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Marist Bulletin - Number 66


The marist calendar for May

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In this Marist Bulletin we are publishing the Marist Calendar for May, which appears each day on our web site www.champagnat.org
The reflections for this month are taken from the Constitutions and refer to Mary, the Mother of Jesus

St Joseph, the Worker – Labor Day – 1825: the La Valla community took up residence in its new home at the Hermitage

1818: Br. Bartholomew, fifth member of the Institute, joined the community in La Valla – “Father Champagnat gave us the name of Mary because he wanted us to live according to her spirit” (C. 4)

Sts. Philip and James, Apostles – World Day for freedom of the press – 1840: St Marcellin offered his final Mass at the Hermitage - Marist Saturday: specially dedicated to praying for our Marist Family

Third Sunday of Easter - Native Clergy Day – “He was convinced that Mary had done everything for us, and so he called her our Ordinary Resource and our First Superior” (C. 4)

First Monday of the month: we remember all deceased Marists – 1873: founding of the first Marist school in New Caledonia

1818: Gabriel Rivat (Br. François) entered the novitiate in La Valla – 1949: the first Marist brothers arrived in Hong Kong

1871: first Marist school opened in Samoa – “We contemplate the life of our Mother and Model in order to absorb her spirit” (C. 4)

1994: Br Henri Vergès was murdered in Algeria – Day of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

Europe Day – “Since Mary was the perfect disciple of Christ, her attitudes became the inpiration and guide for our own way of living and acting” (C. 4)

Psychology Day – Marist Saturday: specially dedicated to praying for our Marist Family

Fourth Sunday of Easter – Mother’s Day - 1840: Father Marcellin received the Anointing of the Sick – Day of fair trade – World day of prayer for vocations

“God gave his Son to the world through Mary. So we strive to make her known and loved as a way which leads directly to Jesus” (C. 4)

“We are gathered around Mary, our Good Mother, as members of her family” (C. 9)

St. Matthias, Apostle – 1864: Br Euloge was murdered in Wanganui, New Zealand – “We put into action our motto: ‘All to Jesus through Mary; all to Mary for Jesus’” (C. 4)

1876: The brothers opened their first school in New Zealand – International Days of Conscientious Objection, the Family, and Rural life – 570: Celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad

“At the Annunciation Mary welcomed the Word of the Lord in faith, and abandoned herself joyfully and lovingly to the action of the Holy Spirit by the total gift of herself” (C. 18)

World telecommunications day – Marist Saturday: specially dedicated to praying for our Marist Family

Fifth Sunday of Easter - 1840: Father Marcellin read his Spiritual Testament to the brothers – 1920: the birth of Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II – International day of museums

“As woman and mother, Mary knew the joys and trials of life. She lived at Jesus’ side, with total trust in the Father, even to the foot of the Cross” (C. 18)

1789: the birth of St Marcellin Champagnat in Rosey, near the town of Marlhes, France – 1967: Blessing of the statue of St Marcellin in the Basilica at Fatima, Portugal

1789: St. Marcellin Champagnat was baptized at the parish church in Marlhes, on the feast of the Ascension

1967: The Church honored Br François with the title Venerable – Day of Basic Communities – International day of biodiversity

“Having dedicated ourselves to Mary, and convinced that she is interceding for us to persevere in our fidelity, we continue to thank her for the gift of our vocation” (C. 18)

1961: official transfer of the General House to Rome – in Europe, Day of the Birds - Marist Saturday: specially dedicated to praying for our Marist Family

Sixth Sunday of Easter - 1975: Br Leonidas, 7th Superior General, died at Saint-Paul-trois-Chateaux in France – Africa Day

“Our Founder, who learned so much from Mary, will always be for us a model of an unreserved gift of oneself to God, and of devotedness to others” (C. 18)

1903: Pope Leo XIII approved the Constitutions of the Marist Brothers – Today in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Br. Sean and the General Council will begin meeting with the Provincial Councils of South America

International Day of Health and Occupational Safety – “As we take Mary into our lives, we learn how to love others, and we in turn become living signs of the Father’s tenderness” (C. 21)

1955: Pope Pius XII beatified Marcellin Champagnat at St. Peter’s in Rome – International Day of the press in schools

1955: Founding of the World Union of Marist Alumni – “It is Mary who inspires our selfless response to the demands that young people make upon us, and our concern for them” (C. 21)

God’s Mother goes to care for Elizabeth – World tobacco-free day – Day of the Sun – 1852: Opening of the 2nd General Chapter (Common Rules and School Guide) – 1994: four Marist brothers were massacred in Rwanda - Marist Saturday: specially dedicated to praying for the Marist Family

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