. Joao, from the Brazil Sul-Amazonia Province, is one of 55 observers invited to participate in the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon Region, which takes place in the Vatican, from October 6 to 27. We reproduce here his thoughts and expectations.
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01/10/2019: General House
What are we doing to share in the care of creation? - Anticipating the Synod for Pan-Amazon
(FMS Champagnat) The Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazonian Region will take place in the Vatican from 6 to 27 October. The main objective of the assembly, convoked by Pope Francis, is "to find new ways for the evangelization of that portion of the People of God, especially the indigenous, often forgotten and with no prospects for a good future, also for the cause of the crisis of the Amazonian forest".
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