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Curitiba - Brazil
From the 4th until the 9th November, 2004, a Meeting of Representatives of Marist Institutions of Tertiary Educations (or University centres) will take place at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR), in Curitiba, Brazil.

The objectives of this meeting convened by the Commission for Mission of the General Council are as follows:
· To reflect together on the document concerning Marist Institutions of Tertiary Education within the MARIST MISSION.
· To initiate a process of becoming better acquainted with each other though information sharing.
· To appraise the possibility of future collaboration.
As of the 1st September, 28 people have registered, coming from 10 different countries and representing 20 Marist University Centres.
At an appropriate time, we will give you a report on this meeting, the first of its kind to take place in the Marist Institute.

El Salvador
Brother Julián Goñi: Outstanding Educator
The Legislative Assembly of the Republic of El Salvador honoured Brother Julián Goñi on the 17th June 2004 by awarding him the diploma of Outstanding Educator of El Salvador. This was in recognition of his zeal and perseverance during his extensive educational career looking after children and young people.


07.12.2004 - Malawi
The religious atmosphere is always present in our Marist schools today
Start of the Marist Brothers’ apostolate of schools in Malawi
The Brothers were invited to Malawi from Zimbabwe by the then Bishop of the Lilongwe Diocese, Bishop Fady, back in 1946. Since then, they have been working in schools and Teacher Training colleges. Mtendere mission station, now Mtendere secondary school on the Mtendere Campus, was the cradle of the Brothers in Malawi.
In 1949, they took over the responsibility of Saint John’s Teacher Training College at Likuni from the White Fathers. The Teachers’ College was then transferred to Lilongwe and in 1975 the Marist Brothers handed over the College to the Diocese of Lilongwe. By that time, Likuni had become a secondary school.
Back in 1953, the White Fathers in the Diocese of Chipata, Eastern Province of Zambia, handed over Chassa Secondary School to the Marist Brothers. The Brothers are still administering this school on behalf of the Diocese.
At the request of the Monfort Fathers at Zomba Catholic Secondary School, the Marist Brothers took over the running of the school in 1954, and they are still managing this school on behalf of Zomba Diocese.
St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School in Balaka was the last centre to receive Brothers. The Montfort Fathers in the Mangochi Diocese invited the Brothers to work at Balaka.
As the Brothers became involved in the public sector, they also opened a house of formation at Mtendere back in 1949, a few years after their arrival in Malawi. The Juniorate has now become a private secondary school.
Religious dimension in our Marist schools today
The religious atmosphere is always present. Activities such as Young Christian Students (YCS) and other youth groups are doing good work. Prayer sessions are a common activity on specific days. Brothers and lay teachers are often found as monitors of these groups. Groups of a specific religious character, other than Catholic, often receive help from outside the school. A feast like Champagnat Day receives special attention from the Brothers. In short the schools never lack religious celebrations. This includes mass twice or three times a week for the Catholics and those who want to join.

07.15.2004 - General House
General Council maps future filled with hope
On Tuesday morning July 6th Brother Seán Sammon and the brothers of the General Council addressed the brothers and laity working for the General Administration in Rome, presenting the main points of the Council’s recently concluded plenary session. Council members welcomed reactions and thanked everyone for his/her cooperation in helping them in their work of animating and governing the Institute. Topics covered included the Conference of Provincials scheduled to take place next year in Sri Lanka; an evaluation report prepared for the International College in Rome; new guidelines for BIS (International Secretariat for Solidarity) that focus on the organization’s education programs and advocacy for just causes, in addition to its continuing involvement with projects and their funding; an international assembly on Marist mission being planned for 2007; the Marist Vocation Year that begins on September 8th; courses being planned for community leaders and formators; and a new manual for members of the General Administration community. We will feature these topics in upcoming editions of the Marist Bulletin Online.
Brother Seán affirmed that General Council’s planning, in line with the thrust of the 20th General Chapter, is centered on a passion for Jesus, proclamation of the Word of God for poor children and young people, and the Marist mission that brothers and lay people are sharing. The presence of Mary is essential for our identity. Based on these deeply held values, the Council’s work of animating and governing the Institute is leading to steady and significant results for our mission.

