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18/07/2019: Guatemala
American Conference of Provincials - II meeting of the Networks of America
(FMS Champagnat) The members of the animating teams of the Inter-American Solidarity Heart Network and the Inter-American Spirituality Network met in Guatemala City from July 4-8, 2019. The team animating the itinerary of formation to perpetual profession was also part of the meeting.
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17/07/2019: Thailand
We are blessed because the Lord has been good to us - Religious vocations in the Marist District of Asia
(FMS Champagnat) The Marist District of Asia has been growing little by little since 2006.
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16/07/2019: Spain
Widening dreams - More than a hundred SED volunteers working in 17 countries to help those most in need
(FMS Champagnat) Some 120 Spanish volunteers have travelled to 17 different countries – starting from June this year – through the Spanish Marist NGO, SED, in support of the Right to Education in Africa, Latin America and some countries in Asia and Europe.
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15/07/2019: Bolivia
Marists who cross borders - Novices from South America start their community experience in the Region
(FMS Champagnat) On the first week of July three second year novices from the Champagnat Regional Novitiate of Cochabamba, Bolivia, travelled to other countries in the Region to take part in community and apostolic experiences outside their novitiate community.
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14/07/2019: Papua New Guinea
Protecting children concerns everyone - Marist activities to raise awareness of children's rights in the District of Melanesia
(FMS Champagnat) During his stay in Bougainville, one of the islands of Papua New Guinea, Brother Andrew Litanga, a child rights advocate from Melanesia District, held a workshop on child rights and protection on 21 June.
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13/07/2019: Spain
Hope is being born again among the ruins - Syria and Lebanon
(FMS Champagnat) In the last edition of the magazine "Maristas Século XXI", of the Spanish Marist Conference, we find an article that afirms that 'Hope is being born again among the ruins' in Syria and Lebanon, with some very important testimonies.
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12/07/2019: General House
Strategic Plan of the General Administration - The Vicar General talks about Animation, Leadership and Governance of the Institute
(FMS Champagnat) The document, the result of much debate and collaboration with the different sectors of the Institute, was presented to the Provincials in March. In the following video, Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, Vicar General, speaks about the Strategic Plan and its implementation.
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11/07/2019: Kenya
Promotion of Marist life and mission in Africa - Annual meeting of the African Mission Commission
(FMS Champagnat) A number of issues were looked at during the meeting, with a focus on the core initiatives that were approved by the Conference of Superiors of Africa in line with the Commission’s strategic plan for the African region.
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10/07/2019: Philippines
Marist bursars - Formation program on strategic planning and financial management
(FMS Champagnat) Twenty Marist Brothers, Sisters and Lay from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas recently underwent a formation program in Philippines on Strategic Planning & Financial Management with the theme, Economy at the Service of the Charism and Mission.
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09/07/2019: Mozambique
Transforming educational model in Africa - Beginning of the second phase of the New Horizons Project
(FMS Champagnat) The New Horizons educational programme begins its second phase in 21 schools and communities in Malawi, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique to benefit 18,334 students, 790 teachers and 469 school employees.
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08/07/2019: East Timor
International Marist Volunteers - Janaíne, a Brazilian volunteer in Baucau
(FMS Champagnat) Janaíne Perini, from Brasil Sul-Amazônia, is an international Marist volunteer. She was in East Timor for six months, where she worked as a Portuguese teacher at the Catholic Institute for Teacher Training in Baucau.
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06/07/2019: United States
Thanksgiving event in East Harlem - Five Years of Presence with New York's Latino Community
(FMS Champagnat) On the evening of Sunday 30 June, some 80 people gathered at the Marist residence in East Harlem to celebrate and give thanks for the 5 years of Marist presence in this neighbourhood.
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05/07/2019: Vietnam
Br. Canísio José Willrich - New Superior of the District of Asia
(FMS Champagnat) On May 3, Br. Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General, sent a letter to the Brothers of the District of Asia informing them of the appointment of Br. Canísio José Willrich as the new Superior of the District, for a three-year term.
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05/07/2019: El Salvador
Celebrate what you live and live what you celebrate - Central American Laity Follow the
(FMS Champagnat) About forty lay men and women from El Salvador participated, full of motivation, in a day of reflection and prayer on June 16.
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04/07/2019: Brazil
Collaboration with the International Mission - Bolivian girl involved in voluntary work in Brasil Centro-Norte
(FMS Champagnat) Doris Miño Pérez, 18 years old, is a Bolivian Marist former student who has always shown an interest in social work since she was a child, especially in indigenous communities. Now, through the department of Collaboration for the International Mission (Cmi), she is in Brazil doing socio-educational pastoral work in the Champagnat Marist schools of Terra Vermelha and Nossa Senhora da Penha, in the State of Espírito Santo, where she will remain until December 2019.
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03/07/2019: South Africa
Br. Christopher Zimmerman, Southern Africa - More than two decades helping those most in need in the Eastern Cape Province
(FMS Champagnat) After almost 22 years of missionary and educational work with the most needy in Uitenhage, South Africa, Br. Christopher Zimmermann returned to the Marist community in Johannesburg in mid-June of this year. Since his arrival in Uitenhage in 1996, Brother Chris has fostered the educational development and nutrition of tens of thousands of underprivileged families.
