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20/05/2019: France
The martyrs are now watching over Algeria
Community of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux celebrates the memory of Bro Henri Vergès
08/05/2019: General House
May 8 - Liturgical feast of the martyrs of Algeria
Anniversary of the death of Henri Vergès
25/01/2019: France
The premiere of the play The Fifth Gospel
Work containing texts taken from the writings of Brother Henri Vergès
22/01/2019: General House
An invitation to strengthen our faith
Anniversary of the death of Brother Francis
18/01/2019: General House
Basilio Rueda and Henri Vergés: two of a kind
January 21: an anniversary and two reminiscences
24/12/2018: Algeria
Henri Vergès new Blessed Marist Brother
Echoes from the feast of the Beatification
17/12/2018: General House
Pierre Claverie and his 18 fellow martyrs
Response of the media to the beatification of the Martyrs in Algeria
04/12/2018: General House
"Father, our lives are already given"
The beatification of the Martyrs of Algeria
23/11/2018: General House
A light, which enlightens grief
The Martyrs of the Church of Algeria
13/11/2018: General House
Witness of the Church
19 martyrs of the Church of Algeria
05/10/2018: General House
A visit to the 'Marist places' in Rome
Recalling the 194 days spent by B. François in Rome 1858
26/09/2018: General House
Blessed and martyr
Br. Henri Vergès
16/09/2018: General House
Martyrs of Algeria (1994-1996)
Beatification of Brother Henri Vergès
07/05/2018: General House
May 8
Memory of the martyrdom of Br Henri Vergès and of Sister Paul Hélene
09/04/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 19
New liturgical feast in the Roman calendar: Mary, Mother of the Church
30/03/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 18
Persecuted Christians: Blood ecumenism
22/03/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 17
Paul VI and Oscar Romero - Decrees of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints
14/03/2018: Vatican
Agios.Mar 16
Young saints and blessed, the Vatican's latest book
06/03/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 15
Witnesses of the Church of Argelia
22/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 14
Recalling those who gave their lives in Algeria in the 1990s
16/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 13
Inminente canonización de Pablo VI
12/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 12
Beatification of 19 martyrs of the Church of Algeria
05/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 11
New regulations on relics of saints and blessed
05/02/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 10
The decree of beatification of Brother Henri Vergès has been approved
19/01/2018: Mexico
Agios.Mar 9
Brother Basilio Rueda on his way to the altars
15/01/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 8
Cause of Br Henri Vergès: Meeting of commission of cardinals
09/01/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 7
Ecclesial interest for the canonical recognition of sanctity
15/12/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 5
Brother Basilio’s cause resumes
12/12/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 4
What does it mean to canonize someone?
05/12/2017: Vatican
Agios.Mar 3
New rapporteur of the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints
23/11/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 2
Brother Antonio Martínez Estaún, Postulator general
13/11/2017: General House
Agios.Mar 1
General postulation
13/07/2017: General House
Beginning of the cause of beatification of Brother Moisés Cisneros
The General Council constitutes the cause Actor
05/05/2017: General House
Authentic testimony of the love of Christ
8 May: 23rd anniversary of Brother Henri Vergès’ assassination
28/02/2017: Uruguay
Former Marist student Servant of God
Isidro Alonso, of the Santa María School of Montevideo
25/10/2016: General House
Martyrs of Bugobe - 31 October 1996
20th anniversary of the tragic death of the Brothers Servando, Julio, Miguel Ángel and Fernando
12/08/2016: France
“The Fifth Gospel”
Theatre play on Brother Henri Vergès
05/07/2016: General House
Institute’s New Postulator General
Brother Antonio Martínez Estaún
06/05/2016: General House
Martyr in Algiers
May 8, 2016, 22nd anniversary of the death of Brother Henri Vergès
20/01/2016: Mexico
Brother Basilio Rueda on his way to Sainthood
Diocesan process ends and his canonization cause is passed to the Vatican
30/10/2015: General House
Brothers of Bugobe were killed 19 years ago
Four Brothers from Spain who refused to leave their people
