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06/10/2015: General House

Cmi, the secretariat Collaboration for mission international has managed Volunteers and Marist Host Communities through a database hosted on the champagnat.org website since 2012. Until now, Luiz da Rosa, Director of Communications, for the General Administration wrote and maintained the code.  The need for upgrading, maintenance and the creation of reports has become more urgent and  Cmi is fortunate to be able to outsource the work to a team of enthusiastic professionals from the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul who are based in Curitiba, Brazil (PUCPR). The new application named Cmapp (Collaboration for mission application) will join other web based tools (KOSMOS, Domus, Missio and Archivum) in a suite of applications which provide administrative and pastoral support for the Institute.

When Cmapp is launched after final testing, Provincials and Coordinators of Province Volunteers (CPV) will be able to access a more sophisticated common source of information such as profiles with this tool. Individual Volunteers and Host Communities will also be able to access and check their own information. Entry to the application will continue to be through the champagnat.org website.

CPVs can expect to change to the new system in November 2015. They will be provided with simple online training modules so that they can make the best use of the application.

This application comes at a time when the dream of International Communities for a New Beginning is gaining momentum and concrete expression. Marists are accepting the invitation to commit themselves, Regions are finalising collaborative communities and planning by the international coordination team begins in October. Cmapp will be a valuable tool.

The photo shows the development team in Curitiba who are leading this international collaboration as a service to all Marists.

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