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The Marist map of Brazil is complete

From the 8th to the 11th of December, the first Provincial Chapter of the new Province of North Central Brazil was held at Brasilia. This Province has been formed by the union of the former Provinces of Brazil Norte and of Rio de Janeiro.
A new Council was elected that will assist the Provincial, Brother Claudino Falchetto (66 years of age). It is made up of six brothers (three from each of the former Provinces): Adalberto Amaral (42), Joaquim Oliveira (42), José Manoel Alves (41), Vanderlei Soela (39), Vicente Falqueto (44) and Wellington Medeiros (56).
Brother Superior General attended the Chapter with about one hundred brothers of the new Province and a large delegation of lay teachers from neighbouring schools.

Different islands with a shared plan.

The 8th December marks the official debut of the new Marist District of Melanesia, which includes Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia – Vanuatu. It depends on the Province of Sydney. Common meetings and retreats will help the Brothers to get to know each other better and to understand more fully their mission in each of the places where they are present.

Numerous religious professions.

To make profession in the Marist Institute is to commit yourself to follow Jesus, as Mary did, and to consecrate yourself to the evangelisation and teaching of children and of young people. The vows of chastity, poverty and obedience are an expression of this spiritual journey. During these celebrations, the young brothers were accompanied by their confrères of their Province, by members of their family and by their friends.
May this new life prosper, be renewed and reinforce our hope. That is the message that God is giving us.

Province of New Zealand and the District of Melanesia
Seven novices (two from New Caledonia – Vanuatu, one from Samoa, one from Fiji, three from Papua New Guinea) made their first profession of vows at the novitiate at Lomeri, Fiji, on the 22nd November, during a ceremony that brought together a large group of people.

Province of Río de Janeiro, Brazil
Two novices, Claudinei Leite de Souza and Oldair Ferreira Cardoso, made their first profession of vows on the 29th November at Colatina in the Province of Rio de Janeiro, which has just formed part of the Province of North Central Brazil.

Province of Nor-Andina
Four novices made their first profession of vows on the 7th December at Medellin (Colombia). Three are from Colombia and one is from Ecuador.
Seven young brothers renewed their temporary vows for one year on the 8th December at Bogota.
At present, there are the following young men in the Houses of Formation of this Province: 6 scholastics at Bogota, 7 novices (4 in 2nd year and 3 in the first year) at Medellin, 10 postulants at Manizales and 5 aspirants at Pasto.

Province of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
Twelve novices made their first profession of vows on the 8th December at the novitiate at Passo Fundo. The new brothers will move to the scholasticate at Viamão for their professional studies and to prepare themselves for their Marist apostolic mission.

Province of South Central Brazil
On the 8th December, seven novices made their first profession of vows at the novitiate of Campinas in front of an assembly of more than 300 people.

Province of the Mediterranean
On the 8th December Brother Samuel Gómez made his perpetual profession at Algemesí, Spain.

Province of Western Mexico
Brother Sergio Cáceres Vera made his perpetual profession on the 21st November on the island of de Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico.

International meeting in Rome

A meeting on Marist Spiritual Patrimony was held at the General House in Rome from the 1st until the 4th December, in order to: a) know the various areas in which people have done research or provided animation on the patrimony in the Institute, and the people and the groups who are looking after these areas, b) to give a future direction in this area for the next ten years. Participants: Brothers Peter Rodney, Pedro Herreros, Antonio Ramalho, Théoneste Kalisa (for the General Council), Aureliano Brambila, Edward Clisby, Alain Delorme, Michael Flanigan, Benino Genuino, Michael Green, André Lanfrey, Manuel Mesonero, Juan J Moral, Jaume Paires, Gaston Robert, Paul Sester, Ivo Strobino (for the Provinces), Jean Pierre Cotnoir, Paulo Celso Ferrarezi, Giovanni Bigotto, Lluís Serra (for the General Administration), Ross Murrin, Gilles Beauregard, Miguel Angel Sancha, Gerry Brereton, Robert Clark and Josep Roura (Hermitage) as translators or linguistic mediators as they are now called. Brother Seán Sammon was present at the opening and at the closure of the meeting.

Manziana (20th October – 20th December)

This programme was undertaken by sixteen participants of six different nationalities, and for the first time it included three Marianists. The pilgrimages to the Hermitage and for some to the Marianist places of France and Spain were highpoints.
As one of the participants wrote: I had to drink from three sources of the unconditional love of God: the Lectio divina, Spirituality and the Kingdom of God.

