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02/09/2013: United States


Marist Young Adult Program
 July-August 2013

Editor's Note:  On August 1st, Luis Ramos succeeded Matt Fallon as the chair of the Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee.  We congratulate Matt as he begins his work as the Director of Operations at the Marist Brothers' Center at Esopus and wish Luis well as the new chair.  Below is Matt's farewell letter as well as Luis' first letter as chair.



Dear Marist Young Adults,Chair  


It has been an amazing six years for the Marist Young Adult Program. Groups of young adults throughout our province have gathered from time to time to reconnect with our Marist family through service activities, social gatherings and prayer experiences. Some seasonal favorites like LIFE After High School nights in Miami, picnics in Bryant Park, barbecues at the Brothers house in Chicago and our Good Friday reflections in Esopus and Miami are regularly well attended!



Technology and social networks have been a key part of building our program and we have been on the forefront of virtual ministry from the very beginning. Marists all over the world view and use our Marist Young Adult app.  Our Advent and Lenten online retreats are used by our school faculties, students and Marist Youth in the United States and beyond.



Marist Young Adults have become a part of the Province of the United States and bring life and hope for the future of our Marist family. It has been a privilege to serve as Chair of the Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee for the past six years. I feel confident that the next Chair, Luis Ramos. will help guide the program boldly into the future.



As I embark on my new adventure at the Marist Brothers Center at Esopus, I am thankful personally for all I have learned from the example of Br Steve Milan who is the best advocate for young adults that we can imagine. I want to thank him for the support and friendship to me and all of our Marist Young Adults past, present and future!


Thank you for a great six years! And let us always remember to pray for each other!


Peace, Love, and All Good Things,



Matt Fallon

Chair Emeritus, Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee








Luis Dear Marist Young Adults,



As our summer vacation comes to a close (too soon it seems), let us recall a significant summer in our Marist community!


We saw quite a few of our young adults travel abroad to connect with communities in different ways. Michael Bourie traveled El Camino De Santiago, connecting with other faithful and with God during his trek. Opal Vadhan journeyed to Jamaica, serving young children for nearly a month with the Marist Missionary Sisters. Also, a delegation of Marist Brothers, Marist Youth, and Marist Young Adults made a trip to the International Gathering of Marist Youth in Rio.


Each step walked, mile flown, and handshake received marked the beginning of a new thing in the lives of each who participated. Community was formed, a common Christian faith celebrated, and a Marist mark shared with someone new. Encounters of this nature help remind us how large our Marist faith community is. It truly is a broad and vibrant community!


Here at home, we welcomed new Marist Young Adults and will continue to do so as we enter into a new school year. For some it may be a graduating year, and for others it may be the first year. No matter where you are in school, your walk with Christ, or in our world, I wish you a wonderful new school year!


God bless you and keep living Marist!



Luis Ramos

Chair, Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee


























Each year the people at bustedhalo.com offer an online "Freshman Survival Guide"  to complement the book of the same name.  On the website, first year college students can consult with the interactive RA and view insightful sixteen second videos on topics ranging from healthy eating to campus activities and concerns ranging from how to deal with a difficult roommate to dating.  You are also invited to share your own sixteen second video on your area of college survival expertise. 
Busted Halo also has a variety of helpful resources on their main site.  Learn about what attitudes and behaviors to "pack" for college and what to leave at home.  Get some useful insights about what you need to know before you start your first year.  And read about how to stay connected to what matters.
To access the "Freshman Survival Guide" website, click on the icon above.  To view the additional resources provided by Busted Halo, click on the image below.
For even more resources, check out the events page for the Marist Young Adult Program's College Transitions Chats on Facebook.

Visitors to One.org's interactive energy page are welcomed by the following message: "7 out of 10 people in sub-Saharan Africa don't have access to electricity. But What Does Energy Poverty Really Mean?" Those who delve further are given the answer through a creative slide show. At tne end of the presentation, visitors are invited to sign a petition urging congress to help electrify Africa by supporting a bill that will provide electricity to fifty million people for the first time. To visit One.org's interactive energy page and sign the petition, click on the icon above. For more information on energy poverty, click on the icon below.