12/05/2015: General House
21st Anniversary of the death of Br Henri Vergès
Brother Henri Vergès and Consecrated Life
29/04/2015: General House
Without Limits
Diary of the martyr Brother Miguel Ángel Isla, killed in Bugobe
07/05/2014: General House
8 May 2014
20th anniversary of the death of Brother Henri Vergés
06/05/2014: General House
Br. Henri Vergès (1930-1994)
A Witness to the Gospel in the midst of Islam
28/03/2014: Spain
Blessed Martyr Br Valente José (Jesús Delgado de la Fuente)
Thanksgiving, blessing and installation of the icon in Mazuelo de Muñó
14/12/2013: General House
Marist Martyrs in Spain
Book : The courage of the faith
14/11/2013: Spain
The Blessed Marist Brothers of Toledo
Thanks Giving Celebration for the Recent Beatification
05/11/2013: General House
Marist martyrs - Intercessors and models
6 November - Memory of the Martyrs in Spain
31/10/2013: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Martyrs of Bugobe
Brothers Servando Mayor, Miguel Angel Isla, Fernando la Fuente and Julio Rodriguez
17/10/2013: Spain
Beatification of the 68 Marist martyrs - 13 October
Celebration in Tarragona
15/10/2013: Spain
Celebration - homage
Beatification of the 68 Marist martyrs - 11 and 12 October
11/10/2013: Spain
The courage of the faith
Book on the Marist martyrs
09/10/2013: General House
Beatification of the martyrs in Spain (Tarragona)
Reflection on the Marist martyrs
01/10/2013: General House
Our next Marist Blesseds
Beatification - Tarragona, Spain – 13 October 2013
24/09/2013: Spain
Liturgy comes onto the scene
Beatification - Tarragona - 13 October 2013
06/09/2013: Spain
Beatifications 2013 - Tarragona
Letter of the Brother Provincials of the four Marist Provinces with works in Spain
04/06/2013: General House
Brother Crisanto and 67 companions martyrs
Approbation of the Cause of Beatification
07/05/2013: General House
An encounter with the brother saints
8 May 2013 : Brothers Basilio Rueda and Henri Vergès
24/02/2013: Spain
Cirauqui (Navarra) is in festive mode because of one of its favorite sons
Enthronement of Blessed Nicolás Ran Goñi (Br. Ismael) in his hometown parish church
06/11/2012: General House
Blessed Brother Bernardo, Laurentino, Virgílio and companions martyrs
Memorial of the Martyrs in Spain
15/09/2012: General House
Martyrs in Spain
Cause of Br. Crisanto and companions martyrs in view of beatification
27/08/2012: General House
Br. Crisanto and 67 Companions Martyrs
Martyrdom of Br. Crisanto - 27 August 1936
20/07/2011: General House
On the way to beatification
Brother Crisanto and companions, martyrs.
11/05/2011: General House
Henri Vergès and mysticism
Testimony of a friend of Brother Henri Vergès
10/03/2011: Italy
A fraternal gathering on the anniversary of Br. Alfanos death
The Brothers of Rome venerate Brother Alfano
05/02/2011: General House
A thought from the Prefect
100 Postulators met with the leaders of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints
21/01/2011: General House
Our Portrait
The Brothers François, Basilio Rueda and Alfano
05/11/2010: Brazil
A cloud of witnesses
Blessed Brothers Bernardo, Laurentino, Virgilio and 44 companions martyrs
03/07/2010: General House
Speaking of the martyrs
Crisanto and his fellow martyrs
17/06/2010: General House
Does God listen to us?
The prayer we address to our models of Marist sanctity
28/05/2010: General House
29 May 1955
Anniversary of the beatification of Marcellin Champagnat
19/04/2010: General House
Some martyrs rediscovered
Brothers who were killed in Peking in 1900
06/04/2010: General House
Causes under study
What’s new with our saints?
08/03/2010: General House
Martyrs who died in the years 1936–1939
Brother Crisanto and Sixty-seven Companions, Martyrs
30/01/2010: General House
Brothers considered as models
Models of Marist Holiness
21/01/2010: General House
Father Josep Samsó was martyred in 1936
Beatification of a former Marist student
16/12/2009: Mexico
A further step
Process of beatification of Br. Basilio
13/07/2009: General House
New Postulator General of the Institute
Brother José María Ferre Vicedo replaces Brother Giovanni Bigotto
30/06/2009: General House
A mission at risk
15th anniversary of the deaths of Brs. Chris Mannion and Joseph Rushigajiki
10/06/2009: General House
Some martyrs rediscovered
Brothers who were killed in Peking in 1900
20/04/2009: General House
Saint Peter’s clothed in scaffolding
A message from the canonization - Seán D. Sammon, FMS
18/04/2009: General House
But today… ?
Ten years on from the Canonization (VIII)
17/04/2009: General House
But today, what remains of the flame?
