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16 June

Saint John Francis Régis

Marist Calendar - June

Marist Bulletin - Number 147



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In this Marist Bulletin we are publishing the Marist Calendar for June, which appears each day on our web site www.champagnat.org

1 Saint Justin, Martyr - Led by the Spirit, Marcellin was seized by the love that Jesus and Mary had for him and for others (C. 2).
2 Every time I see a child, I long to teach him his catechism, to make him realise how much Jesus Christ has loved him (C. 2).
3 St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, martyrs in Uganda - 1949: The first Marist Brothers left for Malaysia.
4 International Day of Child Victims of War – The love which the Holy Spirit pours into our hearts gives us a share in the charism of Marcellin Champagnat (C. 3).
5 Saint Bonifacio, Bishop and martyr – Marist Saturday: a day specially dedicated to prayer for the Marist Family - World Day of the Environment – 1948: The first brothers set out for the Philippines.
6 Feast of the Most Holy Trinity - ST. MARCELLIN CHAMPAGNAT, Founder of the Marist Brothers – 1840: Marcellin died at the Hermitage - 1961: Introduction of the cause of Bro. Cipriano José and 21 Brothers, killed in Spain in 1936.
7 In giving us Marys name, Father Champagnat wished us to live her spirit. (C. 4). - First Monday of the month: remembrance of deceased.
8 1840: Solemn funeral rites for Marcellin Champagnat - Since we are his followers and his sons, we express our affectionate reverence for Father Champagnat by our love and by our confidence in his intercession (C. 75).
9 The three Marial virtues of humility, simplicity, and modesty come to us from Marcellin Champagnat (C. 5).
10 World Day of Alcoholic Anonymous – For the Father Champagnat the mission of the Brother as helping children and young people to become good Christians and good citizens (C. 81).
11 Saint Barnaba, apostle - Trusting in God and in Mary, we can undertake difficult tasks and carry them through to a successful completion, as the Founder did (C. 5).
12 Marist Saturday: a day specially dedicated to prayer for the Marist Family - 1954: Canonization of Father Peter Chanel, missionary of the Society of Mary; protomartyr of the Church in Oceania.
13 Feast of the Body of Christ - 1956: In Nigeria, the Brothers of St. Peter Claver joined the Marist Brothers’ Congregation - Saint Anthony of Padova.
14 Day of Refugees - Because of the strong bonds that link evangelisation and human development, we help those who are in need and co-operate with those who work for justice and peace (C. 86).
15 1946: The first Marist Brothers left for Malawi – The spirituality bequeathed to us by Marcellin Champagnat is marial and apostolic (C. 7).
16 Saint John Francis Régis - International Day for Overcoming Apartheid - Our Institute, like the Church, is missionary, and we must have the heart of a missionary, as did Father Champagnat (C. 90).
17 World Day for the Prevention of Desertification and Drought - Our Founder, who learnt so much from Mary, is always our model of complete self-gift to God and of devotedness to people (C. 18).
18 Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - Giornata Mondiale di santificazione sacerdotale - 1900: the first Brothers leave for Bom Principio, Brazil.
19 Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – Marist Saturday: a day specially dedicated to prayer for the Marist Family - Our motto: All to Jesus through Mary, all to Mary for Jesus. (C. 4).
20 African Refugee Day – 1851: Decree of legal authorization for the Marist Institute in France – 1910: in Lyons, initial steps taken to promote the cause of Brother François.
21 St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Patron of Youth – World Day of Music –Beginning of winter in the Southern hemisphere; beginning of Summer in the Northern hemisphere.
22 St. Thomas Moore - 431: The Council of Ephesus proclaimed that Mary is the Mother of God - As was the case with the community of the apostles we are conscious of the presence among us of Mary (C. 48).
23 1815: Marcellin Champagnat, John Vianney, and Jean-Claude Colin were ordained deacons – World Day of the Olympic Movement - 1958: the first Brothers arrive in Central Africa.
24 Birth of John the baptizer
25 As Marist Brothers, animated by the same zeal, we continue the charism of the Founder by responding to the expectations and needs of todays young people C. 81).
26 Marist Saturday: a day specially dedicated to prayer for the Marist Family - International Days for the Fight against Drugs and Support for Torture Victims.
27 World Day for the Pope’s charitable Causes - World Day of Diabetes – 1851: Brother Francis consecrates the Institute to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
28 1882: Father Matricon died; Father Champagnat’s assistant starting in 1835 and a chaplain for the Brothers for 47 years - 1960: The Mayor’s Council of Rome names the square in front of the General House “Piazzale Marcellino Champagnat”.
29 Feast of STS. PETER AND PAUL - Like Marcellin Champagnat, we have a deep respect and love for the Pope, whom we recognise as our highest Superior (C.10).
30 1858: Jeanne-Marie Chavoin died; Foundress of the Marist Sisters, in Jarnosse, France.

