2015-06-22 BRAZIL

A new provincial for a new province

Brother Inácio Nestor Etges has been appointed as the head of Brazil’s new province, ‘ Brasil Sul-Amazônia.’

The new province will be the result of the unification of the Amazonia district, located in the north, and the province Rio Grande do Sul, in the south, on Dec. 8. 

He will take up office on the same day at the current headquarters of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre.

Br Inácio was elected in 2012 for the second and final three year term as provincial of Rio Grande do Sul.

“After the first reaction of surprise, I reflected, discerned, prayed and reached the conclusion that I could take on this mission for this region of Brazil, aware of the challenges that it entails,” he said in an interview with the general house on June 12. 

“The new province is a significant extension of the Marist tent with significantly diverse cultures, poor regions, with their own challenges of this new configuration,” he added.

Br Inácio underscored that there are “extraordinary possibilities of getting significant presence among children and young people in this vast geographical area that this new administrative unit covers.” 

According to Br Inácio, “it is a great opportunity to create a new mission of culture, an opportunity to break points of personal and institutional comfort, as well as an ample opportunity to create a missionary culture, volunteerism, solidarity and discipleship.” 

The Brazilian believes his tasks will include “ensuring the unity of hearts among brothers and laity within the two current units, to provide a mutual knowledge of projects and mission developed by the current administrative units, and to ensure a formation programme for brothers and lay people from this new reality.” 

 Br Inácio Etges studied theology and mathematics at the PUCRS and psychology of religious life at the Gregorian University in Rome. 

He has taught in the Marist schools of “Rosário” and “São João Batista” in Montenegro and worked for many years in the formation of brothers. 

He has also served as councillor and vice-provincial of the Rio Grande do Sul province. 


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