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06/05/2014: United States


Marist Young Adult Program
                                                                                                 April 2014



LuisDear Marist Young Adults,


Happy Easter!  I hope that you all enjoyed a prayerful and reflective Paschal Triduum.  I was able to join the community at the Marist Brother's Center at Esopus for a reflective remembrance of this time.  This remembrance of Christ's sacrifice in death ends in joy as we celebrate His resurrection.


Speaking of celebration, the Church is in a time of celebration with the canonization of two new saints: Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II.  Both popes left their mark on the church in different ways.  While Pope John Paul II is historically closer to my generation, we can't forget the contributions of Pope John XXIII.  Pope John's most notable achievement was convening the Second Vatican Council.  The products of these meetings were 16 documents explaining (and at times reforming) the Church's teaching on liturgy, the laity, interfaith dialogue, religious life, and much more.



Pope John XXIII's goal was to invite a "gust of fresh air" into the Church, exploring the ways it could communicate with and exist in the modern world.  Conforming was not the goal, communicating was!  As young adults and as a Marist community, we have a special opportunity to evangelize in our world.  By sharing via social networks and other internet resources, we are already "modern" in many ways.  Exploring novel ways to evangelize through social networking is the next step.


It has been said that Pope John XXIII opened a window to make his point about the need for "fresh air" and the need for a council.  It is also said that Marcellin Champagnat regularly gazed out of the single window of his bedroom as a young person, pondering what exactly he would do with his life.  Through our own lives and experiences, we constantly look out the windows of our own eyes on a world that we can impact.




How can we as a community improve our ability to evangelize in an ever-changing world?  What practical impact can we have on those we encounter?  I hope that you prayerfully consider these and other questions as we move through the end of the spring semester.


God bless you all, and keep living Marist!


Luis Ramos

Chair, Marist Young Adults Advisory Committee












What is the Water Footprint Network? 


It is an international learning community that connects individuals and organizations concerned about the equitable, sustainable and efficient use of water. 


Why a Water Footprint Network? 


Access to fresh water is one of the increasing areas of global concern in the 21st century. 


What can the Water Footprint Network do for you?


The Water Footprint Network offers a Water Footprint Calculator that allows you to figure out the amount of water it takes to produce the goods that you use and consume.  Calculating your water footprint can help you to become aware of your water usage and lead you to look at ways of conserving water.


To learn more about the Water Footprint network, click on the icon above.  To access the Water Footprint Calculator, click on the image below.








Looking for something

 to do for a weekend?  A week?  A semester?  Or a full year?   Consider 

coming to Esopus and offering your

 time and talent. 

 If you are interested, contact

Matt Fallon at mfallon03@gmail.com.  For more information click on the image above. 







Take a moment during this year of Marist vocations to find out more about the vocation of a  Marist Brother.  Simply click on the icon above. 


  Upcoming Events
May 23-26 - Marist Youth Gathering
May 31 - New England Regional Welcome Event
June 2 - Miami Regional Welcome Event
June 6-7 - MYAAC Meeting
June 7 - NY/NJ Scavenger Hunt/Reflection Day - Esopus
Service Opportunities
May 2 - Midnight Run - New York
May 16-17 - Mt. St. Michael Academy Senior Retreat
Please visit Marist Young Adults on Facebook for event details.    

All chats take place in the chat room at www.MaristYoungAdult.com
Joseph Piscitelli "unbinds" Danny Chomat during the forgiveness service.
Marist Young Adults gathered in Miami for a Good Friday Day of Reflection which included a forgiveness service and praying the Stations of the Cross using contemporary music...The Marist Young Adult online Lenten Retreat concluded with videos featuring a reflection by Matt Fallon, Director of Operations at the Marist Brothers Center in Esopus and a reflective reading of Christ's passion...Marist Young Adults joined other members of the Marist family for the Paschal Triduum at the Marist Brothers Center at Esopus...The Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee met via conference call on April 10th to
Taize Prayer at RC.
update each other on recruitment efforts and welcome events for new members...Marist Young Adults in the New York and New Jersey area joined Marist Youth for "mat ball", dinner and Taize prayer at Roselle Catholic High School...Young adults throughout the country continue to connect via social media.  This month, members took on special Marist Monday Challenges related to Holy Week and Easter, and looked at
Br. Jack O'Sullivan and Rosie Mulligan at the hiking retreat.
 critical issues affecting the planet for Earth Day...New pictures from spring events have been posted in the photo gallery on the Marist Young Adult website.  Check out the new blog posts, as well...Marist Young Adults joined students from Marist College for a hiking retreat at Black Creek Preserve in Esopus...And coming soon, a new Marist Young Adult promotional card.


"got marist?" TEE SHIRTS




Want to make the whole world Marist?  Here is an opportunity to spread the Marist message while  helping children in need. The Marist Young Adult Program is selling "got marist?" tee shirts to raise funds for the Marist efforts in Jamaica.  The cost is $20 and includes shipping and handling.  All shirts are black.  Available sizes are S. M, L, XL and XXL.  Domestic orders only.
To purchase a shirt simply send an email to maristyoungadults@gmail.com.
Indicate your size, the number of shirts and your mailing address.  
Checks made payable to Marist Brothers should be sent to:
Marist Young Adult Program
 PO Box 197
  Esopus, NY  12429




myaThe Marist Young Adult Program invites interested young adults to explore further  their Christian faith. Through spiritual, social and service activities, both online and in person, young adults can experience an alive and vibrant faith rooted in the Marist tradition.       

Facebook Group:  Marist Young Adult

Website:  www.MaristYoungAdult.com


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