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28/09/2007: Mozambique


MatolaOur novices here at Matola edify me everyday and their pedagogy is simple and practical. One day I went to observe our first year and second year novices in one of the Basic Christian Community here at Matola. The novices gave a lot of in-put in the eager youth who had to note down points after points.

But I was strcuk when, they wrote questions on the chalkboard for group discussions. The question was, How can you be the light and salt among your friends in the school and the home? The group you are seeing on the picture here drew from their experiences answers beyond their age. Some said stealing will be out of question if they are be salt and light among their friends. Some said one cannot entertain fornication and still claim as a light and salt to fellow youth. Some suggested the value of punctuality as another possible way of being the light to their fellow friends.

Others said forgivenss when someone wrongs you can make the difference among them. Othters said helping the needy can have an extraordinary impact in the effort of being the light and salt. When they came back to the whole group, many of these answers were touched though they used different words when presenting. I said to myself, This is practical catechism! I remembered Brother Lawrnece among the early brothers and Louis who could ring a bell to call the hamlet children for catechism. The lesson I drew from this is that we need to engage the youth to find answers on how they can apply knowledge in their daily life.

In other words, how can knowledge transform their hearts.Novices teach in dense slum areas and its amazing to see how youth flock to their classes. Brother Padington told us us that the youth wanted to keep him for themselves. he is a second year novice from zimbabwe. He told them that he has to go to another place too. I said, Padington, you are Jesus. Jesus was an itinerant minister and those of us who imitate him today, we have to be itinerant ministers. Once we have brought the youth to Jesus, tiptoe and leave them there and Jesus will know how how to accomplish what has been planted in them. Bravo novices and receive a pat at your backs of appreciation. parabens.

Simeon Banda, fms.

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