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Illustrated History of Notre Dame de l’Hermitage


Illustrated History of Notre Dame de l’Hermitage
Author: Barry Lamb, FMS

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Australia - Heidelberg West - 08/2018 - 312 pp.

Barry is well known for his creativity and energy and so it isn’t unusual that he would propose research into the place that has been so central to our Marist story. Over time he fixed on the idea of a popular, rather than a scholarly history, and decided that images and photos can convey simply and easily the richness of a long history. Hence the ‘illustrated history’. Barry’s undertaking took him initially to our Province Archives, and then further afield - to Rome and France, where he scoured the archives of the Institute and Province, and of course, also to the Hermitage itself. He collected enormous resources: photos, documents, artefacts, images. Categorising, ordering and organising followed. Then came the task of knitting the pieces together with a narrative. His considerable labour concluded with the publication of the book earlier this month. It is A4 in page size, 312 pages in length, with 34 Chapters.