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«I proclaim to you good news of great joy: A savior has been born for you who is Messiah and Lord»

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Christmas is God bursting forth in our lives and the world. As was the case 2000 years ago, there’s always a need for someone like Mary to enable Christ to enter into our lives. Each of us can harmonize with God and allow everyone else to enjoy the melody. Recalling the first Christmas invites us to go to what’s essential about that event, not be sidetracked by secondary stuff. With this in mind, our team at the Marist Bulletin echoes what our Marist Congregation is wishing everyone with all its heart: “Believe that God comes into the world through each one of us and it will be Christmas.” Our best wishes to you, your family and your community.
Saint Marcellin is a model for us in our efforts to capture the true meaning of Christmas. Here are two reflections revealing how he put the values of Christmas into practice, values that result in God’s love being expressed in our love for those around us.

I want the Little Brothers of Mary to be faithful followers of the newborn Jesus, of the dying Jesus, and of Jesus immolated on the altar. May they be faithful followers of Jesus in all the mysteries: his life, his activities, his sufferings; these should be the main subject of their meditations. . .
Do you know, Brothers, why I want you to be faithful followers of Jesus in his crib, on Calvary and on the altar? Because those three places are the three great fountains of grace; it is there above all that Jesus distributes it abundantly to his chosen ones. . .
Yes, God is everywhere, but particularly at the crib, the Cross and the altar; in other words, it is in those three places above all that his infinite love appears and reveals itself. . . It is in those three places that our poor hearts can better understand and feel how much he loves us. . .
Jesus came to bring sacred fire to earth; he spreads it everywhere in a thousand ways, but he has built three great hearths where all the saints and all fervent souls should come to be set on fire. These hearths are: the stable of Bethlehem, Calvary, and the altar. . . Go to the Saviour’s fountains and draw from them abundantly. . .
Opinions, Conferences, Sayings and Instructions, VI, p. 63

One day, he was summoned on a sick call and hurried to the address, where he found a poor unfortunate covered with ulcers, lying on a little straw and with only a few rags to cover his nakedness and his sores. Moved to deep compassion at the sight of so much suffering and such great poverty, he first of all spoke a few sympathetic words to the sick man; then he ran home, sent for the Brother bursar and told him to go at once to the sick man’s place, taking along a straw mattress, sheets and blankets. The Brother pointed out that there was no spare mattress.
“What!” he was asked, “not a single one in the house?”
“Not one,” came the reply, “and you may remember, Father, that I gave away the last one only a few days ago.”
“Well,” he went on, “take the one from my bed and see that he gets it at once.”
It was not unusual for him to deprive himself in order to help the poor or to cater for the needs of his Brothers.
Life, XXI, p. 510

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