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Marist Young Adult Program - Newsletter


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03/01/2013: Estados Unidos


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Do you have a favorite Christmas song? This year, I found myself listening to one particular song over and over; it seemed to be on repeat on the radio and on my iPhone's "Need A Little Christmas" playlist. The song captivated my attention and I caught myself on several occasions turning up the volume.  It's a classic, "O' Come, O' Come, Emmanuel".

This song really spoke to me this year. Many things have happened in 2012 and there are some events that we might like to forget: storms and shootings, violence and tragedies. For too many people Christmas was celebrated in a different home or there was an empty seat at the dinner table. Emmanuel means "God with us" and it seems like this year we need God to be with us more than ever. Perhaps that's what caught my attention.  The song speaks of the people mourning and the dark shadows that disperse when Jesus, our Savior comes to us.

In addition to the joy I get from singing loudly in my car when I think that no one is watching, this song also spoke to me about how I should enter the new year. Maybe I need to turn up the volume in my life and focus on how I can bring God into the lives of others through the Marist mission of "Making Jesus Known and Loved".  Jesus isn't going to be born in a manger again but he can be born in our actions toward others; he can be born in how we love one another.

That is my resolution for 2013 - to raise the volume of love in my life! I hope your Christmas was filled with the love and joy of family and friends and that their love was the only present that you needed!

Wishing you much love and joy in 2013!

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Matt Fallon
Chair, Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee 

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