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First provincial Chapter

ND de lHermitage celebrated, from 29 July to 4 August, the first Provincial Chapter of the new Province of lHermitage, integrated with Midi-West Central of N. D. Hermitage, Beaucamps Saint Genis Laval and Catalunya, with installation in France, Spain (Catalunya), Greece, Switzerland, Hungary and Algeria.
64 capitulants, 9 lay people and two priests met, as well as Brothers Peter Rodney and Emili Turú, General Counsellors. Brother Seán Sammon was present and he presented an intervention in which he reflected on the historical moment being experienced by the integrated Provinces and the creative challenges they had outlined.
After a study of the reality on three levels: a) social and European, b) ecclesial and missionary, and c) religious and Marist life, three priorities were selected which concern the Brothers and lay people, community life and to create knowledge of the Province,
The Provincial Council was chosen, led by Xavier Barceló, provincial, and consists of Brothers Valerià Simón, Josep M. Soteras, Maurice Goutagny, André Thizy, Miquel Cubeles, Gérard Cuinet, André Déculty and Jean Pierre Destombes.

Provincial First Chapter

In the Provincial House of Guardamar (Alicante), from 5 -11 August 2003, the first Chapter of the Mediterranean Province took place. The chapter consisted of three Brothers by right (the outgoing and incoming provincials) and 36 Brothers elected by proportional representation (9 from Italy, 10 from Levante and 17 from Andalusia). Also in the first days six laypersons participated (two for each area). Among others invited were the Superior of the District of Western Africa (Brother Antonio Ruiz Abeijón) and a representative from Lebanon-Syria (Brother Antoine Jarjour). Brother Emili Turú represented the general Council.
The languages employed were Spanish, Italian and French, which were constituted as official for the Province. The Mediterranean Province takes in the old Provinces of Betica, Italy, and Levante. Betica has several communities and activities in Lebanon-Syria, and Levante, the district of Western Africa (Liberia, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Chad and Guinea). The total number of Brothers is 295 in Europe and more than 60 in Western Africa.
The first day was devoted to presenting a vision of the work and the installation of the new Provincial, Brother Manuel Jorques Bru.
The Chapter sent a message to all the Brothers and lay people of the Province, expressing the hope of navigating toward the future and having the collaboration of all in this new venture.
Saturday was devoted to the election of provincial councillors, opting for a total of 9 (three from each of the former areas): Brothers Juan Carlos Fuertes, Roberto Moraglia, Ventura Pérez, Javier Salazar, Mario Meuti, Julián Sanz, Paolo Penna (Viceprovincial), J. Ignacio Poyatos and Antonio Jiménez

First Provincial Chapter

The three administrative Units (Cordoba, Rio de la Plata and Paraguay) introduced in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, held the first provincial Chapter of the new Marist Province of Cruz del Sur and District of Paraguay, in Pilar, in the province of Buenos Aires, from 10 to15 of August. 35 capitulants and 12 lay people participated. There were contributions from Brothers Sean Sammon, Pedro Herreros and Pedro Marcos.
The themes which were developed consisted in looking at the reality of the children and young people of our towns, the Marist educational mission, and the life of the Brothers and communities, to pay heed to the screams that beg for our assistance and to allow ourselves to be inspired by the Spirit in the formulation of our priorities for the first triennium of the Marist Province of Cruz del Sur, concerning our identity and mission, vocational and pastoral, and the communities and life of the Brothers.
Finally the new provincial Council was chosen, whose members would work with Brother Demetrio Espinosa, Provincial, and that Brothers Agustín Martínez, Gerardo Accastello, Carlos Huidobro, Alberto Aparicio, Marcelino Buet and Maximiliano Meier form it.
The provincial Council named Brother Francisco Montori, as Superior of the District of Paraguay. Between 5 and 7 September, the district Chapter of Paraguay took place. Brother Demetrio also participated.

