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Encuentro de jóvenes maristas en Poughkeepsie

02/06/2017: Estados Unidos

Del 19 al 21 de mayo, más de 250 estudiantes y adultos de las escuelas maristas de los Estados Unidos se congregaron en el Marist College de Poughkeepsie, Nueva York, para participar en el encuentro juvenil marista del 2017.

Este año participaron también grupos de México, Canadá y dos estudiantes que vivieron con los Maristas Azules en Alepo, Siria.

El momento culmen de la ceremonia de apertura se produjo cuando el hermano Emili Turú, Superior general, dio bienvenida a los jóvenes maristas llegados para este fin de semana. El hermano Emili se dirigió a los alumnos y les animó a apreciar y disfrutar del fin de semana que tenían por delante.

El último día, el domingo 21, la liturgia ofreció un significado especial, porque no se celebraba solamente el encuentro de la juventud marista, sino que se celebraba también la liturgia nacional del Bicentenario. Los provinciales de toda la familia marista: Hermanos, Padres, Hermanas Maristas y Hermanas Maristas Misioneras, se unieron a la celebración con los jóvenes.

Siguen, en inglés, algunas intervenciones de los participantes:

“Its always so exciting to see such a large Marist Family come together. Every year there are so many people from so many walks of life who are bonded together through one common identity. God's love is very present through not only the existing relationships between the young adult and adult teams, but also through the new friendships being formed by the young Marists. You can feel this love and how special it truly is at any time - whether we are together in a large group, or spread throughout the event. The Marist Youth Gathering is a blast. I can't wait to see what the rest of the weekend holds” (Peter Cooper - Miami).

"It's been an amazing experience for me to see my students become filled with the Holy Spirit and the same Marist charism as I have. They have ambitious dreams to bring this Spirit back to SJR" (Joseph LoGiudice - Montvale, New Jersey)

"What I learned and can see is definitely that there is more to me than what I see. Through Madelines talk, music ministry, and the workshops, I have all I need to be successful - it's just a matter of "awakening that fire" within me” (Christine Demetillo - Roselle Catholic '14)

"They are still certainly recognizable as the kids they were on Friday, but the transformation of their hearts is palpable. The Holy Spirit has been ignited in them through the Spirit of Marcellin and they are forever changed. Their hearts are on fire, and their passion awakened, as they make plans to bring this light back to Marist Chicago" (Colleen Pochyly - Chigago) 

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