2023-05-24 GENERAL HOUSE

15 years of Marist News

The last issue of Marist News, 781, marked 15 years of life for the newsletter. It was launched on May 20, 2008, bringing together in a single digital publication two others that were intended separately for the brothers (Marist Bulletin) and for lay people (Update).

Published weekly, the bulletin summarizes the news that appears on champagnat.org, as well as informing about the activities of the General Council and collaborators of the General Administration. It is distributed in 4 languages, directly to about 4,000 people. It is available in an e-mail version, summarized, and in a full PDF version.

Marist News represents an important collection for Marist history. All issues are available on the Institute’s website. If you do not yet receive the newsletter, you can subscribe to the mailing list using this link.


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