07.19.2004 - Australia
In Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
Alice Springs is located in the heart of Australia. Surrounded by the red sands of an immense desert and awe-inspiring views, it’s a point of departure for visits to outstanding tourist destinations, including Ayers Rock – Uluru in the Aboriginal language. In this town of 30,000, there is a Marist community that runs a school with branches for different academic levels in different parts of the city.
Every month the brothers, with a few teachers and parents, hold a community meeting to share their mission. These meetings feature prayer, reflection, dialogue, and a meal together.
The “Marist Laity Australia” association takes in all groups envisioned in the original dream of the Society of Mary. In addition to the Marist Brothers, founded by Saint Marcellin Champagnat, members of the Society of Mary’s Fathers, Sisters, and Missionary Sisters also attend. Quite simply, their aims are to form, inform, and transform. Membership is open to people from all walks of life. The Marist dream continues to excite interest in the hearts of many and provides a beacon for individuals and groups who want to travel the road to human and spiritual development.

07.23.2004 - Ghana
A celebration filled with ritual, music, and color
On June 19th eight Marist Brothers – seven from Nigeria and one from Cameroon – made their first vows at the international novitiate in Kumasi, Ghana, a joint formation center for the Marist Province of Nigeria and the District of West Africa. Four more young men – on each from Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Nigeria – are preparing to make their first vows next year.
It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony. As customary, it was presided over by the local bishop, many priests, just about all the city’s religious communities, and many friends and acquaintances from the neighborhood and the parish. Many in attendance wore traditional dress with dazzling colors. An authentic African festival, filled with ritual, music and pageantry that was followed by a meal for all the guests.
The following day, June 20th, six Marist Brothers – five from the Democratic Republic of Congo and one from the Central African Republic – made their first vows in the Province of East Central Africa. In spite of difficult social and political conditions at times, these young men are not thwarted from listening to the Lord’s Word and His call in their lives and responding to that call with great generosity. Marcellin’s charism is more alive than ever in the hearts of the young.

07.26.2004 - Spain
New Directions for Marist identity in Europe
A group of brothers named by the Provincials of Europe met in Xaudaró, Madrid on Sunday, July 18th to plan for implementing the action program approved in Aravaca, Madrid last November, at the conclusion of the General Council’s visit to the region of Europe: “The objective of this task force will be to help deepen and better understand the identity of the brother and layperson as Marists.”
The group consists of Brothers Maurice Goutagny, chairman, from the Hermitage Province; Stephen Smyth, West Central Europe; Ernesto Tendero, the Iberian Province; Ventura Pérez, the Mediterranean Province; and Diamantino Duque of the Compostela Province, who was not able to attend. Brother Pedro Herreros, General Councilor and President of the Council’s Laity Commission also participated.
They developed a proposal calling for a “plan for reflection, animation, and accompaniment for procedures and activities considered helpful for opening up new directions for identity and revitalizing those already chosen.” This proposal, which includes holding a “European forum on the identity of the brother and layperson as Marists,” will be introduced at the European Provincials’ meeting scheduled for this September.

07.28.2004 - Brazil
A part of the “Reflexões” program of PUC RS
The Catholic Pontifical University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) in Porto Alegre, Brazil, is characterized by its orientation to higher education, its Christian identity and membership in the Marist world. With that in mind the school has sponsored a pilgrimage to Rome July 18th to the 24th, under the direction of Brother Joaquim Clotet, Vice Rector of the University. In terms of culture, Rome and Florence have offered extremely interesting attractions. In terms of the Catholic faith, the visit to St. Peter’s Basilica and an audience with Pope John Paul II in the Paul VI Hall have been two outstanding experiences underlining the Pontifical identity that is a hallmark of PUCRS. The visit to the General House on July 22nd included a full program of events, highlighted by two conferences: “The Marist mission today,” given by Brother Pedro Herreros of the General Council (You can find specific information about the Mission Commission on the Marist web page, www.champagnat.org); and “The educator in a Marist university,” given by Brother Lluís Serra, Director of Communications for the Institute.
A tour of the General House, a fraternal meal, and Eucharist in the main chapel completed the schedule for the day. Participants in the program displayed great interest and identification with our Marist values.
A group of brothers named by the Provincials of Europe met in Xaudaró, Madrid on Sunday, July 18th to plan for implementing the action program approved in Aravaca, Madrid last November, at the conclusion of the General Council’s visit to the region of Europe: “The objective of this task force will be to help deepen and better understand the identity of the brother and layperson as Marists.”