Do you have a week. a weekend, a month or more and would like to volunteer in Esopus?  If so, contact Matt Fallon at mfallon@gmail.com for more information.  Make a difference!





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Visit the Marist Young Adult Program website to view useful resources, post a prayer request, read some blog posts and view the many great pictures like the one below!




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Upcoming Events
Sept  18 & 25 - College Transitions Chats
Oct. 2 & 9 - College Transitions Chats
Oct. 13-14 - LaValla Word Weekend - Esopus, NY
Oct. 24-27 - Marist Youth Encounter Christ
                   Retreat within a Retreat
Oct. 26 - Retreat outside a Retreat - Esopus, MY
Please visit Marist Young Adults on Facebook for event details.    

All chats take place in the chat room at www.MaristYoungAdult.com
NachoMarist Young Adults in Miami gathered to reflect on transitions in their own lives as they prepare for the new semester.  The evening ended with a "Make Your Own Nacho" Bar.
Ringgold ...Over twenty Marist Young Adults in  Brownsville, Texas gathered in Ringgold Park   The event was an opportunity to reconnect before leaving for college as well as a time to plan for future MYA events.
Rio ...Ten individuals represented the Province of the United States at the International Gathering of Marist Youth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil prior to World Youth Day.  Participants were challenged to undergo personal change in order to transform the world.
Chairs ...Marist Young Adults gathered at the New Jersey  shore to enjoy the ocean breeze, good food and great company. During the gathering the program honored outgoing chair, Matt Fallon, and welcomed incoming chair, Luis Ramos.
Camping...Over a dozen Marist Young Adults  braved the wiles of Esopus for a night of camping at the Hudson River.  The event included s'mores, roased hot dogs and a lot of laughs.
...The summer issue of American Marist      features  an article entitled "Doing Ordinary Things with Extraordinary Love". The article is about the work of Ellen Salmi and Opal Vadhan with the Marist Missionary Sisters.
Got...And in other news, the Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee met on August 18th to plan for the upcoming semester...The homepage of the Marist Young Adult website has been reformatted...Pictures from all of the MYA summer events can be seen in the website photo gallery...And look for a Marist Young Adult tee shirt coming soon!  Got Marist?





TeresaHome Town: Lawrence, MA
HS: Central Catholic HS
College: UMass - Lowell
Interests:  Singing, Dancing, Writing, Art, Photography and Doing Community Service
Accomplishments:  Adelante Scholar, Teen Achiever, POSSE


How did you get involved with Marist?
I was always involved with campus ministry.  I was either reading at mass, serving as the weekly missions representative, or leading a retreat.
I remember hearing about Marist Youth and how certain people get chosen to attend a yearly event.  I was asked to attend the Marist Youth Leadership Conference at the end of the year.  I was excited for the opportunity to share my faith with people from the United States, Canada and Mexico. It was probably the greatest experience I had in high school.  I still keep in contact with some of the friends that I made there and I became closer with my Central friends who attended  the event. 
Why are you still involved with the Marist community?
Asking me this question is like asking me why do I love what I do.  I love doing service.  In high school, my scholarship program required me to do 160 hours of community service a year.  I went above and beyond the requirement during all four years.
Having my faith and doing service is a blessing.  I'm grateful for the opportunity I was given to attend the conference last May and for the Brothers and teachers who have guided me through my struggles and accomplishments.  If it wasn't for that opportunity, I wouldn't be able to give back as much as I want to and will do in the future.
How do you live out your Marist identity today?

Honestly, I thank God every day for life itself.  I try to live out my faith to the fullest whether it is opening a door for someone, helping a person who is lost, giving money to the homeless or doing community service.


Before I graduated from high school, I was able to plan a successful day build with Habit for Humanity.  As a result, Habitat for Humanity wants to have bi-yearly builds with Marist Youth and Marist Young Adults.  I'm glad that I was able to organize the activity because it creates a new branch of opportunity and gives me confidence that I can do something like this in college.


For more information about events in Massachusetts or to suggest an activity, please Teresa at



myaThe Marist Young Adult Program invites interested young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 to further explore their Christian faith. Through spiritual, social and service activities, both online and in person, young adults can experience an alive and vibrant faith rooted in the Marist tradition.  Facebook Group:  Marist Young Adult

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