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Spain: Meeting of young people - Prov. Ibérica, Lardero

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28 September

Saint Wenceslaus
1991: The first Marist Brothers left for Tanzania

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2016-09-28: General House
Thresholds and "Amanecer"
Formation courses now taking place in Italy and in Spain
2016-09-28: General House
Marist news number 443
2016-09-27: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Provinces & districts asked to answer the consultation’s 1st part if lacking time to complete it
2016-09-26: General House
Foto gallery: Birthday of Br Antonio Sancamillo, Superior of the General House community
2016-09-26: New Zealand - District Pacific
District of the Pacific – Community Bulletin for September 2016
2016-09-26: Papua New Guinea - District Pacific
Brother David McDonald
Pacific district superior will serve a second term
2016-09-26: France - Centre dAccueil ND de lHermitage
Islamic-Christian day in Lyon
Commemoration of the martyrdom of Brother Henri Vergès
2016-09-23: General House
Young People Explain the Marist Charism in New Video
Youth say Marist Charism is to ‘Love Jesus and Talk in the Way of Mary’
2016-09-23: New Zealand - District Pacific
District of the Pacific - District Update
2016-09-23: Philippines - Province East Asia
East Asia Province receives three new postulants
Three Filipinos discerning to become Brothers
2016-09-23: Brazil - Province Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Brasil Sul-Amazônia Provine
Fraternity is theme of the retreat for brothers and laity
2016-09-22: General House
Marist news number 442
2016-09-22: Guatemala - Province América Central
New communities for new times
8th Marist Provincial Assembly, América Central
2016-09-22: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Norte
Marist world: Informativo da Província Brasil Centro-Norte propõe estudo sobre a espiritualidade marista
2016-09-22: France - Province LHermitage
L’Hermitage Province
Champagnat Marists of Lagny
2016-09-22: India - District Asia
Video: Marist Brothers daily life inTalit Burdwan
2016-09-21: Syria - Province Mediterránea
Revolt and Compassion
Letter from Aleppo No 27
2016-09-21: Spain - Centro de Espiritualidad El Escorial
“Shall we dream…?”
II European encounter of animation teams of the Champagnat Movement
2016-09-21: Canada - Centre dAccueil ND de lHermitage
Bulletin: Nouvelles en bref - Province du Canada
2016-09-20: General House
4th meeting of the Preparatory Commission for the 22nd General Chapter
Commission meets to complete material to help brothers & laity prepare for Chapter
2016-09-20: General House - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
Marist Lay Leader Formation
Encounter of 13 Marist lay leaders in Johannesburg
2016-09-19: Spain - Province LHermitage
Education structure in Catalonia could change by 2018
800 Marist teachers attend education conference in Gerona
2016-09-16: Brazil
Receveid book: Descobrindo o Ir. Francisco Rivat (André Lanfrey)
2016-09-16: General House
Marist news number 441
2016-09-16: Canada - Province Canada
Bulletin: Nouvelles en bref - Province du Canada
2016-09-16: France - Province LHermitage
Musical “With you Marcellin”
Converting boys and girls in protagonists of their personal and social story
2016-09-16: Samoa - District Pacific
Rising is elemental to the nature of the sun - 200 years since the Fourvière pledge
2016-09-16: Australia - Province Australia
Bulletin: Marist Association News Volume 36
2016-09-15: Brazil
Receveid book: Reflexões em torno da mesma mesa (Angelo Alberto Diniz Ricordi, Denilson Aparecido Rossi)
2016-09-15: General House
General councillor shows signs of recovery
Three months after incident, Br Eugène Kabanguka continues to improve
2016-09-15: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Bulletin: Hoja informativa 235 - Mediterránea
2016-09-15: Brazil - América Sur
LaValla200> Project
The first international community is born in Brazil
2016-09-14: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Provinces and districts reminded to send consultation by Sept. 30
2016-09-14: Canada - Province Canada
Bulletin: Nouvelles en bref - Province du Canada
2016-09-13: General House
Marist news number 440
2016-09-13: Haiti - Province México Occidental
Video: Vida marista en Haití - H. Antonio Cavazos Bueno
2016-09-13: Colombia - Province Norandina
Bulletin: Pan de Casa No. 423
2016-09-13: Chile - Province Santa María de los Andes
Marist world: Jóvenes Maristas de Brasil visitan el Sector Chile
2016-09-13: General House - Province South Asia
Dream Together for a New Beginning
Fourth Provincial Chapter of the South Asia Province
2016-09-13: Brazil - Conferencia Interamericana de Provinciales (CIAP)
Meeting of the Subcommittee on Education of America in Brasilia
Evangelising Education
2016-09-12: Ireland - Province Europe Centre-Ouest / West Central Europe
Deceased Brother: John Hyland
2016-09-12: Australia - Oceania Council
Talks include new International Community, New Models Project
Oceania Council and College of Leaders
2016-09-10: Brazil - Province Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Deceased Brother: Antônio Kehl
2016-09-09: Malawi - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
Province of Southern Africa
7th Provincial Chapter
2016-09-09: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Mediterranea Province
Retreat for Brothers and laity
2016-09-09: New Zealand - District Pacific
Bulletin: District of the Pacific - District Update
2016-09-09: Chile - Province Santa María de los Andes
Marist world: Ecos de la Misión juvenil vivida en Graneros
2016-09-09: Sri Lanka - Province South Asia
Bulletin: News from South Asia Province
2016-09-09: Brazil - América Sur
América Sur Region
Encounter of the implementation team
2016-09-09: South Africa
Foto gallery: Br Emili Turú visits the St. Joseph College

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