08.05.2004 - Venezuela
Planning for the future
July 23rd and 24th the Marist brothers’ Continental Mission Team for the Americas held meetings at the brothers’ residence in Los Teques, Venezuela. The team consists of Brothers Emili Turú, President of the General Council’s Mission Commission; Juan Miguel Anaya, the Commission’s Secretary; Michael Flanigan, representing Canada and the United States; Landelino Ortego, the Arco Norte region of South and Central America; Max Meier, the Cono Sur region; and Wellington Mousinho de Medeiros, Brazil.
These brothers reviewed the work done beforehand by several sub-commissions, looking at youth ministry, a study of management models for Marist centers, and training programs for social action. At the next Latin American Provincials Conference in August, Provincials will be asked to consider proposals connected with these three key areas of activity in their work throughout the hemisphere.
In addition, the Team considered other topics such as preparations for holding an International Assembly for Mission in 2007, the upcoming gathering of representatives from Marist universities, and news and information about other Continental Teams.
More detailed information concerning this meeting will soon be found on this web site, on the special page for the Mission Commission.

08.10.2004 - Italy
Marist Italian teachers meeting
It took place, from 6 to 9 July 2004, in Fiuggi, a meeting for teachers coming from the six Marist Italian schools. The theme of the meeting was “MARIST SHCOOLS AND REFORM”. More than one hundred teachers accepted the invitation.
In Italy the education system is undergoing deep changes asking for a deep legislative reform. However the greatest challenge is to answer both to the formation needs of the people and to the questions of meaning of our society. The whole people taking part in the meeting – both brothers and lay people – choose not to remain as passive spectators but to work actively on both questions.
The theme o the meeting underlined that a Marist educator should not be afraid of the changes and the new things going ahead in our society. Rather, he has to understand the reforms as challenges, so that he may point out, with a current language, the way leading people to reach out a Christian and a human development.
Meeting at Fiuggi, a place where we find one of the most important spas of Italy, the speakers have developed themes related to the formation of teachers (Br. Onorino Rota), the new laws, just about to start, concerning education in the Italian school (Prof. Pieor Cattaneo) and intercultural education (Prof. Antonio Nanni).
Everybody was happy with the meeting both because of the contents and the suggested method of work. However what was most appreciated was the family atmosphere lived during the whole meeting. We did have the possibility to confront ourselves with the experience that some of our teachers of Cordoba (Spain) have on the theme of reform of education. This fact helped all of us to enlarge our horizons and to show that the Marist heart has no bounds.

08.14.2004 - Mexico
CEPAM activity in Guadalajara - Mexico
Cepam has organized recently two courses whose aim was to give to the participants the possibility of knowing and understanding better Marcelin’s personality and, at the same time, to help them to be enthusiastic animators when they will be back in their own provinces and fully engaged in the apostolic ministries.
The first course is called “Cycle A”. It took place from 10 to 30 July and ten brothers, six from Brazil, three from Mexico and one from Argentina (see the picture) have participated in it. The number of brothers participating in such initiatives is always reduced, so as to have a better family atmosphere and a more serious possibility of work. Following this method we want to set up a way that helps the participants not only to “study” Marcelin, but to “live” him.
The second course was organized for a group of nine Marist Sisters coming from eight different countries. From 2 to 6 Augustt they have deepen Father Champagnat figure in relationship with the Society of Mary.

08.18.2004 - Spain
European Pilgrimage of Young People
“Europe, come together again, be truly yourself. Discover your origins and revive your roots” was the call made by John Paul II at Santiago in 1982. And 30 000 young people have answered this call by committing themselves to the initiative of the “European Pilgrimage” that had its peak from the 5th to the 8th August 2004. They came together in Santiago, in Galicia, to discover anew and more vividly the very identity and the historical, cultural and spiritual face of old Europe. They came together in Santiago during this first Compostelian Holy Year of the millennium to become men and women of Hope.
They shared in meetings, catechesis, prayer and friendship in response to the strong invitation: “Dear young people, sentinels of the future, work so that the light of Christ, with your ideals, your work and your prayers may illuminate the future direction of Europe with renewed faith and hope”. It is the beginning of the journey, following the star, which will bring them to Colonia to celebrate the next World Day of Youth.

