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The Virgin of the Assumption


Patroness of France

France, eldest daughter of the Church, Marian history of France begins early, in fact, the arrival of the first evangelists of the country occurs around the year 40 AD, when a boat docked on the shore phocean (today Marseille region) taking on board to close friends of Jesus, Lazarus, Martha and Mary of Bethany, as well as premiums from the Holy Virgin (to whom Mary had even entrusted their most cherished relic, the remains of her mother Anna) and some family friends disciples (1). A Madonna is going to shine, the first apparition of Mary in Gaul before V century.It appears that the first manifestation known to historians, Mary in Gaul, was developed centuries before V, Chartres, then capital of the Carnutes, with the emergence of a virgin about to give birth (now Virgin Chartres). On the first sanctuary dedicated to Mary, known in Gaul, V century, in Puy: a sick woman who implored the Mother of Christ, was led by an angel to a hill overlooking the city where there was an appearance of the Virgin who cured her. It then built a chapel in that place that took the name Santa Maria. Moreover, the village of Puy was originally called just the Puy Mary. Today, Our Lady of Puy is a Marian shrine and a place most frequented pilgrimage in the country. Another important Marian shrine in Gaul V century, Our Lady of Reims (built at the request of Bishop Nicasio at 401), which will take place on December 25, 496, baptism by Bishop Remigius, new invaders and masters of Gaul, the Franks to give your name (France). In the following centuries, the Marian shrines in France multiplied recently baptized. Let us quote the best known: Our Lady of Vezelay, Our Lady of Rocamadour, in times of the Crusades and the great pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Then took place between the X and XII century, the construction of Gothic cathedrals, all dedicated to Mary (Paris, Chartres, Bourges, Reims, Laon, etc) ...In the seventeenth century, by decisive or n of Louis XIII France was consecrated to the Virgin of the Assumption, Main Patroness of the country. Among the recognized apparitions of the Virgin Mary in France, lets mention of Our Lady of Grace, in Cotignac, in Provence, which took place in the sixteenth century and whose pilgrimage, destroyed by the French Revolution in 1789, then regained his swing. Another key moment in the history of Mary in France: the commitment of Louis XIII, February 10, 1638. With this commitment, the French king consecrated to Mary and decided to choose Virgin of the Assumption as principal patron of France, established the date of August 15 (Virgin of the Assumption) as a national holiday of obligation for all dioceses in the country (2). From the seventeenth century in France multiply new apparitions of Mary. Some years before the Sacred Heart of Jesus appeared in 1673, to Margaret Mary Alacoque in Paray le Monial, a shepherdess, Benedicta Rencurel, is visited by the Virgin Mary in Laus, in the Alps in 1664.