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MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANSOur Lady became the helper of the human race for the first time when her prayers were heard and God send His Son to rescue the world from the empire of sin. She is the great woman predicted in the Proto-evangelium of Genesis, who will crush the head of the devil (Genesis 3:15). She is also portrayed in the Apocalypse as the Woman clothed with the sun, (Revelation 12:1). Then the dragon was angry with the woman, and went off to make war on the rest of her children, those who keep the commandments of God (Christians) and hold the testimony of Jesus (Revelation 12:17).She accepted the invitation of God to be the Mother of the Messiah when she responded to the angel: Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word (Luke 1:38).Her desire to help was imminent during her intervention at the wedding of Cana, when she manifested to the Lord that they had no wine and prompted Him to perform the first miracle by changing water into wine. (John 2:1-11) In this passage of scripture She demonstrated her power of intercession. But her desire to help was increased by added responsibility given to her at Calvary when Our Lord made her the mother of all the redeemed children of God in the person of John the Apostle, behold your son (John 19:26).As Mother of Gods children, She has responded by helping Christians throughout the ages. She has done this by coming to the aid of individuals, families, towns, kingdoms and nations.In 1214 She gave the Rosary to Saint Dominic as a weapon to combat the Albigesian heresy which was devastating Southern France. It is very clear to Christians and it is also the Will of God that we have and will continue to have the Help of Mary through the recitation of the Holy Rosary.In the year 1531 Our Lady appeared in Mexico to an indian named Juan Diego, He was a humble peasant aged 51. As a result of the apparitions, over 10 million indians were converted to Catholicism, the sacrificial killings of babies stopped, and Our Lady left an image which is a reflection of herself imprinted miraculously on the tilma of Juan Diego.In 1571 the whole of Christendom was saved by Mary Help of Christians when faithful Catholic throughout Europe prayed the Rosary. The great battle of Lepanto occurred on October 7th 1571. For this reason this date has been chosen as the feast of the Holy Rosary. In 1573 Pope Pius V instituted the feast in thanksgiving for the decisive victory of Christianity over Islamism.Near the end of the 17th century, Emperor Leopold I of Austria took refuge in the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians at Pasau, when 200000 Ottoman Turks besieged the capital city of Vienna. Pope Innocent XI united Christendom against the ominous attack of Mohammedanism. A great victory occurred thanks to Mary Help of Christians. On September 8th, Feast of Our Ladys Birthday, plans were drawn for the battle. On September 12, Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, Vienna was finally freed through the intercession of Mary Help of Christians. All Europe had joined with the Emperor crying out Mary, Help! and praying the Holy rosary.In 1809, Napoleons men entered the Vatican, arrested Pius VII and brought him in chains to Grenoble, and eventually Fontainbleau. His imprisonment lasted five years. The Pope smuggled out orders from prison for the whole of Christendom to pray to Our Lady Help of Christians, and thus the whole of Europe once again became a spiritual battle ground, not of arms against ruthless arms, but of Rosaries against ruthless military might. Soon Napoleon was off the throne and the Pope freed from prison.After proving her maternal help, throughout the centuries, Our Lady has continued to appear in hundreds of places throughout the world mainly during the 20th century, Lourdes and Fatima being the most famous apparitions. She has brought help from Heaven, and has warned her children to do prayer and penance as a formula for peace. She has stressed that her children must pray the Holy Rosary daily.The Feast of Mary Help of Christians is celebrated on May 24 each year. We must celebrate this day with a very special act of thanksgiving to Our Lady, praying the holy rosary, attending holy mass if possible and making an Act of consecration to Our Lady. (Apud: http://www.theworkofgod.org/Library/MaryHelp/MaryHelp.htm )AUSTRALIA TO BE REDICATED TO OUR LADY HELP OF CHRISTIANSA meeting of members was conducted at the Marian Centre in Broadway on Thursday 18th March 1999 Convened by our Founder Brian Burgess, to consider the concept of seeking the re-dedication of Australia to its Patroness - during the year of the Great Jubilee.The concept met with unanimous support and on 25th March, 1999 correspondence was directed to the General Secretary of the Australian Bishops Conference Rev. Fr. Brian V. Finnigan, requesting the subject be favourably considered by the then upcoming Australian Bishops Conference.The correspondence to Fr. Finnigan was supported by a seven page submission document, with copies of this submission direct to all the members of the Australian bishops Conference. Key points were:(1) The rededication proposal receive the support of the Bishops.(2) It take place on the same day throughout Australia.• By each Bishop in his Cathedral.• By each Parish Priest in his Church.• By each Religious Community in their Mother House.(3) That the rededication involve the active participation of the Catholic laity at large. Correspondence received from Rev. Fr. Finnigan of 14th July 2000 has confirmed the present proposal of the Bishops conference is that the rededication take place in May 2001.Correspondence received from Rev. Fr. Finnigan of 14th July 2000 confirmed the proposal of the Bishops conference that the re-dedication take place in May 2001.Further advice was received on 6h August, 1999 Confirming that the proposal had been accepted by the Bishops Conference and -the date for such a most appropriate celebration would be the feast of Mary Help of Christian on 24th May 2001. At this time no proposal has been formulated as to the form the rededication might take.The significance of the year 2001 being the Centenary of federation. We request your Prayers for the Liturgical Commission as they carry out this important task that the Holy Spirit may bless and guide their efforts for this coming rededication event as we head into the new millennium with the full knowledge that the state of our Nation, the Church and our families, is in great need for heavenly intervention to survive the onslaught of the culture of death that our Holy Father Pope John Paul II so often refers to. This includes the many isms that are surrounding us on so many sides and are ripping into the very fabric of our lives as Catholic Christians, e.g., secular humanism, practical atheism, pantheism, etc.The dedication made in 1988 during the Marian year is valid and not worn out. The renewal of this dedication will give all of us the greatest opportunity, to take part and, dedicate, or re-dedicate, our own lives, families, our homes, our workplace, but most of all, make Our Patroness Mary Help of Christians better known. During this time of preparation we, the Servants of Mary Help of Christians, plan to bring about the distribution of many thousands of holy pictures and information leaflets to bring to as many people (Catholic or non Catholic) an awareness of the power of prayer through the Mother of Jesus under this title of our Australian Patroness, Mary Help of Christians.History has proved that prayers through the Mother of Jesus, under the title of Mary Help of Christians, are the hope for our future as history has proved on so many occasions the power of Her intercession when Her Children invoke Her under this title Help of Christians. This immense task can only be carded out with the help of all our members. It is through our prayers, encouragement through our local organizations, such as Knights of the Southern Cross, Catholic Womens League, Legion of Mary, Serra Club, Parish Liturgy groups, Parish Councils and any other Catholic group that can offer support to our Bishops and Priests, and Religious Communities, and help to inform our Nation that this is a time of great opportunity.Mary Help of Christians pray for us.