2006-12-27 COSTA RICA

A gift from Mary

On the 8th December, the entire Marist community of Medellín (Colombia) celebrated the profession of eight new brothers, after having finished their novitiate. A gift from Mary!
This year, these professions had special particularities. They were the last from the ?Brother François? novitiate of the Province of Norandina which has welcomed novices from Central America and Haiti. From the 1st January 2007, the Inter-Provincial Novitiate ?La Valla? will be constituted.
Of the eight professed brothers, six made their profession on the 8th December at Medellín (Colombia) and two at San Salvador (Central America). Two other brothers made their pro-fession at Dame-Marie (Haiti) on the 9th December.
God and Mary have offered us the gift of these young men who from their social, cultural and ethnic diversity have made a journey of consecration to God and to the Church in the Marist life in order to realise the design of God?s love for each one of them.
Congratulations to the provinces and to Brothers Frantzley Exama and Jourdin Meronville (Haiti); Alejandro G Herrera and Juan C Velásquez, from América Central; Luis A Martínez, José à Quintero, Harold F Morales and Alexis Et Sigindioy, from Norandina.
We have included a photographic account of the ceremony held at Medellín, highlighting the participation of the indigenous community ?Camsá? (Putumayo-Colombia) and other friends and parents of the brothers.




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