2017-11-13 GENERAL HOUSE

Agios.Mar 1

“Agios” in Greek means “holy.” With the logo “Agios-Mar,” we are launching today a space on our website dedicated to giving information on Marist saints. We are going to focus especially on the activities of the General Postulation and of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Both institutions maintain a close relationship.

We intend to emphasize the ecclesial dimension that unites them. It will be synthetic, brief and timely information.

Our desire is to contact lay Marists and Brothers, fraternities, communities, solidarity groups, volunteers, youth, etc. of the Institute to share with them what is happening in Rome with the causes of the saints and especially with those of the Marist saints.

The news can be read on the site, in the Marist News bulletin or through the social networks used by the Institute’s communications office.

Br Antonio Martínez Estaún, postulator general


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