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02/07/2019: Philippines
Formation for leaders of lay animation - An On-going experience at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University
(FMS Champagnat) Addressing one of the priorities of the 5th East Asia Provincial Chapter on Lay Partnership, particularly its aim of developing team of Marist lay formation facilitators, Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (NDDU) took steps forward by sending potential lay leaders for a formation session
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02/07/2019: Spain
Partnership in Mission - West-Central Europe Province
(FMS Champagnat) Marists of West-Central Europe Province gathered in Guardamar, Spain, 14 to 16 June, for the 3rd Provincial Assembly. There were 60 participants from the five countries of the Province. Also Brothers João Carlos do Prado and Ben Consigli, General Councilors, were present.
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01/07/2019: Scotland
International solidarity - Schools in Scotland collaborate with the Marists of India
(FMS Champagnat) About 15 years ago Brother Douglas Welsh and Tony McLean were commissioned by Lawside RC Academy (Dundee, Scotland) to travel to India. Their objective, the possibility of collaborating with the Brothers of Mangamanuthu and Trichy. In the course of these years the Marists of Scotland have been able to become very close to the Brothers and students of India
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01/07/2019: Spain
After one hundred years of work, Champagnat's dream is still alive - More than 1500 people celebrated the closing of the centenary of the Marist presence in León
(FMS Champagnat) On Sunday 9 June, the celebration of the centenary of the presence of the Marist Brothers in the city of León, Spain (the Marist Province of Compostela) officially came to an end.
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28/06/2019: Brazil
Province Brasil Sul-Amazônia - Marist Memories Project: stories of love and life
(FMS Champagnat) To preserve a record of the people who have helped to build the history of the Marist Network. This is the central objective of the Marist Memories Project: Stories of Love and Life, which this year sees its third edition.
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27/06/2019: Colombia
The reflection of God's face, hands and merciful heart - Marist Centre in Maicao welcomes migrant boys and girls
(FMS Champagnat) To celebrate in a concrete way the memory of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, on June 6 the Province of Norandina inaugurated the Marist house "A heart without bounds", in Maicao, Colombia, located some 10 kilometres from the border with Venezuela. It is a project which welcomes, during the day, children of Venezuelan migrants who do not have anywhere to leave their children because of the hard and difficult conditions that they have to confront when arriving from Venezuela in Colombia.
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26/06/2019: Brazil
Provincial Youth Meeting brings together Marists in Brasilia - Reflection, debate and politics involve the youth of Brasil Centro-Norte
(FMS Champagnat) A Provincial Youth Meeting was held from the 17th to the 25th June with the aim of promoting reflection, prayer, sharing, discussion and celebration. With the theme "Youth, Faith and Social Discernment"
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26/06/2019: Hungary
Marist Presence in Karcag and Esztergom - Marist Brothers Provide Education for Roma Children
(FMS Champagnat) The Marist Brothers of the Hermitage Province have been in Hungary since 1999, serving disadvantaged children and youth, especially the Roma (gypsies), in the cities of Karcag and Esztergom.
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25/06/2019: General House
Brothers and lay people living together in community - A visit to the mixed community of Giugliano
(FMS Champagnat) On Saturday 8th of June, Agnes Reyes, Pep Buetas and Raúl Amaya of the Secretariat of the Laity, together with counsellors Brother Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa and Joao Carlos do Prado, visited the mixed community of Giugliano, in Naples, Italy.
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25/06/2019: South Africa
Br. Norbert Mwila - Provincial of Southen Africa
(FMS Champagnat) After studying the results of the consultation taken place in the province, the General Council appointed Brother Norbert Mwila as superior of the Province of South Africa for a second term of three years.
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24/06/2019: Italy
Dreaming new ways of collaboration as Marists in the future - Meeting of the 4 branches of the Marist Family in Manziana
(FMS Champagnat) The four Superiors General and members of their councils gathered at Manziana, close to Rome, from 20 to 22 June
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23/06/2019: General House
Marist Notebooks 37 - International Commission of Spiritual Patrimony
(FMS Champagnat) Issue 37 of Marist Notebooks is the last one to be prepared by the Patrimony Commission appointed by Brother Emili Turú. We have not attempted to shape an issue around a specific theme. Nevertheless, in the four articles on Marist origins, two of the authors, working quite independently of each other, chose the same image of the forge to describe how Marcellin was shaped by St Francis de Sales and by his formation in the Seminary of St Irenée.
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23/06/2019: France
Walking the paths of Champagnat - The Marist group “Amigos del Hispano”
(FMS Champagnat) This year, as the group celebrated the 40th anniversary of its creation (1979), 26 members wanted to make a pilgrimage to the Hermitage and the Marist places to know better the life and work of Father Champagnat.
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22/06/2019: Spain
Collaboration and connections in Europe - Meeting of the European Council for the Mission
(FMS Champagnat) From the 10th to the 12th of June a meeting took place in Barcelona, consisting of the members of the European Council of the Marist Mission (MEC)
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