Ten years on from the Canonization (VII)
17/02/2009: General House
Booklet Now Available in the Four Official Languages of the Institute
“15 days of prayer with Henri Vergès”
28/01/2009: General House
The Mirror of the Martyrs
Thoughts on our Martyrs
17/01/2009: General House
Meeting of the historians’ committee
The cause of our martyrs in Algeria
16/12/2008: General House
To stay for the sake of love
Thoughts on our Algerian Martyrs
08/12/2008: Algeria
Latest Information about Algerian Martyrs
Diocesan tribunal’s work on our nineteen martyrs
28/10/2008: General House
Apostolic Briefs of Beatification
Beatification of Br. Bernardo and the group of Laurentino, Virgilio and the other 44 martyr confreres
25/06/2008: Spain
Postulation Team
Meeting in Madrid, 30th April – 4th May 2008
17/01/2008: Spain
A Testimonial in the Mediterránea Province
Remembering the Marist brother martyrs of Spain
02/01/2008: Vatican
A Historical First
Benedict XVI meets the local Postulators
11/12/2007: Algeria
Martyrs of Algeria
Official opening in Algiers of the cause of the martyrs in Algeria
06/11/2007: General House
From Rome following the beatifications
Some notes from my diary
02/11/2007: General House
It was a great celebration of our family and our faith
The celebrations of the beatification of our Brothers Martyrs
02/11/2007: General House
47 Marist Brothers form part of the most numerous beatifications in history
The Beatification ceremony in Saint Peter’s Square
01/11/2007: General House
The preparations are over for our celebration in the General House
The beatification of 47 Marist Brothers martyrs in Spain
29/10/2007: General House
The gift of life
Message of Br. Seán D. Sammon, Superior General
26/10/2007: Spain
Bishops: Beatification of 498 Martyrs Not Political
Spaniards Recognized for Witness to Faith
25/10/2007: General House
Br. Salvio and Br. Lino Fernando
Two more Parallel Lives
24/10/2007: Spain
Marist martyred Brothers
In giving forgiveness
23/10/2007: Spain
Marist Brothers in Spain
The Marist presence in Spain on the eve of the civil war (1936-1939)
22/10/2007: Spain
The martyr is the one who does not save his life at any price
Interview with Father Juan María
19/10/2007: Spain
Trying to understand history
The Marist martyrs of the summer of 1936 in Barcelona
12/10/2007: Italy
Academic Act
The Spanish Martyrs, the largest beatification in history
03/07/2007: General House
The first forty-seven beatified Marist Brothers
Here is the date: 28th October 2007
11/06/2007: General House
6th June 2007
October 28th, 2007 beatification in Rome of 47 brothers
16/04/2007: Japan
A grace obtained by the Brother François
Letter of Br. Ramon Bereicua Basauri from Japan to Br. Giovanni Bigotto, Postulator General
19/01/2007: General House
A Saint who grows in the course of time
Brother Basilio Rueda, still present among us
19/12/2006: Vatican
The Church officially recognises that our brothers are martyrs
Decree on the martyrdom of Brother Laurentino, Virgilio and forty-four other brothers
06/12/2006: Spain
Grateful memory
70 years of martyrdom of six brothers who formed the community of Malaga in 1936
20/11/2006: General House
Echoes and reflections
Bugobe, 10 years
14/11/2006: Mexico
Five hundred participants celebrate by singing “Las Mañanitas”
A plaque in honour of Brother Basilio in the house where he was born
08/11/2006: Spain
Marist Family Day at Seville
Commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the martyrs of Bugobe
20/10/2006: Spain
Concerning the coming beatifications
The Church of Spain assumes the responsibility
06/10/2006: General House
October 6th, 1934
Br. Bernardo, martyr
06/10/2006: General House
We can be truly proud of these brothers
Laurentino, Virgilio and 44 other brothers
13/07/2006: Spain
In anticipation of future beatifications
A book is being prepared on the martyred brothers of Spain
05/07/2006: Vatican
Our martyred brothers
Cause of Brothers Laurentino, Virgilio and 44 companions
28/04/2006: France
Saint Peter Chanel
Marist Father, first martyr of Oceania
26/04/2006: Algeria
The martyrs of the Church of Algeria
Nineteen people of different cultures who have loved Algeria
15/12/2004: Vatican
Theologians study the Positio of Brother Laurentino and of his 45 companions
On the way to beatification
22/10/2004: General House
In memory of Chris Mannion
23/06/2004: Vatican
Decrees of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints
24/05/2004: Vatican
Meeting of Cardinals and Bishops
05/01/2018: General House
Agios.Mar 6
Decretos de heroicidad de virtudes y beatificaciones