08.22.2004 - Norandina
Meeting at Norandina
Meeting of young brothers
In the Province of Norandina (Venezuela-Colombia-Ecuador), 17 brothers met from the 2nd to the 9th July at Rochela-Manizales. These brothers were either in temporary profession or recently perpetually professed. This meeting was facilitated by Brothers César Rojas and Ramón Benseny as well as Sister Astrid María Patin. The meeting was held in an atmosphere of prayer, reflection and sharing and looked at the following areas: affectivity and sexuality in Religious Life, apostolic mission and the Personal Life Plan. All the participants shared openly about their apostolic and community experiences. We must not forget to mention also that there were many disputes contested during football jousts, but all in good fun and good sportsmanship.
Assembly of the brothers from Colombia
From the 18th to the 20th July, an assembly of brothers from Colombia was held at the Casa de Encuentros Champagnat in Cali. About 60 brothers attended this assembly, convened by Brother Laurentino Albalá, Provincial, and his Council who were meeting in a plenary session. The meeting was marked by a spirit of attentive listening and open confidence in each other. Topics that were discussed included how to live in fidelity to the Lord and to our Marist charism, the future of our works and of our communities, our style of community life, as well as other points that arose from the contributions and the reflections of the brothers.

08.23.2004 - Venezuela
Latin American Conference of Provincials
On Thursday, 19th August 2004, the 10th meeting of the Latin-American Conference of Provincials began at the Marist house in Los Teques, Venezuela. This meeting will continue until Saturday, 8th August. The Conference brings together the leaders of the provinces and sectors of Latin America, along with their vice-provincials. The participants invited to this conference include Brother Superior General, his Vicar, two General Councillors, the Provincial of Canada (with a brother to do translation work), a Provincial Councillor form the United States of America and six lay people (three women and three men).
The thirty-five participants were welcomed during the opening address of Brother Laurentino Albalá, the Provincial of Normandina and co-ordinator of this conference. Brother Seán Sammon, Superior General, also welcomed these participants during the inauguration of the meeting. Each province and sector participating in this conference presented a symbol that represents the journey that they have travelled throughout the course of these years since the first meeting.
Throughout these ten days, the participants will consider together the challenges and the signs of vitality presented by Marist life and Marist mission on this sub-continent. This will be done through an evaluation of the lines of action decided by the 9th meeting of this Conference in Cochabamba.
In the conference room, Spanish and Portuguese is understood without the need for any translation. Thus, you can see how the Spirit works in those who are prepared to listen to others in a brotherly way, as at Pentecost.

08.25.2004 - Syria
The Centenary of the Marist Brothers in Aleppo
In August 1904, four Marist Brothers arrived in Aleppo to run the school for Armenian Catholics in Telal Street. Later, they worked with the Greek Catholics by running the school of Saint Nicholas and with the Jesuits in their school in the old city. In 1932, they built their own school, Champagnat College, in Fayçal Street (currently called Georges Salem School). In 1948 they moved to the section of the city called Mohafzat. Since 1967, when the college was nationalised, they have worked with the Amal School. Their presence has been in the areas of the scouts, catechesis, the accompaniment of young people and in solidarity with the poor. In August 2004, the centenary of the presence of the Marist Brothers in Aleppo is being celebrated.
The logo of these celebrations was inspired by that of the canonisation. In the background, there are the houses of Aleppo with their doors open to welcome the brothers. The different colours remind us of the cultural diversity of the city. The two arms symbolise the arrival of the brothers, but above all their integration into the culture of the people. With hearts that know no bounds, the Marist Brothers are working through different means of education to sow the seeds of Hope.

08.29.2004 - Pool
Personal responsibility cannot be sidestepped
Sex education is a priority for children and young people today. Who should provide this education?
The results of our recent poll emphasise that it is the responsibility of parents to teach their children sex education (72.2% of 198 responses). The present-day tendency is to relegate the education of certain topics deemed too difficult to broach in the family setting to schoolteachers. This would suggest that teachers would have received the majority of the votes in our poll. But this was certainly not the case as only 8.1% of the respondents agree that it is the responsibility of teachers. This is a matter for reflection. Other interesting results include that 16.7% of respondents believe that sex education is the responsibility of all while only 3% believe that sex education can be suitably learnt through books and videos.
The following observation needs to be stressed: values are at the core of this education, an education that includes basic knowledge. However, information in itself is not enough without obvious reference to values. Each country, culture or religion may have its own way of providing this education, but, be that as it may, the children and young people of today need to experience a pedagogy that is founded on truth and on love. Dialogue between the family and the school will lead to better results.
A new poll is currently being carried out and you are invited to take part.


· Marist Bulletin 157 – 19/08/2004.
Marino Primiceri,an older brother to the street kids of Goma, R. D. Congo

· Marist Bulletin 158 – 09/07/2004
100 years of Marist life and Mission in Syria
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