2022-10-06 CHILE

A meeting of Vocation Ministry representatives from the South American Region

After almost two years of online events, the Vocation Ministry Team of the South American Region brought together those working in vocation ministry from 26 to 30 September in Santiago, Chile.

The objective of the meeting was to identify intuitions, criteria, convictions and needs that are important for vocation animation at the regional level. The meeting celebrated the Year of Marist Vocations, inspired by the theme “Caring for and generating Marist life”, which is being taken up by all the Provinces of the Institute.

The meeting was an opportunity for the Provinces of the South American Region to develop greater synergy as they reflect on, strengthen, and enrich their processes and plans for vocations.

The programme of the meeting followed the same logic as the theme of the Year of Marist Vocations and for each day there was a focus and a key word: care for the vocations promoter, care for young people, the initial formation plan of the South American Region, the voice of the formators relating their formation processes to vocation ministry, and work around drafting a short document that sums up the thrust of the meeting and points the way forward for vocations ministry in the South American Region.

The meeting was coordinated by Brothers Angel Medina, director of the Secretariat Brothers Today, and Marcio Costa, of the Province of Brazil Centro-Norte; Magali (a lay woman) and Br. Gadiel from the Province of Santa Maria de los Andes. In all, 16 brothers participated, as well as 4 laymen and 2 laywomen, coming from the 5 Provinces of the South American Region.

The coordinators stressed that the meeting could significantly contribute to the development of vocation ministry at the regional level, especially by strengthening Province vocation ministry plans, as well as organizing common approaches throughout the region.


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