6 june 2003 – 6 june 2004


The Postulation Team would like to thank you for the way you welcomed the special year in honour of Brother François.

Various initiatives throughout the Institute have revealed that you brought him near your hearts and into your prayers.

We re-discovered that Brother François loved the brothers and our Marist Family with a constant and a generous heart even at the cost of his health. He was sincere when he said, “You know well, Brothers that I always loved you tenderly.” Our Brother François also taught us the joy of loving God. Mystic, he reminds us of the prime vocation of all humans: the search for God, the joy of belonging to God.

Many initiatives marked the year: booklets, pictures with a relic, books, posters, articles, statues, celebrations, simple prayers, litanies, workshops, monthly presence on our web page. Never had there been as many novenas in honour of our first superior general. We brought to a higher level
- the love we had for the sick people
- Brother François’ presence and,
- our trust in God.
A sincere novena is always grace of compassion and faith.

We are still preparing
- book markers
- the Spanish, Portuguese and English printings of the book, “La joie d’être Frère” and,
- a rich parallel between Marcellin and François: The source and the stream
that we should publish at the end of summer.

We would like to invite the communities to close this year of Brother François in the following way although you may use your own method if you prefer.
- From Wednesday 26 May until 3 June our web page will offer a short reflection of Brother François and a prayer. That reflection and the prayer can be used during the community prayers.
- A special celebration in honour of Brother François could take place on the night of the 4th of June, thus leaving the 5th and 6th of June for the Founder.

“I will be the living portrait of the Founder”, here is a very appropriate message that Gabriel Rivat left us. This message will help us to realise our hearts’ revolutions as requested by Brother Sean to revitalise our Marist Family.

Brother Giovanni Maria Bigotto
General Postulator

26th of May: Brother François

My very dear Brothers, as I apologise for yet another heavy and important function that I was unable to carry out, I realise that my affection for you, my attachment and my solicitude for everything concerning the Institute will never diminish, and that, on the contrary, these feelings can only grow stronger as long as God leaves me here on earth… In fact, when one has been for 20 years the head of such a precious and interesting Society as that of the Little Brothers of Mary, when one has had such frequent, intimate and pleasant contacts with its members, how could one forget them? And of course, would not these affectionate feelings and precious memories leave their mark forever on one’s spirit and heart? This is surely a precious consolation at every moment of one’s life. Yes, my very dear Brothers, I have always loved you tenderly, and I always will.

O God, grant me your graces that I may become a superior according to your heart,
faithful to all my duties, having only those duties in mind
looking at you only, seeking you only, hoping in you, and fearful lest I offend you.
Please, give me zealous collaborators, send good workers into your vineyard.
Grant me the discernment to choose them properly piety to train them well,
wisdom in assigning them to various tasks, vigilance and kindness to govern them.
Bless them, preserve them, sanctify them, make them men according to your heart
filled with your Spirit and always assiduous in their ministry.

27th of May: Brother François
Some phrases that occur frequently in Brother François’ correspondence
“I love you; you know I love you and wish only for your wellbeing.”
“You know that I love you very much and that I deeply desire your progress in perfection.”
“You know, dear Brother, that I have always loved you tenderly.”
Brother François, you lived your gift to God and to your brothers and sisters
in an exemplary way; we beg you to help us on this same gift and love journey,
so that Jesus may become the centre of our lives
and may be recognised as the Lord by those who daily meet us. Amen

28th of May: Brother François

«Those who believe let them not hold the truth captive in their hearts, but let them spread the truth while they themselves behave according to their faith!»


Brother François, we pray to you so that our friendship may grow.
Our friendship with you will surely lead us to a greater love of God,
to the joy of sanctifying his name, and to a faith that will not be held
prisoner of routine.
Brother François, we pray to you so that our friendship may grow.

29th of May: Brother François

He wrote to a school director, «Brother Acaire’s disease leads me to ask you to supply your collaborators
with all that is necessary to help them to bear with the teaching’s fatigue.
The preservation of health is the greatest saving you could make.»


Brother François, the Lord wanted you
To be a saint in your daily life sanctified by work and prayer.
In the Marist Brother’s vocation you opened yourself to God,
you consecrated yourself to Mary, vocations to brotherhood flourished around you.
We pray to you today so that you may be mindful of our Congregation,
so that it may renew itself by welcoming the young ones
who wish to give themselves totally to God, as consecrated educators, and apostles for today’s youth.
Venerable Brother François, intercede for our Congregation with Marcellin,
with all our Brothers in heaven and Mary, our good Mother,
Through Christ our Lord. Amen

30th of May: Brother François


To preserve a brother’s vocation he wrote to a superior,
«To break a brother we have only to send him away and it is good riddance!
But then, we don’t show the patience, the courage, the zeal and the true charity that we should.
Courage never loses hope when the object is to train a brother.
Charity consists in loving him in spite of his defects, to pray for him, to direct
and encourage him and to do our utmost to make him persevere.


