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Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family in Kidapawan


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04/05/2018: Filipinas



The Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family (CMMF) – Kidapawan, is now on its 29 years of existence since it was organized by Br. Rene Reyes, FMS, in 1989. The founding members testify that their commitment to opportunities of praying together is a key to sustaining the dynamic life of the movement.

Last April 28, 2018, seventeen (17) lay people joined a day of prayer and reflection at the Marist Farm in Kidapawan City. The original members of the movement, mostly retired, were present to share testimonies and witness to the richness of the spirituality lived with the values of Champagnat Marists. One of the founding members, Ma’am Pet, as she is fondly called, expressed: “…despite the difficulty of moving around as I walk so slow, I come here. I come to inspire others of my presence and to share my testimony on the beauty of living the Marist way.”

Through the years, CMMF Kidapawan community deepens their Marist life through regularity of their monthly meetings, recollections, and engagement in apostolic service such as home visitations to sick members, rendering extension services in the community, and vocation promotions among the youth. They also take active role in Church-based ministries.

Ms. Ivy Yecyec, the Lead Animator, hopes that in the coming years, CMMF would encourage more membership among the young attracted to the way of the Marist. “We need to inspire more to keep the fire of Champagnat Marists burning,” she said.

Enthused in responding to the call for renewal, the CMMF members commit to meet again to pray together and this time, discern workable plans in response to the new directives of the CMMF Project of Life. The day was well spent for prayer and reflection as it culminated with a fellowship dinner shared with the Brothers in Kidapawan community.

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