2014-08-17 CHILE

Account of childhood, Chile 2014

For the second consecutive year, FMSI Southern Cone, together with other civil society organizations and universities, launches his "Infancia Cuenta en Chile" report.

Following a model of monitoring of the rights of children which is in force in several American countries, the report analyses the official data of the State according to the criteria of human rights. In different areas such as socio-economic characterization, education, health, participation and civil liberties, the progressive autonomy, the report shows data according to geographic variables, sex and age. This allows to detect the most urgent problems to be addressed.

In Chile, 71 per cent of the families with NNA are under the average income of the country ($765.428), meaning the enormous socio-economic gaps that exist.

Intra family violence allegations decreased slightly compared to the previous year. But still affects especially women and adolescents: almost 6 of every 10 cases the victims are girls and 5 of every 10 are male teenagers. Extreme zones of the country (as Arica and Parinacota and Aysén) accumulate the highest percentages of complaints.

The allegations of sexual violence increase compared to the previous year, in continuity with a tendency that grows progressively. As for intra family violence, these allegations largely affect adolescent women.

Both, complaints by extra family violence and killings, mostly affect teenage boys. 71 per cent of the cases of children/Adolescents killed in 2012 are males. The same applies to deaths from violent causes, especially by transport accidents and suicides.

Read the Report in http://www.fmsi-onlus.org/bajarchivo.php?r=doc&a=0b957infancia-cuenta-en-chile.2014.pdf


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