2023-09-14 GENERAL HOUSE

September 16: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

God wants us to continue his creation … Human beings can be “humanized” and fully realized when they are inserted in a world that is in a continuous process of creation when they relate to and integrate themselves in work and care for this world that they hold in their hands” (evangelizes amid youth, 65).

This month of September, from day 1, we remember “the season of creation”. This celebration and remembrance will last until October 4. Following in this same line, from the Secretariat of Solidarity we want to continue to emphasize themes that remind us of the importance of caring for our common home, as requested by the last General Chapter, and also by the encyclical Laudato Si.

September 16 is the “International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer”. Many of us have followed with interest the steps that have been taken over the years to prevent further destruction of the ozone layer that protects our planet from the negative consequences of the sun’s rays. We recall that back in 1989, the United Nations and the signatories promoted a series of measures to protect our planet and those who inhabit it. Looking back, we discover that the so-called “Montreal Protocol” has been one of the best-implemented international cooperation treaties in the world.

Sometimes we have the feeling that it is difficult to reach international agreements and that the treaties signed by many of our countries are of little use. This is a good example of how it is possible to make progress in caring for the Earth when there is a will and awareness on the part of all, States and individuals. And in the face of this positive reality, we must remain hopeful and aware that it is possible to take firm steps to protect nature, to take care of our common home and of those who live there.

Since the Montreal Protocol was signed, the Marists of Champagnat have taken decisive steps to align our education and our action with the care of our planet, we have put our energies, our resources and our people at the service of our common home, we have developed programs and activities courageously directed in favor of our world and of those who live in it.

We can take advantage of this international day to reflect on how we can continue to take courageous and determined steps. Yes, we already do, and we are aware of it. But can we take further steps?

Do we have ecological projects in our educational works? Are we making progress in recycling and energy savings? Do we equip our homes and communities with elements that favor energy efficiency? Are we committed to continue caring for and protecting the environment? The answer to these questions is likely to be positive in many cases, and we are pleased about that. Even so, we do not cease in our determination to continue on our path, to continue “humanizing” ourselves, to continue “taking care of this world that we have in our hands”.

Therefore, we join the XXII General Chapter in encouraging us to “change the way we live based on an integral ecology,” creating “an integral ecological conscience,” from our style of government to our personal and concrete actions.

Br. Ángel Diego García Otaola – Director of the Secretariat of Solidarity




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