2020-05-18 GUATEMALA

19 Brothers complete their journey towards perpetual vows

At the end of the second stage of their post-novitiate, a group of nineteen brothers from the Provinces of America and Compostela were called, from the 4th February to the 13th May, to the Marist Centre of Formation in Guatemala City, in the Province of América Central, to follow a formation course in preparation for perpetual profession.

The participants are from a total of nine Provinces of the Institute: Brasil Centro-Norte (5), Brasil Centro-Sul (5), Brasil Sul-Amazônia (1), Santa María de los Andes (1 from Peru), Norandina (2 from Colombia), América Central (1), México Occidental (2), México Central (1), Compostela (1 from Portugal), and one from the United States who could not join the group because of the pandemic.

The coordinating team for the itinerary was made up of Brothers Luis Felipe González (México Central), Anacleto Peruzzo (Brasil Centro-Sul), Rodrigo Cuesta (América Central) and Gilles Lacasse (Canada).

The itinerary had as its main objective “to offer the Brothers a significant time of formation in this second stage of the Post-Novitiate, as an opportunity to refine their response according to the “new way of being Brothers” (XXI General Chapter) and to deepen and reaffirm their option of Perpetual Profession.

The course, initially programmed to take place from the 4th February to the 13th May 2020, ended on the 10th April due to the covid-19, with the mission experience and the pilgrimage to the Marist places in France being postponed.

All the Brothers were housed in the Marist Formation Centre in Guatemala City and the most important activities carried out were the following:

– A week of learning, community integration and re-organisation of daily life in the context of Guatemala.Workshops on “Personal Growth”, ” Affectivity and Sexuality”.

-Workshops on “Religious Life in Latin America”, “The New Face of the Brother from the Rule of Life”, and “Protection and Defence of the Rights of Children”.

– Two weeks of retreat: the first with the theme of the Vows in the light of the Rule of Life, and the second around Marist Apostolic Spirituality.

– Celebration of Holy Week.

– Visit to the Marist apostolates in Guatemala and to the older brothers of Champagnat House in Guatemala.

Some workshops were given by Brothers João Gutemberg (Brasil Sul-Amazônia), Sebastian Ferrarini (Brasil Sul-Amazônia), Santiago Otero (América Central). And for reasons already mentioned, Brother Patricio Pino (Santa María de los Andes) could not attend. On the other hand, the following lay Marists also supported the workshops: Leandro Miranda, Gema Ortíz, Eusebio Rubo, Gustavo Balbinot, Vicky Racancoj, and Sister Rutilia Hernández of the Saint Boniface Secular Institute.

Returning to the provinces

Given the policies adopted to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, it was decided to complete the Itinerary in advance and the Brothers were invited to take advantage of the opportunities to return to their provinces. Up until now: 11 Brothers from Brazil returned to their country on 10 April, on a humanitarian flight. Three brothers from Mexico returned to their country on 24 April on a repatriation flight. They are still in Guatemala, waiting for possibilities of returning to their respective countries: 1 Brother from El Salvador, 1 Brother from Mexico, 1 Brother from Brazil, 1 Brother from Canada, 1 Brother from Portugal, 1 Brother from Peru, 2 Brothers from Colombia.


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