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South Africa: Meeting of the African Mission Commission: David Hall (Australia), John Kusi Mensah (Ghana), Steven Mbaegbu (Nigeria), Miguel Angel Espinosa and João Carlos do Prado (Secretariat of Mission, Michel Maminjaina (Madagascar), Erick Silali (Kenya) a

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2015-11-27: Spain
Spanish Marist Conference focuses on formation
Assembly of representatives of Conference gather in Madrid
2015-11-27: General House
Marist news number 401
2015-11-27: Central African Republic - District África del Oeste / Afrique de lOuest / West Africa
Marist world: La realidad para los tres hermanos en la República Centroafricana
2015-11-26: Nigeria - Province Nigeria
Deceased Brother: Edmund Louis Nwankwo
2015-11-25: New Zealand - Conferencia Oceania
Review: Marist in Oceania 6
2015-11-25: General House
Jubilee of Mercy begins in Africa
Pope visits African soil shaken by violence
2015-11-25: Mexico - Province México Central
New México Central provincial: ‘religious should awaken the world’
Superior general asks provincial chapter participants to work as a global institute
2015-11-24: General House
Preparations for 2017 underway
Preparatory Commission of the General Chapter meets for the first time
2015-11-24: Brazil - District Amazônia
Bulletin: Toques do Tambor Amazônico
2015-11-24: Canada - Province Canada
Bulletin: Nouvelles en Bref - Province du Canada
2015-11-24: Brazil - Province Rio Grande do Sul
1,000 Marist youth meet for annual assembly
Youth meet under the theme ‘Love that Transforms’
2015-11-23: Australia - Province Australia
Deceased Brother: Denis Richmond
2015-11-23: Spain - Province Compostela
Bulletin: Vida en Compostela
2015-11-23: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Norte
Bulletin: Província Informa - Brasil Centro-Norte
2015-11-23: General House - Conferencia Europa
The Problem of Refugees and Displace People in Europe
Declaration of the Marist European Conference
2015-11-20: General House
Third term for West Central Europe provincial
Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Great Britain leader to stay
2015-11-20: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Marist world: Participação de crianças no enfrentamento à violência sexual
2015-11-20: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Marist world: Dia Internacional da Declaração dos direitos da criança
2015-11-20: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Marist world: Desigualdade de gênero é tema do novo vídeo da Campanha Defenda-se
2015-11-20: Mexico - Province México Central
Marist world: Experiencia con los niños en la comunidad indigena en la Tarahumara
2015-11-20: General House
Number 400
Marist News is renewed
2015-11-20: General House
Marist news number 400
2015-11-20: General House
‘New Models’ project seeks to reform the general administration
Organisers hold first meeting with a new project team
2015-11-19: General House
“Educating today and tomorrow. A renewing passion”
About 30 Marist are participating in the congress promoted by the Vatican
2015-11-19: New Zealand - Province Norandina
Deceased Brother: Claudius Pettit
2015-11-19: General House - Province Rio Grande do Sul
New relationship between Brothers and Laity
Retreat of Brothers and Laity in Rio Grande do Sul
2015-11-18: General House
Marist “foundation places”
English 3rd Age Pilgrimage to France
2015-11-18: New Zealand - District Pacific
Advent Prayers 2015
2015-11-18: New Zealand - District Pacific
Sugestion of Prayer for the 20 November - Universal Children’s Day
2015-11-18: Lebanon - Province Mediterránea
Marist world: Comprometidos con los derechos de los niños e niñas desplazados
2015-11-17: Tanzania - Province Afrique Centre-Est / East Central Africa
Seeking a new beginning
Meeting of the Superiors of the Communities of the Province of Central-East Africa
2015-11-16: Italy
Charismatic Families in dialogue
Encounter of 70 Religious Congregations, representing 52 charismatic families
2015-11-16: Tanzania
Foto gallery: Mwanza - Community Superiors Meeting of PACE
2015-11-16: Hong Kong - Province East Asia
Deceased Brother: Pierre Bosco Wei Siao Shan
2015-11-16: Colombia - Province Norandina
Bulletin: Noviciado Interprovincial La Valla de Medellín
2015-11-16: Chile - Province Santa María de los Andes
Bulletin: Secretariado de Misión - Maristas Chile
2015-11-13: Australia - Province Australia
Growing openness to the laity
Oceania Marist Animator’s Course
2015-11-13: Spain - SED
Marist world: Mensaje de Emili Turú comprometidos con los Derechos de la Infancia - SED
2015-11-13: South Africa - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
International Council of Economic Affairs meeting reveals positive results
ICEA holds encounter in Johannesburg
2015-11-13: Lebanon - Province Mediterránea
Marist world: Proyecto Fratelli - visita a un edificio en Sidón
2015-11-13: Brazil - Province Rio Grande do Sul
The lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want
Brother Geandir Wermann makes his perpetual profession
2015-11-13: General House
Marist news number 399
2015-11-12: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Norte
Keep the flame burning
Assembly of the MChFM of Central-North Brazil
2015-11-12: Peru - Province Santa María de los Andes
Bulletin: Secretariado de Misión del Sector Maristas del Perú
2015-11-12: Argentina - Province Cruz del Sur
Deceased Brother: Jesús Andrés Calle
2015-11-11: Nigeria - Province Nigeria
Final vows in Nteje
Three Brothers made their Final Profession
2015-11-11: Canada - Province Canada
Bulletin: Nouvelles en Bref - Province du Canada
2015-11-10: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Deceased Brother: Victoriano Álvarez González
2015-11-10: Australia - Province Australia
Meeting of the Extended Secretariat of laity in Sydney
Creating spaces of dialogue on lay vocation
2015-11-10: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Marist world: Hoja Informativa - Prov. Mediterránea

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