Mount Saint Michael - Bronx, New York

Students volunteer each year, as a pastoral activity, to give presentations in class on Father Champagnat and Marist Brothers. These presenters must participate in a three hour seminar, read the biography written by Brother Seán Sammon on the Founder “A heart that knows no bounds” and prepare their presentation. Each religion class hears the story of Father Champagnat as told by these students.

Province of Central America

Sixteen fraternities from Guatemala, El Salvador and Puerto Rico met at San Salvador from the 7th until the 9th November for the 5th Provincial Meeting of Fraternities. The objective was to know better Saint Marcellin, his spirituality and his mission so as to follow Christ and to love Mary as the Founder did. The general theme was “let us live solidarity in the midst of our people”. The 120 participants spoke about social problems that were real challenges. It all took shape in a Project for Personal Living or in an annual project for each fraternity. Some brothers took part, including Brother Adolfo Cermeño, Provincial, and the animators of different fraternities.

Living the hope of Advent in Quebec

The fraternity “Au cœur de la ville” in Quebec, Canada, forged closer and stronger bonds at the beginning of Advent, especially as it joined in prayer when one of its members experienced health problems (he is in the front of the photo). This fraternity has existed for two years and is accompanied by Brother Jean-Denis Couture.

The joy of being brother

« Frère François. Gabriel Rivat (1808-1881). La joie d’être frère » is a new book, published by the Office of the Postulator within the framework of the Year of Brother François. It is a chance to come closer to Brother François. It is a collaborative work of Brothers André Lanfrey, Gabriel Michel and Giovanni Bigotto. The original edition in French has 142 pages, and the book is in the process of being translated. Its cost is 10€.

- District of West Africa. The Marist Brothers have bought land at Bafut, near Bamenda, Cameroun, to construct a Marist college there. Brother Jesús Recalde, an architect from the Province of Ibérica, has drawn his plans for the college. Classes will start in September 2004.
- At Madrid, on the 28th November, Brother Emili Turú, General Councillor, presented the 14th Premio Ala Delta (for young people’s literature) and the 3rd Premio Alandar (for juvenile narrative), annual prizes that are awarded by the Luis Vives publishing group. See:http://www.grupoeditorialluisvives.com/premios_lij/entrega_premios_2003.php
- Copies of “Changes to the Constitutions and Statutes, adopted by the General Chapters of 1993 and 2001” have been sent to the Provinces and Districts.
- Father Roberto Julio Nieto, who was a Marist Brother for 42 years, promotes the devotion to Saint Marcellin in his parish of Sarandi Grande, Uruguay, and has started a clinic under the patronage of Champagnat.
- “The reading of the life of Saint Marcellin created a profound impression with the readers” wrote Peter M. Cruz, 34 years of age, engaged in pastoral work in the Hawaiian Islands, in a letter addressed to the General House, after having read a brief life of Champagnat.
- The Religious Conference of Brothers , U.S.A. is an organisation that a) promotes the identity and vocation of brother, b) gives professional and pastoral assistance to member communities, c) offers direct and individual services to brothers.
- A Marist community in Montreal is responsible for pastoral work (catechesis) and social activities for young infants and children up to 12 years of age, and for the poor in general, either in hospitals or other close-by organisations that look after adolescents and those marginalised...
- The Episcopal Conference of Zimbabwe has published a document titled “Peace in a divided Zimbabwe”, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the encyclical of John XXIII “Pacem in terris”.
- « Les trois violettes » (the three violets) is the name of a magazine of the Marist fraternities of the Province of Ibérica.
- The Teacher Training College of Baucau, East Timor Oriental, was opened towards mid November. It is administered by Marist Brothers from the Province of Melbourne, Australia.
- The Province of Southern Africa is promoting important school and educational projects such as the construction of a Centre for music, art, design and technology at the University Centre of Inanda in South Africa, as well as other projects in Zambia and Zimbabwe.
- The Federation of Religious Teachers of Spain is supporting a State Agreement on immigration and education.
- Statistical data on the Marist mission: 500 000 children and young people benefit from the Marist presence in 77 countries in the world, where more than 40 000 Marist teachers work. Among these teachers are included 4 300 brothers.

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