Brother François,
so that God may be more glorified, we would like to see you beatified.
Today, help us to love the Father out of pure love and let the Son’s love enter our hearts.
Today, help us to trust the Father since our future is already filled with his kindness.
May we be able to say with you, «The Good Mother will fix everything!»
We thank you for the examples of hope, trust and serenity that you gave us.

31of May: Brother François


One of the greatest defects that can afflict the superior of a large community
is to care too much for details.
A superior must govern by choosing, training and by directing those who work with him.
One governs marvelously if he can stimulate the men he was entrusted with
to make them work well according to their talents.
To want to control everything, means we mistrust our brothers, it is real meanness!
Those who govern by the details are always determined by the present,
depriving themselves of the future’s view.
The superiors who work, who are always in a hurry, who run a lot of business
are those who govern the least.
The true superior is the one who, seeming to do nothing makes the others do everything,
he is the one who thinks, who invents, who plumbs the future, who studies the past,
who compares, who solves and decides.
In a word a true superior must only do the things that nobody can manage without him.


Sacred Heart of Jesus, grant me the gift to always love you and in an increasing way.
Receive, O Sacred Heart all my freedom, my memory, my will, my actions and my life.
Accept my sufferings and my pains, I give myself to you forever.
Lord, all the moments of my life are yours, all my actions are yours,
kindly grant me your grace to fulfil my duties with the sole purpose of pleasing and serving you.

1rst of June: Brother François:


Our piety is a deep sharing in the filial spirit of Jesus Christ towards his Father; it strengthens our reliance on God and our absolute confidence in Him, like a child who puts even his least needs and slightest pains in the hands of the best of fathers.


Brother François,
your life was filled with prayers of intercession and with your endless care for others.
As we find it difficult to pray, to believe and to love well,
we ask you: help us to be Brothers as God desired us to bee
when the Spirit inspired the Marist charism, as our Good Mother wants us to be
following the footsteps of Marcellin and the first Brothers.

2d of June: Brother François:

If we can ever manage to establish a loving relationship with the Sacred Heart, and taste his burning love we will discover what the spirit of faith is, what it is to live in faith! The one who knows Jesus Christ does not care any longer about personal whims or personal worries of any kind; his aim is to despise himself and anything else to unite himself to Jesus Christ.

Blessed Brother François, The Lord called you from your very childhood
By asking you to serve Him through a truly holy life.
Teach us to go, like you, “To Jesus through Mary”, in good will, simplicity and filial surrender.
May your prayer united to Mary’s grant us the grace of…
And the joy of praising the Lord who always answers our petitions. Amen

3d of June: Brother François:


Let us go to Mary with all trust, for there is nothing she can’t obtain from the Spirit of her divine Son
who is so much hers that she can command Him, that she can obtain anything from Him
that she uses his power like a thing that is hers and applies it to whatever she wants,
because Jesus loves Mary so much with a love that is the principle of this great power.

O Mary, love gave us the Cross, may the Cross give me love,
that I may love through my suffering and that I may suffer with love.”


1. You, who were given and consecrated to Mary, when still a child, pray for us
2. Faithful disciple of Father Champagnat, pray for us.
3. Master and apostle of the young ones and the adults, pray for us.
4. Constant worshipper of Jesus in the Eucharist, pray for us.
5. Great lover of the Cross, pray for us.
6. Intrepid Marist formator, pray for us.
7. The first servant of the Little Brothers of Mary, pray for us.
8. Young, prudent, fair and mild superior, pray for us.
9. Sure and discreet guide, pray for us.
10. The soul and inspiration of the three united collaborators, pray for us.
11. Loving son of the Virgin, the Ordinary Ressource, pray for us.
12. Imitator of Saint Joseph, pray for us.
13. Enlightened writer, pray for us.
14. Example of deep and true piety, pray for us.
15. Model of the completed task, pray for us.
16. Man filled with the spirit of faith, pray for us.
17. Man of the Church, pray for us.
18. Religious man so simple and welcoming, pray for us.
19. Brother, always available to his brothers, pray for us.
20. Friend of the poor and humble ones, pray for us.
21. Brother, mindful of his suffering brothers, pray for us.
22. The visitor of the sick, pray for us.
23. Humble and discreet elderly man, pray for us.
24. Very patient Brother, pray for us.
25. Very sensitive Brother, pray for us.
26. Very obedient Brother, pray for us.
27. Guardian of the Marist spirit, pray for us.
28. Presence that assembled and united all, pray for us.
29. Source of daring and trust, pray for us.
30. Living image of Father Champagnat, pray for us.

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