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Lebanon: Br Bahjat Azrie, Hadi Eid, Br Chris Wills, Edouard Jabre, Br José Luís Elias

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7 March

Saints Perpetua and Felicity, virgins and martyrs
1851: Brother Antoine, 4th member of the Institute, died in Ampuis, France
1926: Brother Stratonique, 5th Superior General, died in Grugliasco, Italy

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2015-03-06: General House
International Charism and Interprovincial Solidarity
Appointments and staff changes in the General Administration
2015-03-06: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Norte
Deceased Brother: José Luis Antunes
2015-03-06: Guatemala - Province América Central
Marist world: Primera formación de consejeros
2015-03-06: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Marist world: “Fraternidade: Igreja e Sociedade” - Campanha da Fraternidade de 2015
2015-03-06: General House
Marist news number 361
2015-03-05: Mexico - Province México Central
Marist world: Universidad Marista de Guadalajara: Programa de Formación para Formadores, Acompañante Psicopedagógicos
2015-03-05: Bolivia - Conferencia América
Heart in Hand
Preparation for Perpetual Profession
2015-03-05: General House
Lexicon project: Reference community
2015-03-04: Syria - Province Mediterránea
Sad Anniversary
Letter from Aleppo No 21
2015-03-04: Canada - Province Canada
Bulletin: Nouvelles en Bref - Prov. du Canada - réunion de la sous-commission « Frères aujourd’hui »
2015-03-03: Cuba - Province América Central
Year of Religious Life Celebrated
Religious Life Day in Cienfuegos
2015-03-03: Spain - Province Ibérica
Deceased Brother: Pedro Luis Ederra Bernat
2015-03-03: General House
Lexicon project: enlarged community
2015-03-03: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Norte
Bulletin: Provincia Informa 99 - Brasil Centro-Norte
2015-03-03: General House
Foto gallery: Meeting of the General Council with the General Administration
2015-03-02: South Africa - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
Province of Southern Africa
Marist Schools Council
2015-03-02: Australia - Province Australia
Bulletin: News Land - Newsletter of the Australian Marist Community
2015-03-02: Brazil - Conferencia América
Marist world: Conteúdos da RED EAM ganham espaço na internet
2015-02-27: General House
Fraternity, responsibility, and far-sighted approach at the meeting
New Models of Governance, Management and Animation – First Stage Completed
2015-02-27: France - Province L'Hermitage
Deceased Brother: Aimé Maillet
2015-02-27: Mexico - Province México Central
Video: ¡Alégrate! Vida Consagrada
2015-02-27: General House
Marist news number 360
2015-02-27: South Africa - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
Bulletin: Marist Brothers / Irmãos Maristas - Prov. África Austral / Southern Africa
2015-02-26: Spain - Province Ibérica
Marist world: Obras sociales maristas en el Año Montagne - Instituto de Estudios Maristas
2015-02-25: Chile - Province Santa María de los Andes
Deceased Brother: Perfecto Sánchez Antolín
2015-02-25: Mozambique - Province África Austral / Southern Africa
Province of Southern Africa
Marist presence in Mozambique
2015-02-25: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Norte
Marist world: Campanha da Fraternidade 2015 - Brasil Centro-Norte
2015-02-24: Switzerland - FMSI
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale (FMSI)
UN looks to Chile through the eyes of their children
2015-02-24: General House
Foto gallery: Integration Meeting of the General Council with the Secratariats and the General Administration
2015-02-23: Nigeria - Province Nigeria
Deceased Brother: Michael Malachy Nwanna
2015-02-23: General House
Foto gallery: Retreat of the Community of the General Administration - Monte Cucco, Rome
2015-02-23: United States - Province United States of America
Young Adult Program
Online Lenten retreat
2015-02-20: Brazil - Province Rio Grande do Sul
Marist world: Província do Rio Grande do Sul abre nova comunidade
2015-02-20: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Norte
Marist Solidarity Mission
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
2015-02-20: Mexico - Province México Occidental
México Occidental - Boletín del postulantado San José
2015-02-20: Guatemala - Province América Central
Province of Central America
Community Animators Meeting
2015-02-20: General House
Foto gallery: Commission New Models meets the General Council and the Secretariats
2015-02-20: Spain
Marist world: Libro con entrevista al H. Emili Turu:
2015-02-19: Vatican
Video: Mensaje desde el Vaticano
2015-02-19: Mexico - Province México Central
Marist University of Guadalajara, Jalisco
Master’s Degree in School Leadership and Management
2015-02-19: General House
Marist news number 359
2015-02-18: Spain
Marist world: Año Montagne: Itinerario de peregrinación por medio de experiencias (CME)
2015-02-18: Vatican
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Mt 5: 8)
Message of Pope Francis for the Thirtieth World Youth Day 2015
2015-02-17: Spain - Conferencia Europa
II MIMA: European Regional Phase
Notre-Dame de l’Hermitage, April 13-16, 2015
2015-02-17: Spain - Province Mediterránea
Bulletin: Noviciado Interprovincial de Sevilla
2015-02-17: Brazil - Province Brasil Centro-Norte
Bulletin: Provincia Informa 98 - Brasil Centro-Norte
2015-02-17: General House
Maristpedia: Association
2015-02-17: General House
International Marist Youth Meeting, 2016
Dare to Dream!
2015-02-16: Argentina - Province Cruz del Sur
Deceased Brother: Humberto Aurelio Benedetti Casagrande
2015-02-16: Australia - Province Australia
New link: Marist Tertiary Education

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