In Sargodha, Pakistan

From 27 to 29 of July there took place a vocational camp in Sargodha (Pakistan) with three objectives: a) to make known, to love and to value Marcellin Champagnat; b) to speak to those young people about vocations, and in particular on the vocation to the priesthood and the religious life and c) to invite them to the Marist religious life. The support of the Brothers was magnificent.

Africa and Madagascar

From July 26 till August 2, in Nairobi a Pastoral Vocational meeting took place. Several vocations directors of the counties of Africa and Madagascar attended. Also present were: Auxensio Dickson (Malawi), Virgilio Bwalya (Zambia), Albert Ongemba (DR of Congo), Elie Twagira-yezu (Rwanda), John Onyona (Kenya), Be-gio Vázquez (Tanzania), Didier Ali Messai (Central Africa), Joseph Rakotonindrina (Madagascar), J. Bruce Rasamimanana (Madagascar), Mark Anokwuru (Nigeria), Celestine Okoye (Nigeria), Patrick Betkou Roch (Madagascar), and Brothers Théoneste Kalisa (General Councillor) and Ernesto Sánchez (General Administration) who coordinated the meeting.
The first days were dedicated to the dynamics of See-Judge-Act, in an atmosphere of discernment, in relation to pastoral vocational work. Following this two important topics were studied in depth: accompaniment and discernment of vocations. During the third part of the meeting some projects were discussed to improve the service of animation vocations in our administrative Units.
The evaluation of the encounter was very positive.

In West Virginia, USA

Every year, during their holidays, some students of our Marist school in Manhasset, New York, travel to the state of West Virginia to reconstruct houses for the poor. Brother John Healy and other staff direct the project.

Brother Seán’s welcome

On September 18 there took place a meeting in which Brother Seán extended a welcome greeting to the members of the General House, especially to the new members, Brothers Onorino Roto, Jean Ronzon, Don Neary, Gilles Beauregard, Guy Palandre, Ross Murrin (community of the General Administration), Enric Carreras, and Ramón Rúbies (International College), and Fr. Roberto Madrigal (chaplain). He also extended his gratitude to those who accept this service to the Institute and encourage the sense of welcome that is experienced by those who have visited the house and have communicated this to him in writing.


On August 15 there took place the official opening of the Marist Novitiate in Haiti, in collaboration with the Christian Brothers. There will be three first year novices and one-second year. The complete article will be sent soon to the Marist Bulletin.

Preparatory meeting in the Hermitage

The Brothers of the General Council have met in the Hermitage from 19 to 22 August together with the delegates of the Superior General to make the visits to four of the five Marist Provinces of Europe (excepting Europe East Central Europe which will receive the visit later on), in order to establish the approaches and the dynamics of the visits.

New course of CEPAM

In Guadalajara, Mexico, there took place a new course of CEPAM (Centre International of Marist Spiritual Heritage), directed by Brother Aureliano Brambila, during three weeks of July. The content corresponded to cycle C based on the correspondence 1839-40 and legislation 1818-1840.
The participants: Brothers Cecilio Herrera and Alberto Velázquez (Mexico), Benito Hinojal (Spain), Joaquín Baron (Argentina), Romero Rodrigues and Paulo Celso Ferrarezi (Brasil).

Memory as heritage and challenge

In the month of August we commemorated the centenary of the Marist presence in Argentina and in Cuba. The celebration will take place in the following months.
Other special places also complete 100 years of Marist presence - the schools of Toledo and Murcia, in Spain; of Santa Cruz do Sul, in Brazil, and of the community of Couvin, Belgium…
Saint Marcellins project continues to be valid although the historical challenges that should be solved acquire new profiles and challenges.

