2023-11-04 SPAIN

50th anniversary of the Cardenal Cisneros University Center

Before more than a hundred people, the  Cardinal Cisneros University Centre (CUCC), founded in 1973 by the Marists of Spain, celebrated its 50th anniversary, on October 24, in the auditorium of the University of Alcalá, in Madrid, Province of Ibérica.

Present at the first commemorative event were the rector of the University of Alcalá, JosĂ© Vicente Saz, and his entire government team; the general director of universities of the Community of Madrid, Nicolás Javier Casas;  the president of the board of trustees of the Cardenal Cisneros Foundation, Br. Abel Muñoz (Provincial of IbĂ©rica); the director of the University Center, Joseba Louzao Villar, the Bishop of Alcalá, Antonio Prieto; the First Deputy Mayor of the city, Isabel Ruiz; several representatives of the municipal government, all former directors of the CUCC; representatives of the council and delegation of students from the UAH and CUCC, alumni of the first class; a representation of the current faculty and staff of the center; the community of Marist brothers and lay people, and other participants who wanted to share the event.

During the ceremony, Br. Abel Muñoz, representing the   titular entity of the university center, presented a commemorative medal to the directors who have passed through the center throughout its history, as well as the rector of the University of Alcalá and the delegate directors. “Behind each figure – he pointed out – there are many hours of dedication and affection, hours of hopes and fatigue; always illuminated by an educational community that has achieved the Center a reference in its field.”

Joseba Louzao, director general del Centro, destacó la fidelidad del centro a su identidad marista, y mencionó que: “El humanismo cristiano y los valores de San Marcelino Champagnat -fundador de la institución marista- son nuestra seña de identidad, han hecho que seamos lo que somos y nos animen a seguir creciendo para responder al impulso fundacional de la misión educativa de los maristas”.

In his speech, the rector, José Vicente, congratulated those present on their 50th anniversary and recalled that the University of Alcalá is also celebrating its 25th anniversary this year as a World Heritage Site, declared by UNESCO.

Throughout the 2023-2024 academic year, the Center will host different activities aimed at the university community and its entire environment, such as an exhibition of teaching materials on the university campus, a festival for students, various professional conferences, events for students, and a great celebration at the end of the course, coinciding with the celebration of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, patron saint of the center and founder of the Marist Institution.

The Cardenal Cisneros University Center, attached to the University of Alcalá, is a center firmly committed to the training of teachers, social educators, and psychologists. The promoting entity of the CUCC is the Marist Institution.

Since its foundation, more than 12,000 teachers, social educators and psychologists have been trained in CUCC classrooms. Its university model focuses on people, on students as people of social transformation, encouraging critical thinking, responsibility, freedom, and participation. It offers Bachelor’s degrees in Primary Education Teaching, Early Childhood Education Teaching, Psychology and Social Education, as well as three postgraduate degrees: Master in Attention to Diversity and Educational Support, Master in General Health Psychology, and Master in Evaluation and Intervention with adolescents in conflict.

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