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The Virgin of Miracles - Caacupe


Patroness of Paraguay

Paraguay abound in natural beauty: but among the multitude of gifts seeded Providence in His goodness towards us, must extend Caacupé, the town of miracles surrounded by hills, streams and a prodigious vegetation. Caacupé is like a box of emerald save a precious jewel: the Virgen de los Milagros, which did not cease until the arrival of the pilgrims from throughout the country, looking for consolation and cure of ills of the mind and body, or to pay its debt by either health regained. In buses, cars, wagons, on horseback and on foot, all Paraguayans have gone even once in our lives to visit our Caacupé Virgin for comfort or to thank her divine assets elated. It tells the story that ran in 1600 ..... when one morning a group of Indians chasing a Guarani Mbaye with intent to kill, perhaps belonging to another tribe dominating the area, or perhaps because the Indian Guaraní converted to Christianity and was a parishioner of the Franciscans, to which Mbaye feared as much as the devil. Was completely cornered and desperate as the deadly fate that awaited him, the little Indian made hid behind a large tree that seemed protective. Crouched and trembling, suddenly lit up memories of the Immaculate Conception, which was the Lady of your choice. Between prayers and sighs, between fear and hope, he promised the Queen of Heaven, if you fought for their unjust and fierce enemies, would make an image of the same wood of the tree. Miraculously, the Mbaye not found in that hill and by nightfall were forced to return to their tolderías. The little Indian Guaraní was then free ...... and not only lived to fulfill his promise. Waiting for a reasonable time, the tree becomes Guarani protector, and with their primitive tools. Tore from that trunk wood for their purpose, put dry, and patiently, with all the art of his hands and the fervor of his soul, he began to sculpt two statues of the Virgin: one larger, for the Tobatí Church, near the site, and another, smaller, for particular devotion. The lower image is the Virgin of Miracles is venerated in the city of Caacupé image would be smaller than most, because of the abundance of his gifts and the faithful. In the opinion of art critics in wood, the picture is an artistic genius of unearthly beauty. History has not collected data on the bigger picture, which is plundered by the wild Mbaye. It was also unknown but of that little Indian Guaraní and Christian, but although never know to whom should the faith and the church that work of divine inspiration, our faith tells usalready sharing some time with our Heavenly Mother ..... and who can deny that today was not intercede for all of us gathered here today giving this award.-Esteban Grillón