Special collaboration of BIS

The agency FIDES has picked up in its web www.fides.org the work supported by BIS the (International Secretariat of Solidarity), carried out in LA VALLA school of Cambodia directed by Brother Terry Heinrich (Sydney). For years the BIS has been involved in the progress of the school and in advancing its mission: to improve the quality of the forgotten childrens life and the disabled. A task that the school carries out through educational programs, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and physical therapy. In the secondary levels, the school offers e

In Argentine, Province of Cruz del Sur

More than 500 representatives of the Marist educational communities met in the Manuel Belgrano School of Buenos Aires, from 10 to 13 September to participate in the 1st Congress of Marist Education to commemorate the first centennial of the arrival of the Brothers in Argentina. Brothers Luis Garcia Sobrado, Vicar General, and Emili Turú, General Councillor took part as speakers.
The objectives of the Congress were: to give value to the Marist educational mission for the formation of good Christians and honest citizens, to drive forward processes of improvement and innovation in education and to increase the commitment of all those involved with the Marist educational mission.

For the American continent

Present were: Brothers Michael Flanigan (USA-Canada), Landelino Ortego (North Arch), Wellingtion Mousinho of Medeiros (Brazil), Gerardo Accastello (South Cone), Emili Turú (General Councillor - Rome) and Paulo Celso Ferrarezi (Secretary of the Mission Commission- Rome)
The political, social and economic situation was analysed, as was the Marist presence in the educational areas, care of youth and of social care, as well as points that deserve more attention. One responded to the question: How to guarantee the educational mission in America?
Four topics were chosen: management models (responsible, Wellington), people in social action (Gerardo), administrative formation (Michael) and youth care (Landelino).

Gaucho educators collaborate

A total of 70 staff from the National Institute of Marist Education, San José, in Kuito/Bié and from the National Institute of Marist Education, Christ the King, in Luanda, took part in a course of formation July 19 to August 5.
The Marist work in Angola has as its objective the minimisation of persecutions caused by the long period of civil war that destroyed the country. At the moment the Province of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, collaborates with the presence of five Brothers in Luanda.

Course for Spanish and Portuguese Group

A group of 22 Portuguese and Spanish speaking Marist Brothers (Salvador Gómez, Carlos Wielganczuk, Davide Pedri, George Fontana, Carlos Vargas, Jesús Ortega, Richard, Ignácio Gregory, Carlos Tesche, Pedro Fernández, Father Ángel Álvarez, José Santamarta, Federico López, Albertino Jorge, Fabián González, Gabriel de la Iglesia, Tricinio Ramos, Raimundo da Silva, Angel Arrondo, Teófilo Martínez, Amábile Biazus, Marino González, Fabio Urrea, David Aranda, Tomás Arroyo, Fernando Moreno, and José Luís Vallejo) are following, from August 16, the spirituality course for older Brothers. This two - month course takes place in Manziana (Italy), located about 70 kms to the north of Rome. They come from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Angora, Portugal and Spain. The lecturers that have passed through Manziana are very varied, from the Vicar general and several Councillors, to a lay Marist and a doctor. The human warmth, the profound communication and the sense of community are becoming more valued among these Marists, matured and enriched in the charism of Champagnat. They have not missed visits and pilgrimages to different places: the catacombs, Rome, Assisi, Viterbo, Orvieto, Pompeii, Monte Cassino. They were also received by the Superior General in the General House and for the Pope in an audience on September 17. On the following day 6 leave for the Hermitage to spend, next to St. Marcellins tomb, the days that remain until October 17.

Brother Stephen Urban Minogue (to the left, in the picture) died in New York September 8 at 83 years of age. He was a member of the Province of the United States. Following intense dedication in the educational and pastoral field, he directed in Fribourg, Switzerland, the Second Novitiate from 1961 at 1967. He was General Councillor, during Brother Basilio Ruedas second term of office, from 1976 at 1985. From 1988 to 1990 he was Superior of the community of the General Administration in Rome. He was always a model of fidelity, dedication and sensitivity in his treatment of others.
Brother Sixtus Victor Liuzzo (to the right, in the picture) died in New York July 14 at 84 years of age. He was responsible for the transformation of the centre at Manziana, Italy, being administrator there from 1989 to 1995. He is remembered for his dedication and dynamism.

