2023-05-30 GENERAL HOUSE

Gier Program – Ongoing formation for recently finally professed Brothers

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The Institute, through the Secretariat Brothers Today, is offering the Gier Program from May 30 to June 30 2023 as part of the ongoing formation of brothers who made final vows in the last 5-7 years.

This program aims to help the recently finally professed brother to rediscover the original passion that inspired him to be a consecrated religious brother. As a result of this rediscovery, there is a renewing commitment in his life vocation and in the vitality of the Institute.

Named after the river Gier, along whose banks Marcellin built the Hermitage, it will be conducted in Rome for the first 15 days and the rest will be done in the Hermitage in France. The program provides brothers with the opportunity to:

  • To live a powerful community experience with brothers of similar age group and stage of life.
  • To journey as a global charismatic family with a variety of language and culture.
  • To witness the fruits of the Holy Spirit through the Universal Church and the global Marist charismatic family.
  • To learn of the animation of the Marist Institute and to listen the spirituality of the heart that motivates the general administration.
  • To rekindle the brother’s original passion for his vocation through visiting the land of Marcellin and to recognize Mary’s presence in the history of the Institute.
  • To nurture confidence in each of the brothers to be passionate promoters of Marist Life in all its expressions.
  • To cultivate the sense of ongoing formation for brothers at all stages of life.

The 2023 Gier Program draws the participation of 18 brothers from 10 countries in 11 Administrative Units. It is animated by a team is composed of Br. Tony Leon, Br. Jose Miguel Caballero, Br. Ángel Medina and Br. Lindley Sionosa.

  1. Adán Cantú Solís – México Central
  2. Amberoti Nantei – Star of the Sea
  3. Antonio Isidro Peralta Aragón – México Central
  4. Bone Bruno – Province of West Africa
  5. Callistus Shonya – Nigeria
  6. Cassiano Lima Monteiro – Brasil Centro-Norte
  7. Demilton Barbosa dos Santos – Brasil Centro-Norte
  8. Dener Rodrigues de Souza – Brasil Centro-Norte
  9. Jean Paul Gununu Muanangani – Pace
  10. Jiji Dhasan – Marist District of Asia
  11. Jo-an Camandero Legaste – East Asia
  12. Joseph Kweku Asante – West Africa
  13. Julián Solís Pasos – México Occidental
  14. Linus Ihuoma – Nigeria
  15. Luis René Reynoso  Sánchez – México Central
  16. Mulaila Petemoya Edouard – Pace
  17. Rafael Fagner Ferreira – Brasil Centro-Sul
  18. Rakotomahefa Jean Baptiste – Madagascar

Photos in FaceBook


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