2010-03-30 ITALY

A meeting to give vitality to the fraternities

On the days of 20 and 21 March 2010, the first meeting of the Italian Marist Fraternities took place. It was held in the General House of the Marist Brothers in Rome, EUR.

The fraternities taking part were from Giugliano (Naples) and Cesano Maderno (Milan). In total, 50 persons attended, including 15 children and adolescents, sons and daughters of the participants. They received a warm welcome from the community of the General House and its superior, Brother Pietro Bettin. They were able to enjoy the quality of the services offered by the house. This quickly generated a climate of confidence so that all felt at home.

With the resources provided, they reflected on the contributions which the 21st General Chapter has made to the Marist laity and their possible application to the lives of the fraternities. In a second session, they went further with the ?Life Project? of the Movement.

Two Brothers took part in the meeting, Fernando Hinojal, delegate of the CHMMF of the Mediterránea Province and Pau Fornells, of the Bureau of the Laity. Those taking part were also able to enjoy the presence and words of Emili Turú, Superior General, who obligingly answered all the questions about the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family. The meeting concluded with the celebration of Mass in the Champagnat Room, at which were present some members of the General House community.

As a consequence of the excellent results and the great experience shared, there was general agreement to the proposal of the Delegate of the Province of Mediterránea that this type of meeting should be repeated every year.

Carmine Iodice
Giugliano (NA), Italy


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