2018-12-12 GENERAL HOUSE

A year following the General Chapter

The Superior General of the Marist Institute, Brother Ernesto Sánchez, sends a video message to all the Marists of Champagnat. This is also available in PDF, a year since the General Chapter. 

Brother Ernesto highlights 5 elements: 

1. Beacons of hope, Br Henri Vergès
2. Building bridges from the viewpoint of the General Council, over the year since the Chapter
3. Responding to what is emerging in our world, the new strategic plan
4. Faces of mercy, MDA, Lavalla200> and other ventures
5. Journeying with young people, the Synod

Recorded in the 4 languages of the Institute (English | Español | Français | Português), the message is available on the social networks (youtube and facebook) and also below. It is also possible to download the text here in PDF (English | Español | Français | Português).


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