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Marist International Colloquium on Initial Formation - 9 October


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09/10/2015: Francia


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The day was introduced as being a day all would celebrate an extended Eucharist. It began with the Liturgy of the Word offered by Brother Joarês Pinheiro, Brother Angel Bermudez Medina and Brother Alfredo Herrera. The Word continued to be broken open through numerous conversations and personal time throughout the morning.

Brother Emili Turu was today’s Keynote speaker on the topic of  “Formation for a New Beginning”.

The second morning session offered an opportunity for participants to listen to four of our young Brothers and their recent experiences in Initial Formation. The brothers were: Brother Nelson Beltran from the Philippines, Brother Leandro Cimadon from Brazil, Brother Sefe Une from Samoa and Brother Stefano Divina from Italy.

After Lunch, all participants boarded buses for a trip to the Cradle of our Institute in LaValla. After tours of the house, the Liturgy of the Eucharist was celebrated in our First Marist Home. Participants then traced Champagnat’s steps in walking from LaValla to l’Hermitage.

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