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Emili Turú - La Valla: casa de la luz

Emili Turú
Superior general




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México: Maristas del Bachillerato “Asunción Ixtaltepec” se solidarizan con Juchitán

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Calendario marista

26 septiembre

Santos: Cosme y Damián, Cipriano, Virgilio
1889: partida de los primeros hermanos a Colombia
1968: partida de los primeros hermanos a Paraguay (Hnos. Juan Cruz Arbiol, Feliz Aldunate y Santiago Sánchez) del puerto de Barcelona
2009: H. Emili Turù elegido Superior General

Calendario marista - septiembre

Life of Blessed Marcellin Joseph Benedict Champagnat (1789 – 1840)


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Apart from some peculiarities in the use of capitals, the present text is a reproduction of the first Life of 1856. The notes are drawn from the research of the last thirty years into Marist origins. They aim at bringing precision to the work of Brother John-Baptist, clarifying it, and changing it when necessary. When the notes refer to Marist publications the reference only is given. (See the list of abbreviations. In the English edition, the French abbreviations have been maintained.) When the notes come from other works the essential points are given. The notes come especially from the work of Brothers Alexander Balko, Anibal Canon, Gabriel Michel, Paul Sester, and Pierre Zind. They were put together by Brother Roland Bourassa, and checked by Father John Coste S.M.

The notes of the Introduction are those of Brother John-Baptist.

Brother Ludovic Burke did the English translation.

Many thanks are due to all who made this re-edition possible.

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