Intervention by Brother Seán Sammon

Not a crisis of vocations but a crisis of discernment and of spirituality” is the root of the current difficulties for those involved in the consecrated life in the United States, according to the analysis of Brother Seán Sammon, our Superior General.
Brother Sammon analysed this theme one in his presentation before the assembly of the Conference of the Major Superiors of the United States (CMSM), which took place in Louisville (Kentucky) from 6 to 9 August, in the presence of 210 Superiors.
He emphasised that to create a new identity, there are three necessary steps: the rediscovery of our original charism, freed from the historical inlays, to become signs of the times and to prepare ourselves through a profound change of mentality, to put Christ and his Good News in the centre of our life.

Interprovincial Retreats

August 28 concluded in the Provincial Residence of Valladolid the last of the four interprovincial retreats that took place jointly this summer for the Brothers of Castile, León and Portugal.
These retreats, animated by members of the General Council and other Brothers, follow the path traced by the XX General Chapter - to Opt for Life - and they have moved us a step more in the bringing nearer of the three provinces that will converge in Compostela in January of 2004.
Santiago, Valladolid and Carcavelos were the venues that hosted these days of prayer, encounter, exchange and reflection, where practically all of the 291 Brothers who will make up the new administrative Unit went.

Second Chapter of the District

From 24 to 27July 2003 there took place in Accra, Ghana, the 2nd Chapter of the District. When the District began its term in the year 2000 it was formed by three countries: Cameroon, The Ivory Coast and Ghana. Three new countries have been added in these three years: Liberia, Equatorial Guinea and Chad. Twelve Capitulants have represented the 70 Brothers who at the moment form the District, 48 of those born in the District.
Accompanying the capitular efforts have been Brothers Manuel Jorques, Provincial of Levante, under whose jurisdiction is the District, and Brother Maurice Berquet, General Councillor connected to this African region.
Brother José Antonio Ruiz has begun a second term for the District and he presented, on behalf of the Council, an evaluation of the triennium and the challenges and dreams for the future.
To assist him in his mission the new Council has been chosen consisting of four members, Brothers Sylvain Yao (The Ivory Coast), Philip Ninfaasie (Ghana) Francis Lukong and Ivo Njongai (Cameroon). The new Central House of the District will be in Accra.
In spite of the difficulties experienced in these last months (political uncertainty in The Ivory Coast and war in Liberia) they continue to look toward the future with hope.

We need Brothers

Province of South Africa
In Kutama, the Province of South Africa celebrated June 28 the first religious profession of 11 novice Brothers: Nicholas Zvenyika (Zimbabwe), Jacob Mutingwende (Zimbabwe), Nyasha Musimwa (Zimbabwe), Francis Nyagweso (Kenya, Africa Centre East Province), and Thomas Mukomondera (Zimbabwe), Alfred Muchabaiwa (Zimbabwe), Pondai Makoni (Zimbabwe), Francis Tabua (Mozambique), Ancelem Mareke (Zimbabwe), Ives Jailosi (Malawi), and Mathias Langa (Mozambique).

Province of East-Central Africa
On August 10, Sunday, the Province of East-Central Africa celebrated in Save, Rwanda the perpetual profession of Brothers Augustin Kayyishema, Jean Pierre Nteziyaremye and Raphaël Karanganwa, which are a gift of the Lord for the Province and the Institute.
The bishop of the diocese of Butare, Msgr. Philippe Rukamba, presided over the Sacrament and he reminded the Brothers that their mission toward youth is more than urgent in this region. He emphasised the international character of our Institute.
With him, all the people there wanted good and numerous vocations for our Institute. Brother Eugène Kabanguka, Provincial, also took part.

