2015-12-02 ARGENTINA

A new experience. A challenge. A Gift of vitality

In 2010 from the Vocation Animation, it was proposed to the Provincial Council of the Province Cruz del Sur the possibility of creating new communities, adding them to some already existing, formed by Brothers and lay persons. The Provincial Council assumed the accompaniment of the proposal and in 2013, possible ways to make this proposal concrete were begun to be sought in a process of dialogue and discernment carried out with laity and Brothers from works located in the neighboring cities of Tigre, Merlo and Luján. 

This way and the reflection led to opt for a community formed by a couple of young lay persons involved in the local and provincial pastoral ministry, a university student who works in local pastoral ministry and in a reference Marist Center for children and adolescents in a situation of social vulnerability in Lujan, and two Brothers who were living inserted in a neighborhood of Merlo and have carried out their mission in different works of the Province.

The option has been to construct a community of Brothers and laity who do not necessarily live in the same house, under the same roof, but that together they assume a life project and a mission in common. The experience is centered in the spirituality, the mission and living together:

  • The spirituality expressed in the way of looking at the world, at nature, persons, things and God himself and the relationships with all of them and among ourselves, trying to do it according to the look of Jesus of Nazareth.  
  • The living together expressed in regular encounters to discern the paths to follow and that of the community, to pray, to support one another and mutually accompany one another.  
  • The mission centered on the tasks and work that each one has in the Province and in the institutions of the zone, the work that each one individually has assumed in life, and a common mission in the neighborhood, animated by all the members.  The personal tasks are accompanied by the community in the measure in which they are known, accepted and encouraged by the other members. 

The realization and foundation of this new community took place in March 2015 when the Brothers moved to a rented house in the neighborhood of San Jorge, in the periphery of Lujan. 

The beginning was dynamic, with periodical times to meet, to dream together and to share desires and expectations. The personal tasks that have been assumed before have prevented, sometimes, to keep the proposed rhythm in the life of the community during some periods of time in the year. But this situation has been transformed into a challenge that leads us to continue to take both personal and community options by the members and the community. 

“The place and time to share our joys, problems, our sentiment, our tiredness and hopes are very valuable, beneficial.  To concretize a common mission, in a neighborhood, where all of us contribute our grain of sand for the same construction, is a goal cherished now with an intimate desire, and an effective step for the firm blending together of our community”. 

“It is a new experience that helps us to deepen our Marist vocation that needs to continue to be tried out and to express itself.  It is a permanent learning that gives us vitality and the opportunity to grow as disciples – men and women – of Jesus enjoying the richness of the different vocations”. 


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