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Welcoming 4 new aspirants


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19/02/2013: Timor Oriental


class=imgshadowOn Friday, 25th January, the Marist Formation Community in Baucau, Timor-Leste was very happy to welcome four new aspirants: Damião Dos Santos (Luro, Lospalos); Helio Ramos (Liquisa, Liquisa); Ilidio Ximenes (Gari-uai, Baucau) and Ruben Pereira (Baucau Central, Baucau).

All four aspirants are currently students at the Catholic Institute of Teacher Formation (ICFP) in Baucau. They join the five postulants (Andre, Floriano, Marcos, Mariano and Santiago) and Brothers John Horgan and Tony Clark. This now makes us a community of eleven. Of the five postulants, Andre and Marcos are this year teaching in two different local Catholic Schools. The remaining three postulants are studying at ICFP.

The new group of aspirants this year have the distinct advantage of being able to draw on the experience and support of the five who formed the very first group of Marist candidates in 2012. We have spent the first couple of weeks getting to know each other, sharing stories, being introduced to the elements of the formation program, and engaging in community building and planning activities. We are off to a good start! Let us not forget to pray for each other.

Tony Clark

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