2005-02-27 SPAIN

A course for Community Animators

The first course for Spanish-speaking Community Animators began at Escorial on the 10th February 2005. This project of the General Council, organised by the Religious Life Commission, has been implemented as a response to a request of the 20th General Chapter. It offers a formation in the direction and animation of communities through workshops, based on experience and research. The participants are invited to live this experience and following the course to share the dynamic throughout their Provinces. The team accompanying the participants consists of Brothers Javier Espinosa, JosĂ© Calleja, Alfredo Villanueva Sainz and ElĂ­as Peña RodrĂ­guez. There are fifteen participants: JosĂ© Ignacio GarcĂ­a Llamazares from AmĂ©rica Central, Vicente Falqueto from Brasil Centro-Norte, Paulinho Vogel from Brasil Centro-Sul, JesĂșs Alberto RodrĂ­guez from Compostela, Alberto Aparicio from Cruz del Sur, JosĂ© Luis Salazr Sobrevilla from IbĂ©rica, Miquel M. MartĂ­nez FernĂĄndez from L?Hermitage, Gregorio Delgado Soler and Mateo Luis GonzĂĄlez CerdĂĄn from MediterrĂĄnea, Icnacio SĂĄnchez from MĂ©xico Central, Oscar Becerra and RaĂșl Fernando Lara Castro from MĂ©xico Occidental, Paulo Lorenzoni from RĂ­o Grande do Sul, Juan Manuel GarcĂ­a LĂłpez from Santa MarĂ­a de los Andes, and Antonio Sanasana from África Austral / Southern Africa. This first course will finish on the 10th April.


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