Province of Nigeria
Four Brothers made their perpetual vows in the cathedral of the Holy Trinity of Orlu, Nigeria: Emmanuel Achema, Jude Anozie, Eugene Ezugwu and Clement Nwadi-ke.
All were students in the MIC (International Marist Centres) of 1997 - 2000. After a course of spirituality lasting six weeks and a retreat of one week, the made their perpetual vows on the 16 of August in the Eucharist officiated by bishop Gregory Ochiagha. Brother Joseph Udeajah represented the Brother Superior General

Marist Province Norandina, Colombia

In June, there took place two regional meetings of animation for the Plan of Marist Formation for Lay People in the city of Chachagüí (Nariño) and Ibagué (Tolima). 180 people took part in the meetings, which have been sharing the plan for two years; developing themes suitable for the axis: Marist, Christian, anthropological and solidarity. They had the opportunity to share topics like: the sense of prayer, Marist charism, challenge to family in society, identity of the Marist laity and development and community evaluation of projects of solidarity in the different groups, to support the calls of the XX General Chapter and of the guidelines for the new Province of Norandina manifested by the provincial Chapter last month in January. We hope, in this way, to continue growing and advancing together Brothers and lay people in the new challenges that are presented.

Brother Tran Cong Lao took part

July 30 culminated in Rome a meeting of the Vietnamese diaspora, which received Cardinal Sepes missionary mandate to announce the Word of God to the whole world. Nearly 3000 people took part, coming from 18 countries. At the moment, of the 2 million Vietnamese who live in the diaspora, 500.000 are Catholic. Brother Tran Cong Lao, better known as Buenafortuna, of Vietnamese origin and a participant in this encounter, lives in the community of the Hermitage, France.

- The Marist Province of Brazil Centre-Sul promoted, on 23, 24 and 25 of September 2003, the 2nd Marist Forum on Adolescence in the Papal University of Curitiba.
- More than 40 educators and collaborators of the 25 social works of the Marist Province of Rio Grande do Sul participated, 14 -17 July in Porto Alegre, in the first formation course for social workers
- 3rd Marist Meeting on Communication.
More than 70 members of the Marist Province of Rio Grande do Sul met on the 9 and 10 of July to find ways to improve the internal communication of the schools, social works and provincial organisations.
- The NGO of the Brothers of San John of God Juan City, organized a campaign to collect food and money for their Hospital in Monrovia which has been repeatedly helpful to our Brothers. Web of the campaign: http://www.juanciudad.org/liberia-cartel.html
- The Marist community of Toledo informs us that on October 25 the transfer of the remains of the Brothers - martyrs from Toledo will be made from the municipal cemetery to Santa Teresas Parish. This act is part of the process of beatification of the group of Brother Crisanto and 67 companions.
- The three Brothers who are in Algeria arrived September 12 at the city of Orán, where they will spend some months.
- The Bishop of the diocese of Cartagena, Manuel Ureña, announced September 27 the erection of a parish church in Murcia under the patronage of Saint Marcellin Champagnat.
- E escola na construção de conciência reflexiva was the title of the II Congress of Marist Education which took place in Salvador, Brazil, from 23 -25 July on the occasion of the centenary of the Marist presence in this city.
- A total of 60 children from the districts of Pérez Cubillas, Huelva, Spain, take part in an urban camp, organized by Marist associations, deepening the values of coexistence, tolerance and peace.
- They are celebrating 90 years of the Marist presence in Western Australia, it is announced on the cover of the publication Marist News-letter of the Province of Melbourne.
- Roger Geymonat, a teacher in the school Santa María of Montivideo, Uruguay, has gained the national prize of the Ministry of Education and Culture with his investigation Secularisation in Uruguay, a topic of interest for education and care workers.
- Correction (FMS Last news, 138): Brother Mario Colussis book Jesus in Mark: a teacher for the new century” is published by Paulines Africa Publications not by Paulist Press.

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