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The web page: the opinion of the readers

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It has learned to walk now and run later…

On the 18th April 2005 the new version of the web page www.champagnat.org completed one year of life. In the attempts to analyse the service offered and in particular to improve it, we put a survey on-line during the months of April and May 2005.
We wish now to share the results of this survey with you.

I. Participants
The survey remained on line from the 19th April until the 5th June. One hundred and sixty-nine people took part from the following countries: Mexico - 29; Spain - 22; Brazil - 20; Argentina - 9; Canada - 9; Peru - 9; Belgium - 6; Italy - 6; Chile - 5; Guatemala - 5; Australia - 4; Costa Rica - 3; Ecuador - 3; United States - 3; France - 3; Great Britain - 3; New Zealand - 3; Colombia - 2; El Salvador - 2; The Netherlands - 2; Portugal - 2; Syria - 2; Venezuela - 2; Angola - 1; Bolivia - 1; Greece - 1; Ireland - 1; Kenya - 1; Korea - 1; Madagascar - 1; Paraguay - 1; R. D. Congo - 1; Non identified – 6.
The majority who responded were Marist Brothers (45%), ex-students 21%, people employed in Marist Institutions 12%, members of the Movement of the Marist Family 9 %, Marist students 5%, and 4 % were young men preparing to become Marist Brothers.
Among those who responded to the survey 55% were older than 50, 15% were between 40 and 50, 13% were between 30 and 40, 13% were between 20 and 30 and 4% were less than 20 years of age.

II – The web page
The survey was structured in two parts: the first looked at the website while the second looked at the bulletin.

1. Visits to the site
www.champagnat.org has a daily average of 900 visitors, with 4,160 pages visited (every visitor looks at 4.6 pages on average). 35% visit the site several times a week, 31% visit the site every day, 17% once a week, 14% occasionally and 3% once a month.

2. Different opinions
The majority of people find the navigation of the site very easy (98%) and the change of news to be sufficient (93%) while 7% would like changes of news items more frequently.
75% find the quantity of information concerning the Institute and the General Administration to be sufficient, while 15% would like more information. 10% felt they could not give an opinion.
On the possibility of researching material, 18% claimed to have not found what they were looking for while 10% claimed to have always found what they were looking for. 72 % were satisfied in their attempts to find things.

3. Reserved Area
When you open www.champagnat.org you can see that the major part is open to all. However, there exists a Reserved Area for the exclusive use of Marist Brothers. A brother needs to register for this and after the Director of Communications has authenticated his identity as a brother he can enter this area. Of the respondents, 34% had registered, 18% were not interested and 48% were unaware of the area.

4. Evaluation of the site’s sections
www.champagnat.org is divided into seven sections: Marcellin, where you can find all the information regarding the Founder; Marists, which contains all the information about the Institute and the brothers themselves; Youth, a dynamic space for young people; “Commissions” where you can find all the information regarding the Institute’s Commissions; Solidarity, a space managed by the International Bureau of Solidarity (BIS); Publications, archives of the Institute’s publications; “Links”, a section that gives you links to other Marist sites.
The table below indicates the value given to the various sections, ranked from 0 (lowest possible value) to 5 (highest possible value)

0 1 2 3 4 5
Marcellin 3% 2% 2% 15% 26% 51%
Marists 3% 2% 2% 9% 30% 53%
Youth 8% 3% 10% 27% 23% 29%
Commissions 10% 6% 13% 30% 25% 15%
Solidarity 5% 2% 6% 23% 34% 30%
Publications 1% 4% 7% 24% 33% 30%
Links 6% 6% 11% 26% 30% 22%

II – Marist Bulletin
The Marist Bulletin was born on the 25th December 2001 and on the 29th July 2005 the 207th edition was sent out. Each week it is sent by e-mail to 3,550 people (29/07/2005) in the four official languages of the Institute: Spanish (2,096), English (618), Portuguese (455) and French (381). All the editions are archived on the site and can be consulted at any time.

1. Opinions concerning the Bulletin
Amongst those who responded, the majority (83%) had subscribed to the Bulletin. E-mail is the preferred way of reading the bulletin (81%) with only 14% reading it on-line.
Opinions about the bulletin included the following: 3% say it is of little interest, 38% say it is always interesting, while 58% find some bulletins interesting and others not so.
76% do not pass the bulletin on to others while 15% send it on to a maximum of 5 people, 3% between 6 and 9 people, and 6% send it on to more than 10 people. 18% print the bulletin for their use, 38% print it for others so they can read it and 44% read it without printing it.

We would like to thank everyone who took party in this survey. This interaction is very important. We will continue to use the data and opinions that we have received from this survey to improve our website and we wish to use your contributions and suggestions to make www.champagnat.org the site for all who love Marcellin Champagnat and who want to base their lives on his charism.

Thank you for all you have done and will do in the future.

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