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Weekly reflection for Lent: Am I getting it? Do I hear?


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29/03/2018: Estados Unidos


The Marist Brothers Novitiate community in New York is sponsoring a weekly written reflection series for Lent.

Each week, a member of the Marist College community will share their reflection on a scripture from the readings of the week. We pray that this Lent be a blessed time of recollection and prayer for you.

This week’s reflection is by Brother Frank Kelly.

Am I getting it? Do I hear?

In every course I teach, I have a student or two who just don’t get it. It’s said, but somehow not heard. They usually end up in academic trouble and sometimes academic death. Like Judas, they are dead men (and women) walking not seeming to realize that their actions will have life altering consequences.

Again and again, Jesus explains to his disciples what kind of Prophet- Messiah he was to be for Israel but Judas didn’t get it. Perhaps, hoping that by forcing Jesus into a showdown with the Jewish Authorities, he would rise up and lead a revolution against Roman occupation.

Our Gospel passage reminds us to ask ourselves on a regular basis – Am I getting it? Am I hearing God’s voice correctly? We are cautioned that any blindness or deafness on our part could result in our making choices that could, at worst, result in spiritual death.

In these dark days of Holy Week, we will walk with and listen to Jesus with heightened awareness. Paying close attention to his calling us to live not as dead people walking, but rather as people awake, hopeful and anticipating Easter joy!


Brother Frank Kelly is the director of Campus Ministry and a professor at Marist College.

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